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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll be returning it then.
  2. hmmm, bummer But is this something ok to live with? Or you would just return the drive? Thanks.
  3. Just tried that, plugged the drive in to my Windows machine and ran the Corsair ssd utility, firmware is the latest available. Also tried to switch the 2 nvme drives, connecting the Corsair drive to the motherboard nvme port, and the TRIM errors are still there :( Is the drive faulty? Everything else is working as expected. Could it be related to the cache drives have different sizes?
  4. Here it is, thanks. tars-diagnostics-20190629-1909.zip
  5. Hi, I just added a second drive to my cache pool, a Corsair MP510 - 960GB, and at night when TRIM ran I'm getting some errors: This never happened on the first nvme cache drive. The 2 drives in the cache pool have different sizes, the first one is 512gb, the new one 960gb. The drive is connected via pcie x8 on a single nvme card. While the 512gb nvme drive is on the native nvme slot from the motherboard. Is the drive bad? is it the nvme pcie card? Anything that I could do? Best.
  6. Thanks @johnnie.black very good info 😁
  7. Hi, Strange question incoming. I have a single 500GB NVME cache drive and I wanted to add a second one but bigger (1TB)and in time move that 500GB drive to my workstation when I upgrade it and then get a second 1TB to the server. So the question is, will unRaid play well with 2 different sized cache drives? And if yes when I switch the 500GB by the second 1TB will the first 1TB already in the cache pool have to be re-formatted? Best
  8. Hi, Probably a dum question, but is there any way/method to be able to use owncloud if you don't have ipv4 address? My ISP uses ipv6 DS Lite system, so my ipv4 adress is shared, I was never able to make it work with the spaceinvaderone tutorial. Thanks.
  9. Thanks mate, that really helped. Got everything solved now, that config screenshot should be linked int the initial page of transmission here
  10. Hi everyone. I'm having some issues with the download folder, I set it up like this: But when the any torrent finishes, it dissapears. While it's downloading i can see it in the Transmission incomplete folder, but after it finishes and it gets transfered to the complete folder it's gone. "The Trans_option_Download_Dir" path is relative to what? To the Transmission Host Path 2? I can't find it anywhere. What am I doing wrong here? One more question, anyone knows why Transmission keeps changing the watch folder permissions to read-only on startup? Everytime it goes back to read only, quite anoying. Thanks
  11. Hi, Also had the same issue here, Radarr and Sonarr could't communicate with SABnzbd. Also reverted back to 2.3.8-1-01 and problem is gone.
  12. Hi, Can't seem to find the switch to disable background anywhere. Were is it specifically? Also how can I run the script manually? Coding is not something I'm into, sorry. I also noticed that the command spawns some child commands that last for less than a second and then go away, is this normal, or cache_dirs crashing? See the moment they appear: Another thing I tried downgrading unraid to the previous version (6.7.0-rc5) and I still have the same behaviour. Thanks.
  13. Hey. Always log in before accessing the terminal window, and my ad-blocker is disabled in the server plus if the terminal window was being blocked it wouldn't even show with the bad gateway error This is very strange, through chrome on the vm, Firefox and even chrome on my phone it works with no problem. Might be some local setting in my chrome browser?
  14. HI everyone, I'm using cache_dirs for a while, and I noticed my disks always spin up when accessing root folders which cache_dirs should avoid. i went to investigate and it seems that it might not be doing anything. I restarted it, and left it running overnight and got this: I checked during the day, and it was the same as now. No memory increase on the process, seems to be stoped all the time, with some sporadic 0,7% cpu spikes. And the uptime seems to indicate the process restarted. And the cache_dirs process is using the same exact memory as when I started it.....strange. Also the up time indicates that it might have crashed. Here are my settings: Also tried cache pressure as default (10) to with no change on the behaviour. Also I noticed that no logs where created in the respective folder: My server has 32gb of ram and 16tb of storage. Unraid version 6.7.0-rc6 and the latest version of cache_dirs. This is all so fishy, am I doing something wrong, I tried default settings, and already tried to exclude some recommended directories with no success. What to do now? Thanks.
  15. Hi, I'm having a strange problem for some time, can't seem to be able to access the terminal window in unraid in chrome anymore, but I was able to before. But I can access it in firefox. I always get this error window: But if I remote into my Ubuntu VM, start chrome there and try the same it works, it's just on chrome in my macbook.... And I have a similar behaviour in the VMs, can't access them in chrome but in firefox is ok, and I was also able to do it some time ago. How can I fix this, is this some error in my configuration? I'm running unraid 6.7.0-rc6, but this has been happening for a month at least and I can't figure out why. Thanks.