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I'll bite...   Recently consolidated Unraid Server: 1X Intel Core i7 8700T 1X Gigabyte Z370N WIFI 2X Supermicro VLP 16GB ECC Unbuffered DDR4 2666 2X Corsair Force MP510 M.2 480GB NVM

Ryzen 5 2600 16GB DDR4 2666mhz Crucial Ballistix AT Asus TUF B450-Plus Gaming 512GB Intel NVME for Appdata/dockers Dell H310 PERC Be Quiet 750W Power Zone Power Supply Unit

Hey folks, I'm an unRAID newb, but thought I'd share my little project.  I picked up a 2nd hand Coolermaster Elite 130 Mini-ITX case that originally had just one external 5.25" drive bay and a co

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Here's mine.


Specs: MSI P43 Neo3-F, iE5200, 2 x 1GB and 5 x 1.5TB


Mods: I added a handle to ease moving it around, removed the front USB etc. ports and relocated the power button to the back to avoid accidental shutdown. Reset button is not even connected. Everything else is pretty much stock.





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Well, i figured i should go ahead and add some of my stuff in here for you all to see.  I don't have any pics right this second but i will get some in the next week and update this accordingly.  Anyway, i will ust go ahead and list components right now:


Case: Rocketfish Aluminum Full-Tower Case.  I really like this case.  It has got plenty of room inside.  The case seems to be a rebranded lian li that was sold by Best Buy.  I got mine want they were getting rid of the last of there stock and i managed to pic up the last on for about $40.


Motherboard: Abit AB9 Pro.  I mainly got this board because of the massive amounts of onboard SATA ports.  I ordered it refurbed from newegg when they still had it in stock.  I think one of the NIC's on my board is bad but since i can't use more then one it was not that big of a deal.


Processor: Intel Celeron E1200.  I purchased this because i wanted something that was dual core but not supper high end.  I know unraid does not take advantage of dual core but since i run BubbaRaid and a few other things on the server i figured it would not hurt to that the little extra power.


Power Supply: CORSAIR CMPSU-550VX 550W.  Corsair make very good and very quite power supplies.  Silent PC Review has been recommending them for a while now and that site is the main reason i went with this PSU.  I wish it was modular but beggers can't be choosers.


RAM: just generic 2GB of Generic GSkill.



Pictures to come later,  i promise.

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My wiring is nowhere near as neat as Rob's up top - but then I haven't finished tying everything down just yet as I'll need to swap the nice modular PSU back in once it comes back from DOA RMA, but here goes.


I wanted a system that was built to take the full 15 drives long-term, even though right now I only need two plus a cache, and I wanted it to be quiet.  But more than that, I wanted it to be powerful enough to run VMWare with a full Ubuntu distribution running in it to transcode my DVDs to H.264.  What I've ended up with is something plenty powerful and even quieter than my current fileserver (An Athlon Barton 3000+ based system, quite old now).


Case: Lian-Li PCA17A case.  Tons of room inside, 9x5.25" drive bays to take the full compliment of hard disc docks, and a motherboard tray - first time I've bought a case expensive enough to be easy to build with and quality enough not to shred my hands in the process! I really wanted the black one, but this one was in stock for Saturday delivery.. ;)


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P31-ES3G.  I did some reading around and similar boards were being used successfully.  Only four onboard SATA ports but three PCI slots, three PCI-E x1 slots and one PCI-E x16 slot means I can still spread the ports around extra cards to minimize bandwidth contention - technically I could use six 2 port cards, if my maths is correct.


Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200, Yorkfield die.  Not the most powerful quad core out there, but very cheap at £130!


CPU Cooling: ASUS V60 Quiet - huge heatsink, pretty quiet (not silent) and keeps the CPU almost at room temperature when idle!


Power Supply: 850W NorthQ Black Magic Flex Modular PSU.  I found a review of this PSU online - here, in fact - it's nice and quiet when un-loaded, and has three 12v rails - one for the CPU, and the other two join to make one giant 50A 12v rail.  Read the review for more, it's pretty thorough :)


RAM: 2x2GB matched pair of Corsair TwinX DDR2 5-5-5-15 1066Mhz RAM.  This gave me some problems with my Gigabyte motherboard.  The motherboard insisted on running the RAM at 1110MHz on any automatically detected settings, which the RAM did not appreciate.  Backing it off to 1000MHz results in a stable system, at the expense of a tiny bit of speed..


