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  1. Has anyone noticed if Backblaze has any upper storage limit? I have ~50TB and more ongoing that I'd like to be able to backup offsite.
  2. I'm not actually a customer. I'm looking into getting a backup service or solution. Crashplan was an initial recommendation, but I'd like to avoid service cut off as my storage needs grow.
  3. I have almost 50TB and that is growing with my personal work files (digital design/photography/videography assets and project files), dvd, and br backups it’s difficult to setup that much storage offsite affordably.
  4. I’d like to know this as well. My alternative, currently, is working with family members to create replicated servers offsite and use an rclone docker service to automatically mirror my drives to the other server(s).
  5. Semi-related: has anyone had trouble with CrashPlan Pro backing up large volumes of files? I have approx 50TB that I want to backup.
  6. So...I have a feeling the kernel panic was due to the upgrade to 6.8.1. For my part only 6.8 was stable. I say this because when I remade the USB stick with the old backup (6.7.2) and used the config files from the original stick, it booted up with the correct configuration and everything. I don't know if the guys at Unraid are aware of this issue but I won't be migrating to 6.8 until this gets fixed. All in all, thanks @PeteAsking. The config migration solution worked. Not sure why I didn't think of that. Much appreciated. I was freaking out a bit, I'll be honest.
  7. EDIT: @PeteAsking helped me out here as his solution of copying the original USB stick config folder allowed me to use the old 6.7.2 backup I had on the new stick, however it would seem that the kernel panic I was having MAY be due to upgrading to 6.8.1. I don't know if the Unraid devs will see this but please check on the following error in relation to 6.8.1 "RIP 0010 kernfs_name_hash+0x9/0x6d." --- Hey folks, Before you tell me I'm an idiot, I know that I screwed up, I just need some help. I was trying to migrate my Unraid install to anoth
  8. Hey folks, A couple of things: I did some upgrades including new drives (they show up fine in my LSI controllers) and new RAM (capacities are different but speeds are identical and register correctly in the BIOS) - currently running MemTestx86 Initially I got the following error: RIP: 0010:panic+0x1e6/0x227; I could not find any results for this exact error on the forums or otherwise (Google, et al) but similar problems recommended blowing out any ram slots that were previously empty and reseat RAM - DONE Additional recommendations included using a USB 2.0 stick
  9. The Unraid server IP is the and that's what I put in the docker settings. I thought, based on how I read the instructions, that the IP for the container needed to be the same as the Unraid server IP. If that's not the case, then how does the SteamCache get its IP? Just by me manually setting it in the container settings for the IP? The router has the network DHCP and is what is assigning IPs to devices normally, how can I keep the router from assigning the same IP to a different device if I am setting the SteamCache IP manually in the container settings? Or is the router DHCP smar
  10. I have my Netgear Orbi setup to use my Unraid server IP as the first 2 DNS entries and Cloudflare's as the fallback. Every time I try to resolve the DNS I get a timeout error. I've also released and renewed my IP address, etc on my Windows machine. The idea here is to use the router to act as the DNS handler so when I have house LAN events folks just need to plug into my network and it will automagically grab from the cache. Resolve-DnsName : : This operation returned because the timeout period expired At line:1 char:1 + Resolve-DnsName steamcache.cs.
  11. Question regarding LANCache: is there a way to use the server DNS at the router level but also allow the internet to passthrough if the server goes down? I host LAN parties fairly frequently so I don't want to have people manually setup their DNS every time they come over and then forget to reset it to automatic when they leave. I also don't want the server to go down and with it my entire internet setup.
  12. Hey folks, So after much trepidation, I am going to swap out my Rocket 750 with 3 LSI 9207-16i cards. However, one of the things I liked about the Rocket was that it would do staggered drive spin up. I cannot find any information about whether the LSI 9207-16i cards support this. I'm using a single PSU (Seasonic Prime Titanium 1000) using Molex connectors and the case I have does not accommodate a second PSU. The problem I am concerned about is too much power draw upon boot (especially if a shutdown has to be affected for some reason (brown out with graceful shutdown with connected
  13. Hey folks, I am using a p2000 for my GPU and a Highpoint Rocket 750 for my HBA. Once I install any of the Nvidia drivers, my HBA vanishes with my drives. As soon as I revert to the stock Unraid driver package, the drives show back up. Could the driver installation be interfering with the HBA driver? Can anyone here help? Thanks!
  14. I went from Unraid 6.7.2 to Nvidia 6.7.2 (based on the recommendation of the Byte my Bits video I followed). I did revert back to the stock driver and that fixed the issue but now I can't use the p2000 for hardware transcoding. Unless I try the 6.7.3rc4 version I saw in the list.