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[Support] brettm357 - UniFi

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Got this running without much of a problem, and for some reason, just decided to check my logs.


Wondering, what this is.....


[22;36m:0 webRtcId 9 connected in 0.229 seconds! This is STUN from ->[22;37m
[01;33m:0 TURN channel binding 0x4003 failed[22;37m

[01;33m:0 TURN channel binding 0x4000 failed[22;37m

[01;33m:0 TURN channel binding 0x4004 failed[22;37m

[01;33m:0 TURN channel binding 0x4001 failed[22;37m

[01;33m:0 TURN channel binding 0x4002 failed[22;37m



[01;33m:0 STUN timed out: STUN id: 3; fd: 204 -> (eth0) DTLS id: 8 ( (PEER)[22;37m
[01;33m:0 webRtcId 10 terminated with code: (-2147090409) WebRTC connection interrupted from far side[22;37m
[01;33m:0 read() failed on a timer FD. Error was: (9) Bad file descriptor[22;37m


this continues on from different PORTS but the same IP.... is my iphone that I occasionally run the unifi app on to check on things.


Is this just the controller trying to further communicate with the ios controller/app too?



also second question.


I am currently NOT updating every time, because I don't know how to revert back to a different version.


So if i end up updating, how can I revert back to the previous version?



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Hello, im really struggling to get a Remote / Central Unifi set up. I have a controller which I have connected to my local AP's and this works fine.


Im trying to use the same controller with remote AP's at a client location but the AP's can't seem to connect to the controller - I am using LetsEncrypt with Nginx for SSL on the controller front end and this works no problem.


I have a Ubiquiti edge router X and I have forwarded port 8080 onto my Unraid server port 8080 - but it doesn't seem to be getting through?


 Here is a screenshot of my EdgeRouter X Port Forwarding:



And here is a screenshot of my UNRAID Docker Configuration:



I also have the same issue with the guest portal. If I want to use a specified host name (my DDNS) it doesn't connect. - but using ip (when on the same network) will.


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5.10.24 is a thing... wink wink. I just got my first Ubiquiti gateway/ap and foolishly set it up on my laptop. In retrospect, I'm not sure how I would have accessed my server to configure it from there, but at any rate it sure would be nice to migrate my site over to your awesome docker. Nudge nudge. :D

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