Drive Docks: Icy Dock MB-455SPF, just like the prebuilt systems.


Drives: So far just two Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.B 1TB drives - cheap at £70 a pop.


USB Key: I started off with a tiny 128Mb no-name drive that's branded by the people I work for (they were promo items) - no GUID meant it was useless for registering, but let me prove the system.  I invested in a couple of sticks at PC World as my other 1Gb Maxell sticks refused to boot.  One of them was a tiny 2Gb PNY stick - honestly it's miniscule, quick and boots nicely.





The case arrived and was taken out of the box, ooh, shiny!



It's so small! (Words every man is afraid of hearing) I thought the F5 one was small, but no..





Bit of a rats nest in here:





Looks nice from the outside, though:


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Silicon Image Sil5723 (Drive Xpert technology) - 2 x SATA 3Gb/s setup in Raid0, and it worked very well in unRaid.

I never seen unRaid and bubbaRaid boot so fast, not even on my other dual core system (Intel E6850/4GB), same speed roughly.

I will have to look into why that is later.

I tested transfer speeds with and without parity, stability.



Asus P5Q Deluxe (Left everything default, except removed floppy) (Will have to test again changing the AHCI vs IDE)

Intel CPU E8400

Kingston Value Ram 8GB (planning for future)

Antec 1200 Case 12 bay case for 190$ Canadian (it even comes with manual variable fan speeds for all 6 fans.)

(I will post a review on it at the end of the post. Lots of fans and cooling!)


I also just borrowed a kill-a-watt. Will test!


Tested using a clean unRaid latest beta4


Disk status

Model / Serial No. Temperature Size Free Reads Writes Errors

parity Not installed

disk1 ata-DriveXpert_HDD0_CP-5723_Port_0_1_0_F * 781,422,736 749,322,752 436 189,567 0

disk2 ata-ST3750640AS_5QD03EHT 38°C 732,574,552 501,380,680 502 46,835 0



Notice the temperature is not properly read from the Disk1 Drive-Xpert.

Not certain if the drives spun down or not...will confirm at a later point.


There is a significant performance gain between disk 1 and disk2.

Disk 1 two seagate 400GB (older gen SATA2 drives 7200.8 ) Model:ST3400832AS

Disk 2 one 750GB Seagate Sata2 drive(7200.10 newer gen)  Model:ST3750640AS


Transfer speeds from xp pro sp3 gige (Cat6 direct connected to same switch)


The transfer of two files 15 and 16GB in size (No parity drive)

Disk1(DriveXpert Raid0) 42-55MB (mostly 49) MB/s

Disk2 31-47 (mostly 38) MB/s


MD5 Checksum of first file to both drives is perfect, no corruption:

ORIG: MD5: 9aa3eb3c17f202fef560694a534a880a

Dsk1: MD5: 9aa3eb3c17f202fef560694a534a880a

dsk2: MD5: 9aa3eb3c17f202fef560694a534a880a


After this transfer test I will use the Disk1 for Parity.

Test speed of parity and transfer:

Parity Drive Rebuild: between 43 to 58MB/sec (Average around 54MB/s)


The transfer of two files 15 and 16GB in size (With parity drive)

Disk2 12-18 (mostly 15) MB/s

It seems the drive Expert Raid zero has little effect for a parity drive.

Best to use it as a cache drive.

MD5 Checksum checks out.

dsk2: MD5: 9aa3eb3c17f202fef560694a534a880a


Syslog is attached as a zip file.



Kill-A-Watt power usage:

Motherboard,8GB RAM, GPU, CPU only, no hard drives: Not available...

Full Slavo with Drives: 450Watts for a few seconds at boot, then it hovers around 207-235 watts after the boot with all drives powered up.

During file transfers with parity and cache drive up, remaining drives idle 118Watts.


Too bad sar/iostat are not built in. I would love to see performance over time.



