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  1. Hi, Can't seem to find the switch to disable background anywhere. Were is it specifically? Also how can I run the script manually? Coding is not something I'm into, sorry. I also noticed that the command spawns some child commands that last for less than a second and then go away, is this normal, or cache_dirs crashing? See the moment they appear: Another thing I tried downgrading unraid to the previous version (6.7.0-rc5) and I still have the same behaviour. Thanks.
  2. l3gion

    Can't access terminal and vms on chrome

    Hey. Always log in before accessing the terminal window, and my ad-blocker is disabled in the server plus if the terminal window was being blocked it wouldn't even show with the bad gateway error This is very strange, through chrome on the vm, Firefox and even chrome on my phone it works with no problem. Might be some local setting in my chrome browser?
  3. HI everyone, I'm using cache_dirs for a while, and I noticed my disks always spin up when accessing root folders which cache_dirs should avoid. i went to investigate and it seems that it might not be doing anything. I restarted it, and left it running overnight and got this: I checked during the day, and it was the same as now. No memory increase on the process, seems to be stoped all the time, with some sporadic 0,7% cpu spikes. And the uptime seems to indicate the process restarted. And the cache_dirs process is using the same exact memory as when I started it.....strange. Also the up time indicates that it might have crashed. Here are my settings: Also tried cache pressure as default (10) to with no change on the behaviour. Also I noticed that no logs where created in the respective folder: My server has 32gb of ram and 16tb of storage. Unraid version 6.7.0-rc6 and the latest version of cache_dirs. This is all so fishy, am I doing something wrong, I tried default settings, and already tried to exclude some recommended directories with no success. What to do now? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm having a strange problem for some time, can't seem to be able to access the terminal window in unraid in chrome anymore, but I was able to before. But I can access it in firefox. I always get this error window: But if I remote into my Ubuntu VM, start chrome there and try the same it works, it's just on chrome in my macbook.... And I have a similar behaviour in the VMs, can't access them in chrome but in firefox is ok, and I was also able to do it some time ago. How can I fix this, is this some error in my configuration? I'm running unraid 6.7.0-rc6, but this has been happening for a month at least and I can't figure out why. Thanks.
  5. l3gion

    Super slow VPN speed in Dockers and VMs.

    Ok, after a whole day trying to figure this out, PIA is finally blasting out 14Mbps in sabnzbd. So PSA: When using PIA in your docker containers unlike you can see in Spaceinvader One videos, don't use the openvpn files from the link provided there. Generate you own at: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/ovpn-config-generator GCM Encryption seems to work much better than the default CBC Encryption. I guess the problem was that the default one that the original openvpn files had the default RSA-2048 AES-128-CBC SHA1 encryption that was causing super slow speed on my dockers. Super happy with the speed and setup now Hope I can help a fellow unRaid user with this. @binhex, @SpaceInvaderOne
  6. l3gion

    Super slow VPN speed in Dockers and VMs.

    Just updating on the situation. Tried switching the VPN service in sabnzbd just to see if the VPN itself would be the problem, got an airVPN 3 days account to test, and when now connecting through it I get 11Mbps download speed. Why would this be? Might there be an issue with PIA openvpn config?
  7. Hi all, Having an issue with the use of a VPN service with several docker containers and several VM, I can't seem to achieve any usable speed in any of when connecting through a VPN. The VPN service is PIA, been using it for several years with no problems. The normal connection speed through the PIA app on my windows desktop, Macbook pro or smartphone is over 100Mbps+, it can pretty much saturate my internet connection. On unRaid is quite different, when installing the same PIA app in a VM of windows 10 and Ubuntu the maximum speed I can achieve is 20Mbps and in a Ubuntu server VM (followed Spaceinvader One video tutorial) which uses open VPN I get even less, 1Mbps. Then on the Docker container side, binhex-delugevpn, binhex-sabnzbdvpn, nzbgetvpn and binhex-privoxyvpn, then speed is also quite slow, in the Usenet containers, the download speed with the VPN on, is something like 130-180Kbps, the same with the privoxyvpn, when routing traffic through it the peed is just 1Mbps. But if I disconnect the VPN in Sabnzbd or Nzbdget, I get the full news server speed, 12Mbps+. Tried several option in Sab, SSL on/Off, different cache sizes, etc. In Deluge, is a bit different, I can get like 3-4Mbps with the VPN, not amazing but better. The hardware is, CPU: Xeon E3-1245 V6 Mobo: Fujitsu D-3417 B2 Ram: 16gb DDR4 ECC (average ram consumption is 15%) Cache disk; Samsung NVMe 970 Evo 512Gb Anyone had this issue? Any idea what could be causing it? Thanks.
  8. l3gion

