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  1. Is it on CA? I searched for it and it doesn't come up with a result through CA. My CA version is 2021.03.28.
  2. I would like to request a digital asset management platform - phraseanet. Information on product: https://www.phraseanet.com/en/ Docker deployment Instructions: https://github.com/alchemy-fr/phraseanet-docker Thank you!
  3. Hey folks, I have a general question that I couldn't find on this forum related to Plex/Plex docker images. As I understood it, Plex stopped supporting plugins, but still allowed plugins to be manually installed. I can confirm that I'm able to place plugins into the /mnt/user/appdata/..../plugins folder and it shows up in settings. The issue is, the plugins don't really work? Does this mean that the docker or lsio/binhex images do not support running plugins or are there directions i'm missing on how to activate it? Specifically, i'm trying to get the LyricFinds plugin to work
  4. Did you download the NVIDIA plugin and map your GPU ID? If you did, did you stop docker service and start it back up? Dedicated support and directions are found here: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/98978-plugin-nvidia-driver/?tab=comments#comment-913250
  5. Hello, I searched under the application docker container category and didn't find one related to MayanEDMS. Couldn't post new threads there - so i'll start here. I want to explore EcoDMS and MayanEDMS. I've got the ecoDMS running fine, but having a slight issue with MayanEDMS. Has anyone else in the community gotten this container to work correctly? UnRaid Version: 6.9.0-rc2 ENV in use for container: MAYAN_USER_GID: 100 MAYAN_USER_UID: 99 IMPORT_PATH: (container path: /docmonitor) (host path /mnt/user/IntakeFolder) - pub
  6. Not sure if you ever got this to work or not but i'm a few months later and have found a way in. Get into the CLI of the docker container and run ./manage.py createsuperuser It will ask for you to create an admin account with email, and password of your option. I guess netbox doesn't create a user by default and requires a manual initiation of it. I did get an error prior to entering the username field, but i'd imagine it's passive error looking for a cache area that can be ignored. References: https://github.com/netbox-community/netbox/issues/364
  7. Hey, thanks for tips and directions. I'm running into an issue that I'm not sure how to proceed since this docker thing's new to me. After following your directions and creating the script with the command in it - all I get is "/tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/vm.max_map_count/script: line 2: $'sysctl\357\273\277': command not found". Any hints?
  8. +1 for this. I have Starwind and HPE MSAs for production data. Would love to get a couple of Unraid servers at different facilities and use them as archival/off-site backup storage w/ commodity drives. While I don't think I would ever run Unraid in ENT Production, it has its place in my environment at work.
  9. @Djoss I've added some hosts, now on the SSL Certificate screen and trying to get an LE certificate for one of the host. All I get is "Internal Error" once I submit the information. If I acknowledge the error it goes back to the main page but doesn't show anything. If I refresh the page, the cert that was created shows up but doesn't seem to be working. Update 2019/01/01 Got my problem figured out. Awesome and easy docker @Djoss. I've been using standalone NGINX standalone reverse proxies and never got around to doing LE, so with this - just like @Squid - no need to learn LE
  10. I've had my usenet applications run on a VM for years inside Unraid and it worked fine. I decided this weekend to make it easier by moving all my apps to individual docker images. After pulling down the images, they started up fine for initial configuration. Now that I've got some of them configured - the actual apps (nzbget, hydra2, etc...) don't seem to auto-start when the docker image starts up. Something's preventing the daemon from starting, but i'm not sure what to look at for info. I'm very new to the docker concept and i can get around Linux structure just fine, but i'm not sure where
  11. get your sfp/sfp+ from fs.com. They also have network gear that's fairly cheap as well. Since 6.6.6 supports ver 5.5.2 of igxbe, the cheap dual intel ) nics (X520-DA2) are cost-effective, less than $100 a card.
  12. For how cheap SSDs are now, I would advise doing a cache pool of 2 minimum if you are going down this rabbit hole. In case you have unreliable SSDs, you wouldn't lose out on the data that's actively being written to permanent storage. I have a BTRFS cache pool of 2x https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=9SIA85V5N23037 for the last couple of years and they've been doing really well. Kind of expensive now, I remember getting them on sale for right above $100. Your drives look okay to me. Stats on the drive: https://www.amazon.com/Inland-Professional-480GB-Internal-Solid
  13. I got lucky and ran into an article from stackerflow regarding someone having the same issue on supermicro motherboards - I followed the recommended solution - find the JWD jumper (jumper for Watch Dog feature) and left it open. By default, it was on pins 2+3, which allowed the system to create un-maskable interrupt messages when it detects applications hanging. Jumper pins 1+2 would reset any time an application hung. I left my jumper to only be on 1 - thus leaving it open. Watch Dog setting in BIOS was left alone (default enable) and I am not receiving any NMI messages while working insi
  14. Any progress with this? I'm positive I don't have bad hardware or any type of conflicts. I'm thinking there's something inside Debian Jessie throwing up the panic. Can we start posting our spec's and maybe perhaps find a commonality? Here's mine, attached. I've also uploaded the same to support. I'm hoping someone can see the problem and pinpoint it for us to get a fix. Thanks! P.S. - My suspicion is that I have IPMI enabled. I will turn it off in BIOS and report back when I take my server down for maintenance this weekend [new year] Can't disable IPMI, maybe ACPI s
  15. I have. Still the same. I have 16 avail, used last 4, middle 4, and so on, to see if it was an assignment issue and a conflict with 0 or not, but the problem still persists.