Server name: Tower

Comments: Media server


unRAID Server Pro


Main | Users | Shares | Settings | Devices version: 4.4.2 (Production version is running 4.4.2, not beta)

Disk status

Model / Serial No. Temperature Size Free Reads Writes Errors

parity ata-ST31000340AS_9QJ1VGNP 27°C 976,762,552 - 26 0 0

disk1 ata-ST31000340AS_5QJ036TR 29°C 976,762,552 - 30 0 0

disk2 ata-ST31000640AS_3QJ00AJF 29°C 976,762,552 - 30 0 0

disk3 ata-ST3750640AS_5QD046F9 29°C 732,574,552 - 30 0 0

disk4 ata-ST3750330AS_9QK0Q3JY 27°C 732,574,552 - 32 0 0

disk5 ata-ST3400832AS_3NF0T88Q 25°C 390,711,352 - 32 0 0

disk6 ata-ST31000340AS_9QJ1KE5W 29°C 976,762,552 - 30 0 0

disk7 ata-ST31000340AS_5QJ0ZSRQ 26°C 976,762,552 - 30 0 0

disk8 ata-ST3750640AS_5QD04LCF 30°C 732,574,552 - 32 0 0

disk9 ata-ST3750640AS_5QD0CZSP 30°C 732,574,552 - 32 0 0

disk10 ata-ST3750640AS_5QD4RPF3 31°C 732,574,552 - 32 0 0

disk11 ata-ST3400832AS_3NF11LFN 26°C 390,711,352 Clearing - - -

disk12 ata-ST3750640AS_5QD03EHT 28°C 732,574,552 Clearing - - -

cache ata-Maxtor_6B200M0_B413F2CH 25°C 195,360,952 - 30 0 0


I have never seen the drives so cool. consider that I am using home built 5drives into 3 (5.25 inch bays) x 4.

The case is amazingly quiet, with all fans on low. With the temperatures so low, I have disabled some of the fans, and the temperatures have not changed.


I have 3 spare SATAII cables and two IDE cables. I am currently not using the drive expert drives. No reason really.

The transfer speed is decent. I will replace by 200GB Cache drive with a 1.5TB Seagate drive(just as fast at the 10K raptors for less money and more storage).

I might even buy two and setup Drive expert on it.


Here are pictures of the case and the setup.



Notice the Case comes with 3 120mm fans in the front, a 200mm fan on top of the case, and two 120mm fans at the back. You can add a forth fan in front of the drives in the front of the case, and another one on the side panel. But it is not needed. I did have to assemble the 4th fan cage for the front. All parts come with the case, but Ihad to buy one 120mm fan. See photos.



Here are pictures of the 5 drives in 3 5.25inch bays I made. Not perfect, but it works. Jig Saw and drill is all that is needed.


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Finally got my unRaid machine built! It took a stupid amount of time to put it together, but I love building computers  ;D



CoolerMaster CM-590 with 3x 4 in 3 drive bays

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P

Intel E5200

2gb Corsair XMS2 RAM

Corsair HX620w PSU

4 HDDs so far, more to come


This is my ghetto internal USB port  :D













Purty colours during POST



Will probably cover the unused fan slots with black cardboard soon but since I'm running with positive case pressure they don't suck in dust anyway. Haven't seen HDD temps over 32 degrees.




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This is my ghetto internal USB port  :D



Dude this is a great place to put the usb port i might have to steal that idea


i'm still in the process of getting my cable management and some drives installed on mine but i think you guys will approve i have about 8 drives in mine i have some more stuff coming soon probably have pictures up come the weekend

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unRAID Ver - 4.5 beta

Motherboard - ASUS P5Q Premium

CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

Heatsink/Cooler - ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro

Memory - CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500)



Case - Antec Twelve Hundred

Power Supply - Antec CP-850 (850W Continuous Power)

Multi-Bay Backplane Module - Qty. 3 - ICY DOCK MB454SPF-B

HBAs - Qty. 2 - Adaptec 1430SA

Data Drives - Qty 6 - Seagate 1.5TB (ST31500341AS)

Parity - Seagate 1.5TB (ST31500341AS)

Cache Drive - ST3320613AS











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Here is my HW list for my first unRAID rig:

Motherboard - SuperMicro C2SEA - 6 sata ports (requires DDR3 memory) 



CPU - Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 Processor, 2.5 GHz, 2M L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB, LGA775 



Power Supply - CORSAIR 750w TX Series 80 Plus Certified Power Supply



Memory - CORSAIR XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1333 TW3X4G1333C9 



Case - Norco 4020   



Controller - Qty 2 - Adaptec 1430SA PCIe x4 - 8 ports (4 each) 



Controller - Qty 1 - SD-SA2PEX-2IR PCIe x1 - 2 ports (Sil3132 chipset) 



Controller - Qty 1 - LSI PCI SATA MegaRAID 150-6 Kit - 6 ports 



HDD - Qty 4 - Western Digital 1TB Green WD10EADS (3 data, 1 parity) 