    [Support] binhex - SABnzbdVPN

    Hi all, I'm getting some very slow speeds when connected through a VPN (PIA), around 200kbps. If I disconnect the VPN I get upwards of 12-14Mbps. When connecting to PIA thought the desktop app, I also get 12Mbps, just as a reference. And through delugevpn I can get around 5Mbps. Tried connecting using nzbdget, and had the same slow speeds when connected to the VPN. Tried different servers of PIA with no difference on the speed, tried SSL, no SSL, different encryption. Any ideas of what could be causing this, anyone had this issue? Thanks.
  9. l3gion

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    Thanks for getting back to me. I imagined it could be all the local traffic on deluge. Now I'm just surprised at the amount of data transfered locally from the web interface, sonarr, radarr and jackett. 10gb download and 6gb upload over a couple of days 😅
  10. l3gion

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    Any idea anyone? @binhex maybe? Thanks.
  11. l3gion

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    Hi everyone, Maybe a stupid question, but can someone explain me why the eth0 and tun0 values diverge? Should't they kind be the same, since tun0 goes through eth0? See attached image. This was from the binhex-delugevpn console. Thanks.
  12. l3gion

    Need help finding a small case

    @Hoopster I read through the CS380 thread you recommended, was quite a saga. Seems too much effort to get the temperatures to a level that the case should be able to provide by default.... I understand you had to modify your case beyond adding a flap to direct the air flow to the drive cage. I think I'm going to keep looking a bit further..... That new SilverStone (CS381) case you linked seems neat, and a copy of the U-Nas case 😅 Any ideia of it's release date? Thanks.
  13. l3gion

    Need help finding a small case

    Again @Hoopster thanks for the great reply. I read the page you linked too and also found some extra ones about the cooling mods on the SilverStone case. I might have to go for the ds380, it's really unfortunate that there are almost no alternatives to it, specially in Europe. I also looked for the Lian Like case in EBay and all stores, and it's nowhere to be found 😭 Since noise is also a concern of mine, what rpm are your fans running at? I'm wondering if 2 low rpm 120mm fan can provide enough cooling to the HDD bays with the cooling modd. Example, 2x noctua 120mm redux 700, they run at 700 rpm and are inaudible. Or maybe pwm fans running at low or minimum rpm. Thanks.
  14. l3gion

    Need help finding a small case

    Hi, The search for small 5-6 HDD slot case is driving me crazy. Looks like some years ago there were some nice small cases, but they all been discontinued. The system is a mini ITX, with no GPU and space for 5-6 HDD and 1-2 SSD. My storage is small and is super full, so space is very limited, my plan is to bolt 2 L shaped wall mounts and fit it in my wall behind the door 😅 So, the case can't be very wide too. My ideal case would be something like a U-Nas NSC-600, but I can't get that in Europe (Germany). The Lian-Li PC-Q25 would be ideal, but no where to be found. The SilverStone DS380 can fit 8 drives, but I won't need that many, and I read about some complaints about the HDD cooling. The Fractal design node 304 is a bit too wide and the HDD access is not so straight forward. Currently looking at the Fractal define Nano S, does anyone know if I could fit a drive cage into it? The case size is a bit bigger, but it's still ok. A small case with a couple of 5.25 bays would also do, so I could add some sas/Sata drive cages. Does anyone have any case suggestion, for a small case, itx form factor, SFX/Flex psu, and 5-6 drives capacity? Would really appreciate some help. Thanks.
  15. l3gion

    Motherboard for Xeon E3 v6

    Thanks for the info 😁 , very helpful. At 30 watt idle I'm looking at 6,6€ a month for 24/7 use.... Europe energy prices suck.... Pulling the trigger on the ASRock then 🤩 And thanks for all that great info, really nice, thanks @Hoopster and @johnnie.black