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  1. Is it handy, to make a poll for this thread? Can someone prepare a "Roundcube" ( https://hub.docker.com/r/roundcube/roundcubemail ) UNRAID Template?
  2. OK, 3days testing... and now i got a DS3617 with DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 6 on Unraid 6.8.2. my HW: Unraid system: Unraid server Basic, version 6.8.3 Model: RX100 S7 Motherboard: FUJITSU - D3034-B1 Processor: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1220 V2 @ 3.10GHz HVM: Enabled IOMMU: Enabled what are your results?
  3. Hey... i use this script, for some time... now i set it up on a new unraid system... but all the time i reboot my machine, the icons in "/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.vm.manager/templates/images/" gone missing!? do someone has a idea, why?
  4. Last time i had this quoted problem with my mariadb container...wich is solved... Now, several days later, i get this... When i restart my containers, it works, and after some seconds i get this message... also my loginpage seems to work as normal. Just when i login, i got this! Is there something wrong, with the last containerupdates? Do you know, how i can fix this up? 😔
  5. I meant... to reinstall (blank). But your hint to delete all ib_log files solved my problem! What is wrong with them? Why do they prevent the mysqld to start? 😁
  6. I sometimes switch and reassociate several nearly identical USB-Devices to my VMs... to avoid confusion it will be helpful to set individual alias names to some USB-DeviceIDs and their not so informative default names.
  7. Hey people.... its my first post here... 🖐️ I reply to this thread... because i got a broken DB two times now... Unraid: 6.6.3 MariaDB-Docker: up2date-latest! I just want to understand, why this always happens... i use this DB for a nextcloud installation, and so it is very frustrating to reset the db all the time! Could it be, that the caching of the SSD-Appdatapool destroys the DB? Because, for the first attempt, i thought that a dockercontainerupdate brakes the DB, but the last time, there was no update! So could it be a solu