HDD - Qty 2 - Samsung Spinpoint T166 500GB HD501LJ (2 data) 



HDD - Qty 1 - Western Digital 320GB WD3200AVJS (cache)



USB - SanDisk Cruzer Micro 4GB



Battery Backup - APC SmartUPS 1000



Power adapters - Qty 4 - Kingwin SAC-05 15 Pin SATA Power Connector To Dual 4 Pin Female Molex



External sata adapter - Asus 2 port with power (connected to 2 ports on the LSI for external backup HDD)















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Here is my Unraid build around a Norco 4020. These are older pictures so I have more drives then shown now.



Tyan Tomcat i7210 s5112 server board (Dual PCI-X slots)

Raidcore 8 port sata raid card

P4 3.4Ghz H.T.

4Gb Micron Ram

San Disk Cruzer Miicro 4gb

1000w Corsair Power Supply

1x 1.5Tb Parity drive

1x 1Tb Cache drive

20x 1Tb data drives

(again picture show only 9 drives. Have not taken new pictures.)

All drives are Western Digital Green

cable management





DFI lanparty Dark

Vista 64bit

XBMC - Babylon - Aeon Theme with mods....

E8500 Core 2 Duo @3.42 with Ninja Scyth mini no fan

4Gb ram Corsair

W.D. 320 black OS

W.D. 500 black data

Asus EN9600GT silent video

M-Audio 7.1 Revolution

3x Nexus 80mm silent fans

LG super multi blue HDDVD/Bluray player

Silverstone HTPC case

Gigabit network on structured wiring


See Pictures here
























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unRaid Server


CM Centurion 590 Case



Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2



AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600 Brisbane 2.9GHz AM2 65W



Corsair 4GB (2 X 2GB) DDR2



Lexar Firefly 2GB Flash Drive


Adaptec 1430SA 4 X SATA II Card



Monoprice 2 X SATA II PCI-Express (X1) (Silicon Image SIL3132)



AMS DS-3151SSBK (5 in 3 SATA Backplane)



iStarUSA BPN-350SAS-RED  5 in 3 SATA/SAS Trayless Backplane


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I have never seen the drives so cool. consider that I am using home built 5drives into 3 (5.25 inch bays) x 4.

The case is amazingly quiet, with all fans on low. With the temperatures so low, I have disabled some of the fans, and the temperatures have not changed.


Just a note to say thanks for posting your pics. I'm taking your idea on the homemade 5-in-3s and using them in my Antec Twelve Hundred. I'll post some pics if it all works and doesn't explode etc.

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Here is my build:


Mother Board: Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P

RAM: 4GB GEIL Green DDR2-1066 (1.6v)

CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 250 Dual Core Processor Socket AM3 3.0GHZ 45NM 65W

Case: Norco 4220

PSU: Corsair TX750

Drives: 3 1.5TB SATA2, 3 750GB SATA2, & 1 120GB SATA1 (cache drive)








As you can see I made a custom fan plate with 3 140mm fans.  I'm not completely satisfied with the performance under parity checks as it is hitting 40-42 on all drives while performing a parity check.  Since I'm only at seven disks, I think that further increases the storage density may be require some more powerful fans.

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I finally got around to reorganizing my cables to optimize server performance (putting all the most-used drives on the motherboard) and to help with airflow through the case.  My goal is good airflow and cooler drive temps while keeping all the fans on 'low' for near-silent operation.  I know I could have configured the wiring to look a lot better, but I don't like putting any stress on the SATA connectors (either on the drives or the mobo/pci card), and I also like to avoid any serious kinks in the cables.  I didn't really plan this, but it worked out that all the orange SATA cables go to drives in the upper drive bays, and all the red SATA cables go to drives in the lower bay.  I paired the SATA cables in twos and connected them with a combination of zip ties and scotch tape (ghetto, I know, but I ran out of zip ties and it was all I had).  The tape actually seemed to work better at keeping the cables flush against eachother, but it probably won't last as long as the zip ties or better quality tape, like electrician's tape.  Maybe someday I'll go back and redo it all.


Here's some pics (click the thumbnail for full size of the profile shot):

First of all, here's what the server looked like before the cable cleanup:



Here's what is looks like after.  I labeled the drives for your viewing pleasure (and for my reference later, when I start replacing the smaller drives).




Another profile shot with the lower drive bay removed.



