Unraid on the Laptop, using battery as an UPS.


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I am using Thinkpad W530 Laptop for unraid server. Today, after fruitful discussion on this forum I made a user.script that will shutdown unraid when laptop battery is bellow 30% and ac is off.

Plugin user.script

is required to use my solution.

All You need to do is to extract attached archive to folder:  /boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/shutdownWhenBatteryDepleted

root@nas:/boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/shutdownWhenBatteryDepleted# ls -l
total 64
-rw------- 1 root root 2716 Mar  6 09:41 ac.ko.xz
-rw------- 1 root root 6700 Mar  6 09:41 battery.ko.xz
-rw------- 1 root root  177 Mar  6 11:20 description
-rw------- 1 root root 1018 Mar  6 12:54 script


It is important not to change script name, as path to *.ko.xz module is hardcoded in the script file.

When this is done, You must test script, by running it manually. Then after You make sure it works in Your system You can enable the scheduler. Script will write log using logger command when shutdown is issued.

On first run script will load ac and battery kernel modules.



In the attached figure I am running script every one minute, but maybe every 2 minutes would be sufficient. You can enter */2 * * * * to run script every 2 minutes. Use this website https://crontab.guru to find Your preferred schedule.


Use at Your own risk! For testing purpose I suggest commenting out (sign #) command /sbin/poweroff in my script.

I am still unsure if /sbin/poweroff is proper way to shutdown VMs and docker gracefully. Waitng for support to answere my question, as I was unable to find it on the Internet.


Best Regards,



shutdownWhenBatteryDepleted_unraid6_8_3.zip shutdownWhenBatteryDepleted_unraid6_9_0.zip

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Added kernel modules for unraid 6.9.0
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Hi nice to know u like it. I used docker called:



Then I set to manual compile or sth. like that. Then I did my own make menuconfig - like it is described in the manual for this docker. Then I compiled with make commands. At the end i have copied over ssh battery modules.

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I am almost sure that this message means that module is not compiled for kernel used by unraid 6.9.2. Pay attention that I have compiled modules for unraid 6.8.3 and 6.9.0. I am still using unraid 6.9.0 as I don't want to waste time for upgrading my unraid server. It works fine right now. So you need to use docker called unraid-kernel-helper if it is already avaliable for 6.9.2 and compile ac and battery modules by yourselfe. Script will stay the same, it will work if modules load correctly.

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Thanks so much for your work. Do you feel like writing up a detailed explanation on how to install those missing modules required by your script? That would be an amazing help.

Or could you just compile the modules for unraid 6.9.2, the current stable release?

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@brin & @Kacper & @usmaple & @thecode:


Here is a package for 6.9.2: battery-5.10.28-Unraid-1.txz with the two modules, place it somewhere on your server, navigate to the that folder in a terminal and to install it simply type in:

installpkg battery-5.10.28-Unraid-1.txz
depmod -a

(this has to be done on every reboot, or simply put it somewhere on your server and add the above commands to your go file, keep in mind that you maybe have to add the path to the file)



After that change the scripts to the following because the modules are installed directly to the libraries directory and this makes also sure that the script is compatible with newer Unraid releases (read below):

if [ -f "$FILE" ]; then
    capacity=`cat "$FILE"`
    echo "$FILE does not exist. Trying to enable battery module"
    logger "$FILE does not exist. Trying to enable battery module"
    modprobe battery

if [ -f "$FILE2" ]; then
    online=`cat "$FILE2"`
    echo "$FILE2 does not exist. Trying to enable ac module"
    logger "$FILE2 does not exist. Trying to enable ac module"
    modprobe ac

# online is expected to be 0 or 1 - ac on or off
# capacity is expected to be 0-100 - percent of battery charge

# for testing change number to 101 and 0 inside if statement
# for normal operation set 30 and 1 as constant value to compare variables with

if [ -n "$capacity" ] && [ -n "$online" ] && [[ "$capacity" -lt "30" ]] && [[ "$online" -ne "1" ]]; then
    echo "$(date) Battery bellow safe margin. Shutting down system."
    logger "Battery bellow safe margin. Shutting down the system."
    # Unraid shutdown command here



From what I see the two modules that are needed for this script to work are included in the next release from the Unraid RC series and you don't need the package anymore, the script that I've modified above should be enough and will work for the next Unraid RC series releases and even the stable releases afterwards.

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