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  1. You are right.. I cant ping my unraid server... Any clue? I dont know how, but it fixed itself, after I restarted the whole unRAID
  2. Hello, first off all. Thank you for these nice plugins. Nearly all of them are working for me except the Adguard Exporter, I entered all informations the right way but when I start it, it instantly stops. I dont know why logs dont show any errors. I use my adguard home on unraid with its own IP-Adress. Docker allow host is enabled and so on. I cant figure out why this wont work.
  3. Do you also experience some laggs within a few seconds? It seems fluid but nearly every 5 seconds its get laggy, but immideatly back to normal, then again a short lagg and back to normal XD Maybe I revert back to Big Sur
  4. I got my Big Sur just updated fine to Monterey. Just it feels a lil bit laggy.. OK Beta And yes Bluetooth doenst work atm. Which maybe is a dealbraker for someone (it will include me if this doenst get fixed in a few weeks/days)
  5. Seems like your VM is corrupted. Maybe some others can tell more. I would try to reinstall the VMs (Windows).
  6. I have also bad performance problems but these occurs just when I access shares on the unraid and move files from unraid to unraid and so on. Then my Win 10 VM gets unusable slow till the transfers are finished. My VM got 12 Cores, 16GB RAM, Passedthrough SSD (its own SSD not a VDISK), Passedthrough RX580. My problems just are noticable when accessing files on unraid, like opening a archiv file, moving or copying files within unraid or from my VM to a unraid share... Even while downloading directly with Firefox within my VM it gets slow asf... (Sorry but its laggy and unsuable till d
  7. I got nearly the same situation. My VM as is runs okish. But when downloading within it or copying/moving files over the network. My Win 10 VM gets unresponsivness and nearly unusable while downloading or moving files from the Network-Share. My VM got passedthrough 8 Cores (No "Hyperthreading" ones). 16GB of RAM (no balloning). RX580 and a passedthrough SSD 500GB. When I download or copying/moving files from the share or downloading games through steam my system gets really sluggish unresponsive and usuable till the download / file transfer is finished... I already rein
  8. Maybe it just depense on my own configuration. But I found a hint. All AMD RX400-590 should be used with Q35 (as Machine). I dont know why but with i440fx-** I just get a black screen with installed amd drivers.
  9. Sometimes it is better to use the "original" delivered software Its still sad, that the linuxserver.io version of plex-docker dont work. But I usually also try to use the "official" version. Most of the time less pain. Maybe this will be fixed with an updated docker-image.
  10. I use on my "primary" unraid for "normal" things. For what is it even used for xD. Like as NAS / Backup (SMB) and for a lot of Dockers and VMs. My second Unraid is just for testing purposes. Where I test around with custom patches (kernel) and drivers. And docker settings for my network enviroment.
  11. Ups I really "overread" this. Will a USB-Drive really work as Array-Disk? Nice to know. I just used old HDDs like my 120GB Hitachi or WD Raptor
  12. Hackintosh stuff is always related to hardware and apples decisions. Sometimes it works "out-of-the-box" sometimes it is needed to investigate. As far for me I had also some trouble at the beginning because it was my first Hackintosh VM with passthrough hardware. After some research and help here in the forum I got everything working and my expertise is to never give up. It is always hard to help, when just shorts informations are given. Most of the problems depents of settings within the xml file itself. Correct mount-points, correct hardware ids and so on.
  13. For me goes it the same way as meep already said. OK you could go with ESXi or Proxmox, but for me Unraid did this all a lil bit "nicer" for me. I like the fact that if needed or wanted, you could do more with Unraid without the hassle to reconfigure everything again. Like you want to use Windows 10 VMs in a corporate enviroment, like my company do. If you have the licences you could set up a Docker KMS-Server with your provided Keys and many other nice things. But keep in Mind, that if you maybe want to play games on the VMs check their Anti-Cheat, because many Anti-Cheat softwares
  14. This seems to be a interessting topic 🙂 I use my Unraid Server heavily for VMs, Big Sur 11.3.1 heavily for graphic design and video edition (passedthrough RX 580, 8 Cores and 16GB of RAM), Windows 10 for normal Workflows like maintaining my works Servers (RDP) and sorting my Unraid Server shares (passedthrough GT630, 4Cores, 8GB RAM). And a ton of Dockers, AdGuard Home, AdGuard Home Sync (for my Pi as Backup), JDownloader, Plex, Krusader, putty, Confluence (Atlassian), mysql-servers, MKVToolNix, Handbrake, Firefox (normal Browsing), Firefox-Facebook (just for Facebook, Instag
  15. I already did some bad things to my macos vm. A few sites before you can ready my problems. I solved them with some great help here. After I fixed my first macos I tried just to do the same but with clear configs (this means I just set up my macinabox config and created my VMs. After creation I renamed them and created directly another one. I always just edited the xml file directly (advanced view within the VM settings). Because you just need macinabox for starting downloading the bigsur-install-media and setting up the bigsur-opencore.img. You could also just use one created x
  16. I dont know if this is correct but it seems you are missing a lot of ports for plex. 3005, 32410, 32410, 32412, 32413, 32414, 32469, 8324 and the udp port (1900). I never did this with swag as "proxy". Also I am using the plexinc/pms-docker (but linuxserver.io should work the same way). I just use OpenVPN Server to connect from everywhere directly into my lan network and then stream from everywhere. XD without Plex-Pass.
  17. Fresh Installations should work fine. I added already two new Big Sur 11.3.1 without any problems. Maybe I am just lucky? I already own a MacBook Air 2018 and I like the fact of working with both simutainusly. I Love Unraid and Spaceinvaderone for this script/app. Hackintosh-Systems are often just pain in the a**, but with Unraid everything seems so clean ❤️
  18. Thats bad. Maybe you could provide me the XML file of your VM? I updated now two times my Mac Big Sur VM without any problems. My first problem was a bad OpenCore config (my fault)
  19. Ups Here you go. Macinabox_CODE-pure-efi.fd Macinabox_VARS-pure-efi.fd
  20. You should just try to recreate your Macinabox. This means. Delete both created userscripts, then remove the Docker-App and then remove the "app" macinabox. Now go into the Community-Apps and reinstall the Macinabox app with your settings.
  21. Here you go! https://easyupload.io/zyte8s
  22. You should be able to update if you use the "Big-Sur-OpenCore.img" provided by macinabox (which you maybe have removed like me because you want to use your "boot drive (efi)". If you use the clear BigSurOpenCore.img which macinabox provide in /mnt/users/isos then you should be able to update. But maybe some devices wont work while you update it. After the update you should be able to use your own OpenCore again. I tested this within a cloned version of my bigsur without editing again my OpenCore. ^^ https://easyupload.io/zyte8s Here I uploaded the standard BigSur-o
  23. Nah, you dont messed up your server. You should just enable "expert view" within editing the VM and empty your xml completely. Than you should be able to remove your VM (without the vdisk!). The vdisk can you manually remove within the domains folder on your server. I fixed my problem myself. I got a bad OpenCore Config.plist. I just redid my OpenCore and then I was able to update just fine from Big Sur 11.2.3 to 11.3.
  24. Does anyone managed to update Big Sur 11.2* to Big Sur 11.3? For me it seems to install but after I booted back into mac os (after 15-20 Minutes update installation) it want again to update xD
  25. I got this problem a few days back ago too. I justed removed the "app" Macinabox and deleted all userscripts (macinabox) and reinstalled the app within community apps. After this I was able to get which OSX I wanted. Maybe this helps?