The lower drive bay is the part I'm most proud of, and which seems to have had the greatest impact on my drive temps.  It used to look like this:


Now it looks like this:


Drastic increase in airflow.  I wish there was more I could do with the cables coming out of the PSU, but there is so little space between the PSU and the fan that I can't have them all going in the same direction.  Oh well.


Here's another ghetto fix.  I taped up the unused drive slots on the front air intake area of the case in an attempt to direct all incoming air over the drives.  This is just temporary - if I determine that it does make a significant difference, then I'll go back and try to do it on the inside of the case, so that it isn't visible and ugly like it is now.



Here's the back of the computer.  It runs headless, with just ethernet, the USB stick, and power.  Simple is beautiful.



Finally, the server (the silver one) tucked away under my rather messy desk, which also holds my desktop (black) (well, my desk isn't that big, so it's not all that tucked away).



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Parts list:


  • P5B-VM (not DO) motherboard (5 SATA, 1 ESATA, 2 IDE)
  • 2x Adaptec 1430SA PCI-E SATA controllers (8 SATA)
  • Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • Antec Twelve Hundred case
  • Corsair TX 850 PSU
  • 4x Scythe 4x "Hard Disk Stabilizer x4" 4in3 cages
  • 16 hard drives = 12.75TB inc. parity




The Antec case has room for 9 hard drives as standard -- it has 3x 3in3 drive cages. You can go to 12 drives if you use the remaining 5.25" bays in a 1:1 manner.

I first considered 5in3 devices to get to 20 drives, but once I got to 16 drives, I realised it would be more cost effective to upgrade the existing smaller (500GB) drives to 1.5TB or 2TB drives than to add another controller to take me past 16 drives.


So, sticking with 16 drives, I looked at a few 4in3 cages, but most come with a fan and I didn't like the idea of throwing away the existing fans and grills as they work very well.

I accidentally came across these 4in3 cages from Scythe ("Hard Disk Stabilizer x4").




They also happen to be extremely cheap -- about £6 or $9 each, and have large rubber isolators, so are supposed to cut down on drive vibration (they seem to do so in testing so far). Note that because they have no active cooling, I wouldn't recommend using them in other types of case. The Antec Twelve Hundred has 4 120mm fans in front of the drives.


I wasn't sure if they would fit in the case and still allow for the standard fans to mount in front, but looking at the photos online, it looked like they would, and so I took a chance.


Here is one 4in3 mounted in the case. You can see the fan/grill below this clears the cage:



All 4 cages are installed in this picture, with 3 visible. The bottom one is covered by the fan and grill



Internal shot showing all 16 drives installed. By using these very cheap 4-in3s, I've saved money, but if I have to remove a drive, there's a lot of unscrewing to do -- the grills have to be removed as well as the cage. Therefore, I labelled each drive with the manufacturer, size and last 4 digits of the serial number for easy identification.



The last photo shows the case internals and my "good enough" cabling...




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I have the same case and I got a nice increase in airflow by removing the panels in front of the air filters. The hinges of the panels have a tab that can be pushed down with a small flat screwriver and then popped out.

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I have the same case and I got a nice increase in airflow by removing the panels in front of the air filters. The hinges of the panels have a tab that can be pushed down with a small flat screwriver and then popped out.

Great tip, thank you!  That may be just what I need to get my drive temps down to acceptable levels this summer.  I would much rather sacrifice those panels than the dust filters themselves.

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It's not pretty, but it works!



The same could be said about mine. Functionality > looks. And it's ultra silent when spun down.


after the upgrade:

Chieftec Big Tower Bravo LBX-01

2 x Coolermaster Stacker 4-3 modules (slightly modified)

Bequiet 500W PSU

Asus P5b-E Plus

Celeron 430 1,8Ghz


Digitus aka Rosewill PCI-E 6x SATA

4 TB + parity - all Samsung

running Unraid 4.4.2.




The fans were actually running @7V when I took the picture.



Cable management has never been one of my strong suits.





still plenty of space left



new 4x PCI-E controller card




There are also two onboard sata ports (one of them being esata) that support port multipliers. So even if I do run out of space some day, I could still come up with an "external" upgrade of some kind. Addonics, anyone?

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yumbrad: What motherboard are you running?  It seems to have a LOT of SATA ports.  Also, what's with the IDE drive taped on top?  Is that a cache drive or something?  Being taped on top may lead to heat issues...

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