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  1. Hey @Seven7527 I am on the same boat running 6.8.3. As enticing as 6.9.2 looks and I am sure under the hood changes are even better, I am not willing to take a dive YET. The My Servers Plugin, which is the cloud for your server settings and key, I feel is counter-intuitive to the idea of UnRAID so that is not a seller for me. (Having your own server vs Cloud, duh!). 🤨 "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - Thomas Bertram Lance 🙃 My Reasons- - I do not see a direct upgrade path for "UnRAID Nvidia" users. All the discussion seems to be around vanil
  2. Much Thanks for this. Was going crazy with this as I am on 6.8.3 as well. Issue started yesterday for me as well. This needs to be escalated more so it is updated in the official releases.
  3. Hey @dorgan, Running 2020.07.23 and that issue is resolved. I see others were having this issue as well. So that should help them as well. My recommendation would be to keep Name & Status in one line and User & Time in next line for better readability purposes and that would also give enough room to display complete names instead of cutting them off. Thanks for the update though! Cheers! -Shomil Saini
  4. Hey @dorgan, Thanks for the update, Sorry I just saw your comment today after an update was pushed. Unfortunately the Dashboard Widget still is not in bounds of widget. Upon further Inspection, the widget is out of bounds on 3 column or 1 column layout width. On 2 column layout it is OK for the most part. Below are 2 screenshots for clarity. - 3-column layout - For 2 column layout wider than this the widget is OK. This is the boundary case. The Warning issue was actually not visible now on the N
  5. Hi @Ockingshay, Go to Settings > Network. This is the setting you might want to look into 👇, please use your own network address range. This is my test server settings which work great. I am showing here as an example the VLAN range and Docker LAN range. Also, This👇
  6. I am having the same error on the server - "ERROR: Could not open the input file (No such file or directory)". I have seen 9-10 times in quick succession. I am actually getting the error when plex is trying to ingest a newly imported file. like creating chapter thumbnails etc. I am guessing it is permission issue. I did run "New Docker Safe Permissions" lets see if that helps. My major concern though is that Remote streams are buffering @720P and @Direct Play-4k though I have bandwidth to upload and play @ 4K easily. This is not for every file so I am a bit relieved. Specifically i
  7. Thanks for explaining guys. It makes much more sense to me now. I can understand the limitations of WireGuard. Cheers! 🍻
  8. Thanks @dorgan for the nice Plugin. I stumbled upon this looking for dashboard widgets. I do see an issue on the PLEX_STREAMS tab when I open the details by clicking on playing media name. Image👇 Although below this the media info is still displayed. Not sure what is needed here. Also, using SSL seems a bit slower than otherwise. Also, the dashboard widget text goes outside the bounds. Image 👇 Cheers!
  9. This works like a charm, just allocated 96g to /tmp/sab-ramdisk/ 👇 You are the best, my friend @binhex! Stay Safe & Cheers! 🍻
  10. Thanks @ljm42, I completely understand your explanation. I think it is a wonderful add-on to have the widget on the Dashboard. To me however, what the more relevant question is "Which device is currently connected and since how long?" And a second follow up to that is "If a device is disconnected, then when was it last connected?" - this is partly vaguely answered by the current "Last Handshake Time" on Dashboard which is essentially last connection initiation time. If the Dashboard can be modified by me or developers to see this, then it will be more relevant, as
  11. This seems to have worked! Can advise this to other with similar issue. Thanks and Stay Safe Everyone!
  12. Hey, I already did that, the same port was working beautifully for my regular spinning SATA drive. It is a R720xd Drive Bay on the back! Just Changed the settings to stop spin down. Will let you know if that works.
  13. Hi @binhex/@Squid, Thanks for both of yours' excellent work around the community. 👏 I actually am running 128GB RAM in my R720xd. I have been able to use RAM as /tmp directory. Problem is I cannot download file larger than half the ram size - 61.6GB Free Space. I was looking at sabnzbd docs and internet, people have mentioned ArticleCache in (NZBget) setting to be a better way of doing this. Is there something similar for sabnzbd, as I do not see any setting in the container myself. Thanks in Advance. Cheers!
  14. Hi @dlandon - Thanks for the UD/UD+ Plugins. Need some help! I just installed 3 SSDs simultaneously to Unraid. - SanDisk z400s as cache drive that works good. - Also installed Samsung 960 pro nvme as Auto-Mount Unassigned Drive (plex_appdata) working ok upto now. - SSD with Issue: >>>Added Crucial MX500 1TB SSD as Auto-Mount Unassigned Drive (download folder) and after a few minutes it spins down and stops working and goes to Historical Drive after a few minutes.<<< Any pointers for me? Thanks in Advance. Cheers!
  15. Did you get any answer to this? I have same issue. If it is an issue that is. TIA!