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  1. I just wanted to share a trick I used to have hostnames show up in the Pihole Dashboard for my local devices instead of IP addresses. Like this: First make a copy of the /etc/hosts file in the PiHole container and place it in the app data folder on the host where you can modify it to suit your local LAN. Then I just added a volume mount via the docker template page to link the two files
  2. you can install your favourite editor (nano, vim, emacs) apt-get update apt-get install nano
  3. Don't. The person who wrote the message "VM manager must be Stopped to change (see Settings)" or the Network settings page should. What does your DNS server entry have to do with your drive array?
  4. /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx restart /etc/rc.d/rc.php-fpm restart
  5. I love that it can be a NAS, VM manager and Docker manager all at once. I wish there was a free tier like most other services (and from what I've been told, the way it was before). Just a one or two drive solution for people that can't afford the license.
  6. I tried to install this from the APP store (binhex-preclear) but I got this error while running the docker run command:
  7. In their infinite wisdom, the creators of this app made the password field be the md5 hash of your actual password. See my earlier post here for details on how to set it.
  8. I just updated mine to the latest 12.5.2 and it works fine: I've noticed that on some docker containers that keep crashing sometimes, that if I edit the Docker configuration and just add an empty field or make a trivial change to the description and Apply it, then it re-runs the docker command to create the container and it starts working again. Even with a pinned version of the image so it can't be because of a new feature or bug-fix. Try doing that.
  9. In my screenshot above I show the string I used for "Repository". This allows you to select the tagged versionof Gitlab that you want. Change it from: gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest to : gitlab/gitlab-ce:12.5.2-ce.0 (or anything you want) You can go to dockerhub and choose from a list of official tags.
  10. @ElectricBadger @JasterCan you go back to a working earlier version? I have mine pinned to 12.5.2-ce.0 which I know works for me. I don't update the docker but when I do, I pin it to the version I want. See screenshot below for my Docker Settings
  11. Oh sorry for the misunderstanding. What version of Gitlab is it? I'll try upgrading mine to the latest and test it out.
  12. I have mine up and running. There's a bunch of configuration you have to do to get it to work with Gitlab. This is a good start https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/integration/sourcegraph.html#enable-the-sourcegraph-feature-flag It's a bit tricky with a lot of configurations. Let me know if you run into problems and I'll be happy to show you what I did.
  13. @kimocal @bnevets27 I'm having an issue whereby the Prime OS VM I installed has a memory leak. Even the vanilla, fresh installation with nothing else. I confirmed it using "watch free -m" at the shell (Alt+F1, then Alt+F7 to get back to UI) and saw the "free" column gradually go down. The VM would eventually seize up and become unusable. I tried both the Standard and Mainline 0.4.5. I used the same VM settings as everyone else seems to. I even tried both Machine types (Q35-3.1 and i440fx-3.1). See attached VM settings and Kernel version screenshots below. Has anyone run into this or can confirm my results?
  14. For those of you (like me) who were excited about the announcement that Gitlab now integrates with Sourcegraph, I created a Sourcegraph Unraid template based on this Gitlab template. You can find it in Community Applications under "Sourcegraph". It's my first contribution so please give it a shot and let me know if it works for you or not. If you want to know more about Sourcegraph, this is a quick screencast I had to enable the feature at the Gitlab rails console using this: gitlab-rails console Feature.enable(:sourcegraph)
  15. Thank you! That was it. I was looking all over for it *inside* the docker container.