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    Need help finding a small case

    @Hoopster I read through the CS380 thread you recommended, was quite a saga. Seems too much effort to get the temperatures to a level that the case should be able to provide by default.... I understand you had to modify your case beyond adding a flap to direct the air flow to the drive cage. I think I'm going to keep looking a bit further..... That new SilverStone (CS381) case you linked seems neat, and a copy of the U-Nas case 😅 Any ideia of it's release date? Thanks.
  2. l3gion

    Need help finding a small case

    Again @Hoopster thanks for the great reply. I read the page you linked too and also found some extra ones about the cooling mods on the SilverStone case. I might have to go for the ds380, it's really unfortunate that there are almost no alternatives to it, specially in Europe. I also looked for the Lian Like case in EBay and all stores, and it's nowhere to be found 😭 Since noise is also a concern of mine, what rpm are your fans running at? I'm wondering if 2 low rpm 120mm fan can provide enough cooling to the HDD bays with the cooling modd. Example, 2x noctua 120mm redux 700, they run at 700 rpm and are inaudible. Or maybe pwm fans running at low or minimum rpm. Thanks.
  3. l3gion

    Need help finding a small case

    Hi, The search for small 5-6 HDD slot case is driving me crazy. Looks like some years ago there were some nice small cases, but they all been discontinued. The system is a mini ITX, with no GPU and space for 5-6 HDD and 1-2 SSD. My storage is small and is super full, so space is very limited, my plan is to bolt 2 L shaped wall mounts and fit it in my wall behind the door 😅 So, the case can't be very wide too. My ideal case would be something like a U-Nas NSC-600, but I can't get that in Europe (Germany). The Lian-Li PC-Q25 would be ideal, but no where to be found. The SilverStone DS380 can fit 8 drives, but I won't need that many, and I read about some complaints about the HDD cooling. The Fractal design node 304 is a bit too wide and the HDD access is not so straight forward. Currently looking at the Fractal define Nano S, does anyone know if I could fit a drive cage into it? The case size is a bit bigger, but it's still ok. A small case with a couple of 5.25 bays would also do, so I could add some sas/Sata drive cages. Does anyone have any case suggestion, for a small case, itx form factor, SFX/Flex psu, and 5-6 drives capacity? Would really appreciate some help. Thanks.
  4. l3gion

    Motherboard for Xeon E3 v6

    Thanks for the info 😁 , very helpful. At 30 watt idle I'm looking at 6,6€ a month for 24/7 use.... Europe energy prices suck.... Pulling the trigger on the ASRock then 🤩 And thanks for all that great info, really nice, thanks @Hoopster and @johnnie.black
  5. l3gion

    Motherboard for Xeon E3 v6

    Thanks very helpful, thanks. That 30 watt idle is with how many HDDs? And are the drive spinning? You mind me asking also how many fans and if you have a gpu? I guess CPU wise from the v5 to the v6 the idle power consumption must be the same. Energy costs for me is 0.3€ per kilowatt hour, so triple the cost 😤😤 I checked the manual, pretty much read the whole thing, and S3 sleep and WOL are supported. So it should be ok. But when you tried it, the fans and HDD all stopped correct? The not coming back from sleep was another issue 😅 Thanks 😁
  6. l3gion

    Motherboard for Xeon E3 v6

    True, I looked at the socket name and assumed it was compatible. Now looking at the CPU compatibility list, I see that only the new Xeon-E are there. Thanks.
  7. l3gion

    Motherboard for Xeon E3 v6

    Thanks for the reply Hoopster, very nice to know it's working for you. Mind if I ask you something, this might have been due to the older hardware, but in my previous build the sleep function seemed to be broken, as putting the server to sleep didn't seem to do anything, the HDD stopped but all the fans stayed on. Was a Xeon 2680 v2 with Supermicro board. In sleep the server is supposed to stop completely, saving to ram and suspending, correct? And one more question, since you have a very similar system, you know what's your idle power consumption? Thanks.
  8. l3gion

    Motherboard for Xeon E3 v6

    Oh....how did I miss the most important difference between the 2. Ok, I'll sit in the corner and face the wall for the rest of the classes duration.... 😅 I guess this makes it easy to chose between the two. Yes, ITX is a must for me. I don't remember seeing any c23x board from Supermicro in ITX form.
  9. Hi everyone. Looking for advice on a motherboard for a Xeon E3-1245v6. Already have the CPU and 2x16gb ddr4 udimm sticks, and I think I have the final motherboard choices, but I'm having trouble deciding. My needs are, minimum of 6 Sata connections for 4-5 HDD and 2 SSD, low power consumption, sleep function ( I want to have the server sleep during the night), low noise so the option to set up my own fan speeds is valued. And 3 fan headers might be useful for an extra HDD fan with independent control (1xcpu, 1xchassis and 1xhdd). The server will be used mainly as a file server, media server for Plex and maybe some Dockers. I have no need of features like IPMI, I can live without it. No Gpu will be used and I'm even planning to disable some functions to try and save some power, electricity prices are pretty high in Europe, and low iddle power consumption and sleep functions are a must, hopefully the Xeon E3 v6 iddle power won't be to bad on idle. My choices: ASRock C236 WSI (208,78€) Pros: - Proven board, I see a lot of good things about it. - 8 x Sata - S3 sleep support - Wake on Lan - Hardware virtualization support - Configurable fan speed from bios Cons: - only 2 fan headers - might need bios update to support the CPU - maybe the newer c24x chips have better power consumption - no USB 3.1 - slightly more expensive ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Asus P11C-I (176,14€) Pros: - Newer C242 chip - 6 x Sata - Power on by RTC (scheduled power on) - mini SAS connector (less cables) - 3 fan headers - Configurable fan speed from bios - USB 3.1 - slightly cheaper Cons: - no Wake on Lan mention on manual - no S3 sleep mention on manual - 6 Sata opposed to 8 on the ASRock board - no hardware virtualization (only CPU) - c242 chip has limited options compared to c246 Am I missing a better alternative than this two? Anyone has experience with the Asus motherboard? Any thoughts? Thanks for the help.