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[Request]: enlarge size of tmpfs

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Default size of tmpfs is 128MB and this limit is quickly reached now with various processes putting their log information in there (notably Docker).


Proposal is to make this at least 256MB or bigger to ensure all log files as created under unRAID v6 will fit.


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FWIW, I gave Tom some code on sizing/resizing this on demand in the /etc/rc.S via the syslinux.cfg or via boot parameter.

Maybe Tom could implement this. I provided the code and test cases in an older email.


I am actually using your provided code to increase the size upon system reboot (it is put in 'go'). Thanks for supplying that, it is really helpful to me :)


In v6 a lot more is stored under /var/log.


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mount -o remount,size=384m /var/log

This don't work in Version: 6.7.0-rc6 via ssh?



tmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw)

tmpfs on /var/log type tmpfs (rw,size=128m,mode=0755)


After reboot no change....

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On 5/3/2015 at 5:15 PM, BRiT said:

# resize log partition

mount -o remount,size=384m /var/log



I personally had to use at least 384 Megs since each day generated at least a 9.2 Meg file when Dynamix System Activity plugin was installed.


Sorry to resurrect this thread but does this still work in 2022 with version 6.9.2 of Unraid?  I was thinking about dropping this command into UserScripts to run at array startup unless there is a better way to handle it these days.  I have encountered my server grinding to a halt after a month (and spamming my syslog/SMTP server with hundreds of error messages) a couple of times now and traced the problem back to the issue with nginx and worker process 'xxxx' exited on signal 6.

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On 2/18/2022 at 5:54 PM, akguy said:

[...] does this still work in 2022 with version 6.9.2 of Unraid? [...]

From trying it out it doesn't. I may have not implemented this solution correctly though. It somehow messes with how the log gets saved to the flash drive spitting out this error:

rsyslogd: file '/boot/logs/syslog'[6] write error - see https://www.rsyslog.com/solving-rsyslog-write-errors/ for help OS error: File too large [v8.2002.0 try https://www.rsyslog.com/e/2027 ]
rsyslogd: action 'action-1-builtin:omfile' (module 'builtin:omfile') message lost, could not be processed. Check for additional error messages before this one. [v8.2002.0 try https://www.rsyslog.com/e/2027 ]


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