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  1. Has anyone been able to make this work with reverse proxy? I have tried everything including adding "baseURL":"https://shinobi.mydomain.com" which just made it extremely slow. I've got this on a VLAN and the only resolution I've seen is to change it not be on a VLAN and just be on the Unraid server IP. Edit:. Solution to reverse proxy working with the container on a VLAN. In docker settings, "Host access to custom networks:" needs to be enabled. Once enabled, it works.
  2. Just got syncthing up and running tonight and experiencing slow speeds as well. I've port forwarded and pinned the container to 4 cores. Running the client on Windows laptop. Is there something else I can try or am I just stuck?
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    I did an install on an Ubuntu VM myself with ease. Only problem I'm having is I'm not able to make it public with my domain through Nginx Proxy manager.
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    +1 I might try installing this in an Ubuntu server VM later, looks easy enough.
  5. How do I map the ports between containers? For example, NZBGet. I've got that container set as you have above, but I am unsure of how to map properly. How do I configure port 6789 in this case? Thanks for the info so far.
  6. How exactly do we setup this new container VPN feature? Is the feature a way to create a VPN client connection and have any container route through that connection?
  7. Having a similar issue myself. The last few days the proxy has been spotty. I have an internet connection without issue when using it on my PC, but the docker containers say they have no connection through the proxy. Using ExpressVPN.
  8. Confirmed working with node version shown as V8.10.0
  9. The path is code-server/config/custom-cont-init.d/node.sh Is that correct or do I have something wrong?
  10. This is all I have in the logs from the docker page on Unraid: Docker mods sound exciting. Where can we make more requests if we have any?
  11. I've tried to install Node JS using the custom scripts, but the terminal within the vscode docker says its not installed. Is there another step I need to take? In the script called 'node.sh' I've got this: #!/bin/bash apt-get update && apt-get install -y nodejs
  12. I made an attempt at updating from the web ui and everything went fine until i got this error: "Some files have not passed the integrity check. Further information on how to resolve this issue can be found in the documentation. (List of invalid files… / Rescan…)" I click the "List of invalid files" and i get the error shown below and below that are the current and expected hashes. I have searched everywhere and the link to the documentation, but I havent found any fixes. What can I do? Results ======= - user_external - INVALID_HASH - appinfo/info.xml - lib/smb.php
  13. I like unraid because it's powerful and extremely useful. I'd like to see snapshots and multiple arrays.
  14. The only thing that has changed is the container being updated, nothing else. I downloaded another file from Express VPN which had the same name and still no luck. Is this container not compatible with Express VPN any longer? EDIT: I guess my preferred server is currently not working. Switched to another server and it's working now. Strange.
  15. Having an issue after the update as well. I can't access the GUI and the proxy isn't working. Looks to be a DNS error with the VPN. I've removed all the DNS servers that were there before and am only using Google DNS. Everything worked fine before the update.
  16. I keep getting the error at the bottom of the screenshot attached. Apparently it has something to do with NPM and/or Node.js. How would I go about installing Node.js on unraid or within the code server docker itself. Also, what would be the best path to use for saving files? Example: /files to /filesshare. Thanks.
  17. From what I understand, upgrading is as simple as just put in the new hardware and turn on the system and go? I'll be upgrading from my old i5 to a new ryzen based system, will there be any issues with this upgrade on the existing server? Also thinking about getting a SAS card so I wanted to check if adding that will have any affect on the array or is all the config saved on the USB key? Thanks