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  1. +1 for this, please devs 🤗
  2. Same here. Did you find out how to pass pihole dns to connected clients?
  3. Been able to setup my Catalina intance just fine, this is a TERRIFIC job!!! A little bit of fiddling with editing xml but should have watched the entire video first. Just one problem: Fix Common Problem complains that "Docker application MacinaBox has volumes being passed that are mounted by Unassigned Devices, but they are not mounted with the slave option" (yes, my VMs are on an unassigned device). Can I just mount them with that option to get rid of the message? Thank you
  4. Hi everybody. Just to be sure: if I encrypt only my data disks but not cache, will all docker containers (set to cache only) autostart with server boot or do I need to enter passphrase? I'm asking this because I use an open VPN server, and if I'd remotely reboot the server I couldn't access web gui and thus couldnt start the array at all and think about your autostart strategies. thanks so much
  5. Hi forum! I've just deployed a new ssd which I'll be using for VMs and Jdownloader. The disk is not part of the array (using Unassigned Devices). I've successfully mapped /output dir on the disk and everything is working, however Fix Common Problems says that "Docker application JDownloader2 has volumes being passed that are mounted by Unassigned Devices, but they are not mounted with the slave option". I can specify the slave option (RW/Slave) if I add another path to the container, but can't do that on the default one, I just don't find the relevant option. Any help?
  6. This make me sleep better, thanks Squid. Any idea how to isolate the offending app? I get that message once per minute 24/7, and I'd be curious what's happening under the hood since my logs are now 99% made of that kernel message. thanks for your patience (and for your real docker FAQ, by which I've been able to setup radarr and nzbget no problem ) ----> offending app was Pihole. Gonna investigate the issue in specific docker topic, thanks again.
  7. Feb 5 16:22:50 HAL kernel: veth4682225: renamed from eth0 Feb 5 16:22:54 HAL kernel: eth0: renamed from vethdd25262 Feb 5 16:22:58 HAL kernel: vethdd25262: renamed from eth0 Feb 5 16:23:04 HAL kernel: eth0: renamed from veth37999d0 Feb 5 16:23:08 HAL kernel: veth37999d0: renamed from eth0 Feb 5 16:23:21 HAL kernel: eth0: renamed from veth30ef170 Feb 5 16:23:25 HAL kernel: veth30ef170: renamed from eth0 Feb 5 16:23:51 HAL kernel: eth0: renamed from vethcc595db Feb 5 16:23:54 HAL kernel: vethcc595db: renamed from eth0 Feb 5 16:24:46 HAL kernel: eth0: renamed from veth831e630 Feb 5 16:24:49 HAL kernel: veth831e630: renamed from eth0 Feb 5 16:25:50 HAL kernel: eth0: renamed from veth6d8cede Feb 5 16:25:53 HAL kernel: veth6d8cede: renamed from eth0 Feb 5 16:26:54 HAL kernel: eth0: renamed from veth5e87b0c Feb 5 16:26:57 HAL kernel: veth5e87b0c: renamed from eth0 Hi there. I've got this annoying problem: my logs get flooded with this messages. I've looked around, and it seems related to docker / virtual interfaces. I'm on 6.6.6; it was not like that before, as it started flooding my logs after some docker "housekeeping". Please let me know if you need more info. Thank you so much
  8. I've just discovered this wonderful browser extension thanks to your input. It has definetly improved my workflow: right click on link and send to Jdownloader. Kudos, my friend.
  9. Hi there. New user here, I want to convert my gaming rig to Unraid. Usage: NAS for storing media (3-6 clients running Kodi, network shares for personal usage) docker (home assistant, duck dns, mqtt, pi-hole, open vpn, jdownloader, torrenting. I might try in the future Plex, Radarr, Sonarr and so on) VMs: I'll need a Win10 VM only for gaming with GPU passthrough, which will be off most of the time. In the future I plan to add a second video card for dual desktop at the same time (no gaming on second system). Might use other VMs as well for general purpose. Things I have: msi krait z170 (apparently no problem with IOMMU groups) i7 6700k 2x 4GB RAM (Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400) 2x 250GB Samsung 850 EVO (which will be used for cache) 2TB hard drive (data) Nvidia 980Ti Things I want to buy: Unraid license + usb flash drive (any suggestion is welcome) RAM: can I mix 2x 4GB + 2x 8GB sticks? (same brand, same speed, same C) to have 24GB total? Mine are CMK8GX4M2A2400C14; I could buy CMK16GX4M2A2400C14 Hard Disk: I'm planning to buy a WD red 8TB (WD80EFAX with 256MB cache) for parity, and start using my 2TB as data. I'll expand later with another 8TB drive when needed. UPS: I guess I'll stick with a APC Back-UPS BX - BX1400UI (another SSD for VMs through Unassigned Devices?) I'm new to all of this, so pardon me for any inaccuracy. Please feel free to post any major problem with my rig, I'm here to learn Thanks everybody for you patience! melagodo