unRAID iOS App - MargaritaToGo 1.3 Released

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Thanks for the update. Was doing a little testing. Stopped array without issue, but when I tried to start array it failed to start.

Found this in the log-

Mar  8 17:27:05 Brunnhilde emhttp: mdcmd: write: Invalid argument
Mar  8 17:27:05 Brunnhilde emhttp: Stop AVAHI...
Mar  8 17:27:05 Brunnhilde emhttp: shcmd (118): /etc/rc.d/rc.avahidaemon stop |& logger
Mar  8 17:27:05 Brunnhilde kernel: mdcmd (13): nocheck 
Mar  8 17:27:05 Brunnhilde kernel: md: nocheck_array: not started
Mar  8 17:27:05 Brunnhilde logger: Stopping Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Daemon: stopped

I can't be sure that's the appropriate entry so I've attached the log. Also couldn't get the failure to repeat. Started and stopped several times without issue so it might be just a weird fluke???


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Probably less than one minute. The webgui was showing stopped, but maybe too quickly. Seems to happen at random. Right after my last post I tried it again and the start failed. The app was showing that the array was running but the webgui showed stopped. Waited a few minutes for the app to refresh but finally had to refresh manually to get it to show stopped. After that I was able to start the array. It's very possible that the status on the webgui changes before all processes have stopped though. Maybe I'm just not waiting long enough.

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I'm attaching a clip from my log. It seems I have to start then refresh then start again to get the array to actually start.


Line 1 stop issued (18:04:10)

Line 315 start issued which failed (18:05:01)

Line 403 start issued which succeeded (18:06:01)


Not sure if this helps. Honestly, most of the log is over my head. :)


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Thanks for the update speeding_ant!


One small thing to report. Not sure if it's just me but it seems the startup image for the app is missing? If I start the app when it's no longer backgrounded I stay on the springboard for a second or two and then the app immediately opens up to the dashboard.

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