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[Support] brettm357 - UniFi

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Just curious here, how is this docker better than the linuxserver ?  If i was to switch dockers, whats the easiest way to do this instead of setting up all ports and etc?

I use this one cause it's on the latest beta. Just save your site (unf file) from Settings/Maintenance/Download Backup then restore it in this one.


You'd just have to copy over any config.gateway.json if you had some custom settings.

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Updated to 5.8.8 see note:



  1. Upgrading from 5.8.6 to 5.8.8 is blocked due to the database ending up in a partially "broken" state post upgrade to 5.8.6. Therefore you can only purge your current lab install, install 5.8.3, restore a backup (from 5.8.3), then upgrade to 5.8.8. 



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Great docker, thanks.


Could you add an option to select which branch to install ?


LTS Stable - All Access: 5.6.36

LTS Stable - Blog Access: 5.6.37

LTS Stable Candidate: 5.6.xx


Stable - All Access: 5.7.20 / UCK: 10.0

Stable - Blog Acess: 5.7.23 / UCK: 10.1

Stable Candidate: 5.7.xx


Testing: 5.8.xx



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Updated to 5.9.4 see notes


  • As of release branch 5.7.x we've made some important changes to the Wireless Uplink feature (feature details HERE).
    • We removed the "Enable automatic uplink failover" from wireless uplinks as it is no longer needed.
    • We added the ability to opt an AP in or out of wireless uplinking to another AP. This is done by checking the "Allow meshing to another access point" option found under device properties>Config>Wireless Uplink.
      • This option should be disabled on wired APs, but is required to be enabled on wireless APs.
      • If you disable this option on a downlink/wireless AP, then your AP will be disconnected from the network and require further action (including physical access).
      • If upgrading from 5.6>5.7 then this already be disabled on wired APs, but if upgrading from an earlier 5.7. release then this may be enabled on wired APs. 
      • Again, this option should be enabled on downlink/wireless UAPs only. It should not be enabled on wired UAPs. 
    • We added the ability to set uplink priorties. This allows you to define the preferred uplinks for a downlink/wireless AP.
  • When using IPS signature suppression, make sure to click Apply Changes after you've completed your customizations.
  • If you had installed a custom SSL certificate you may need to re-add the cert. Please note that the name and alias should be `unifi` not`ubnt`.


Known Issues:

  • Some statistics on the dashboard are still under development. Please share any and all feedback!


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13 minutes ago, Zancthra said:

I have your most recent Container installed.  When I reboot my Unraid box Unifi acts like it is a fresh install and wants me to set it up again, has anybody else had this happen?

That usually means you are saving the config onto a location that isn't one of your disks. For example, if you select /mnt/cache as your config location but don't have a cache drive, it will save the config into RAM and be lost on reboot.

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