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is this what i think it is?
I was just looking at buying a unifi dream machine for network management and NVR...


Is this docker plus a unifi-video docker the same thing? for free? 

Or what are the differences? 

been running my unraid server for couple years with a windows VM and blue iris for NVR, using my ISP modem for management, considered pfsense but never pulled the trigger.

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41 minutes ago, TRusselo said:

I was just looking at buying a unifi dream machine for network management

The Unifi Dream Machine (UDM) has an integrated controller.  It cannot be adopted into this stand alone controller.


The Unifi controller is for managing gateway devices/routers, switches and access points in the Unifi family, but, not the UDM.


Unifi Video and Unifi Protect are two different NVR software implementations.  The software is used for managing cameras, video doorbells, etc.  As far as I know there is no docker implementation yet of Unifi Protect software.  "Old" hardware can still be managed on Protect.  However, I don't think the latest generation hardware designed for Protect can be managed with Unifi Video software.


Ubiquiti makes things very hard to understand and keep straight sometimes.

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Anybody else updated this recently and not seeing any of their devices or networks any more?

EDIT: Default site reverted to an older empty site and selection menu moved - all still there :)

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can I lock this container to an older version, 5.14.23, in the same way as linuxserver.is build can be? namely, change repository field to: brettm357/unifi-controller:5.14.23-ls73 or something equivalent?

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