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Wanting to shrink Cache Partition Volume from 1TB to 500GB

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So I have a 1TB Samsung_SSD_970_EVO. That I have abused to death (though it still functions)



I cannot afford a new drive for a while so I'm thinking to cheaping out if my logic is correct on the matter.


If i can shrink the volume to 500GB that should give the drive 500GB spare for all the dead areas.

In theory extending its life because now it has 50% of the drive at disposal instead of the standard 10%


I however cannot find anything speaking towards shrinking a volume of a single drive just drive swapping and cache pool changes.


Is this something that A. Would work B. something that can be done and C. not completely stupid.


Basically I need to extend the life of the cache drive for as long as I can until I can afford a new NVME drive (I need an array drive first)

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29 minutes ago, BomB191 said:

I however cannot find anything speaking towards shrinking a volume of a single drive just drive swapping and cache pool changes.

That's because Unraid automatically uses the full capacity of each assigned disk in a single partition. It may be possible to set a HPA on the drive that would make the drive appear smaller, but I don't know if that would accomplish what you want with regards to drive longevity.


Perhaps setting the minimum free space to 500GB would be easier?

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To be fair since I removed my VHD from the drive I usually float around 300GB (plex images and all that fluff).


Mover never operates as I have moved downloads to a HDD to you know cut back on read writes, I also have moved plex transcoding to RAM.


So its primary function now is just appdata and plex stuff 

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9 hours ago, trurl said:

And did you reformat your SSDs to the new alignment?

There's a new alignment? 


I'll have to dig into the patch notes and find out what your talking about.


Update: well the link to it on the patch notes goes to a dead page https://wiki.unraid.net/Unraid_OS_6.9.0#SSD_1_MiB_Partition_Alignment


Google is proving useless too.


Why would I want to change this?

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interesting read. But it doesn't seem anyone has solid evidence that changing that will improve anything from what I can see.


I guess I will need to just keep an eye on it and hope its holds out until I can afford a new NVME drive.


Thanks for the assistance though :) 

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