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  1. Has anyone got this working with webauthn on android? I applied the update which appears to have added webauthn support and no matter if I connect my yubikey through usb or tap for nfc it doesn't take. u2f works on my usual browser in windows if that matters. I should also mention webauthn doesn't work in the windows desktop client either(just says loading... indefinitely).
  2. I'm trying to configure freepbx. Whenever I apply a setting change the reload animation goes on forever. Also, whenever I try and add my local subnets to the sip settings they don't appear to be working as calls don't have any audio and get dropped shortly after.
  3. Lol, It turns out it wasn't the save at all. It was the VH+ config which I didn't fully read over. Apparently you need to have that mod on all the clients as well and I was enforcing it to reject clients without it.
  4. I was aware of the backups and where they are stored but I didn't know if it was a worldbreaker bug or if those saves would have the same issue as the current one.
  5. Valheim doesn't seem to be updating to the latest version that just came out this morning and nobody can connect (was fine before the client update) I have stopped and started the server to download the update but it just keeps saying it's up to date and continues with starting it up. I solved the problem by copying the server database and fwl files from /mnt/user/appdata/valheim/.config/unity3d/IronGate/Valheim/worlds to my windows game client and loading and saving it and then returning it back to the docker appdata. nvm don't require Valheim plus if users aren't aware that everyone needs the mod installed.
  6. Is this compiled with private/public key support for ssh?
  7. I get the following error when trying to connect to any ssh server which requires a keypair uacd[529]: ERROR: Auth key import failed: (null) I have exported it from puttygen using the openssh (force new file format) option -----BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY----- key here on several lines -----END OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY----- also entered the passphrase for said key I am able to use said key in the built-in windows command line openssh client just fine.
  8. Nevermind. It turns out I had a few things from my last setup that normally wouldn't be processed at all by filebot and they didn't get put into the exclude list.
  9. Is it just me or does the /watch folder not respect the exclude list if you define one? my /watch folder is full of stuff from a previous virtual machine setup where it shared to the vm via smb. I have edited the exclude list I was previously using and updated the paths to match and it's still attempting to extract/process all the various archives.
  10. Is there an option to change the parity check last run from a spelled out number to a just a number so that the whole pane doesn't get pushed down? If not I would like to submit this as a feature request.
  11. I'm trying to add my self signed certificate and key file to enable tls on the webui but the webserver always fails to start after adding it. At first I had put the key into the cert field and the cert into the key field but even after correcting that it's still broken. I was previously using the same key+cert on an older version of qbittorrent in an ubuntu vm. NVM, apparently you need to create the files inside the conf folder and set the path instead of pasting them into the webui like previously.
  12. I love how you can add new drives to the pool without a rebuild and the ease of use of everything. I'd like the ability to update all settings no matter if VMs/docker/array are active/started. Instead of disabling those options till you turn off whatever there should just be a button to restart those services and apply the new settings all at once. I also like the idea of having multiple cache pools/drives
  13. Is there some way to split up the parity check by a percentage so I can do it during the early hours in the morning? As it stands the parity check takes over 20 hours and I really don't want to have my NAS mostly unusable for the better part of a day. I notice there is a pause button for the check. Is there a plug-in or script that would automate that to pause and resume at configured times. Lastly, if there is such a plug-in, would using it cause any data integrity problems?