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I am using the default mapping. Nothing has changed with my setup. My backups are still happening according to my crashplan account online, but I just can't get the app to connect. I also installed a VNC viewer app and tried to connect to IP:7910, but it just says connection refused. Something broke, but not sure what or how to fix it. One odd thing in the settings is that I have "Web port for GUI" and "VNC port for gui" listed 3 times? All three are set the same, Web = 7810 and VNC = 7910. I don't even see a setting for port 5800 which is the port it uses when I right click on the docker and choose "Web GUI". I'm always nervous to mess with the settings since I don't really understand them and I don't want to accidentally cause all my files to be backed up again. 

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Try to remove duplicated settings.  Then look at the Docker tab, you have a column with all the port mappings.  Make sure there is no duplicates.


Also, port 5800 is the container's internal port.  By default, it is mapped to port 7810 and it's the port you use to access the web interface: http://IP:7810.

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I was able to remove the duplicate entries, but it's still not working. Under "deployed hosts ports" I see this:

crashplanpro    7810 7910
plex    32400
plexpy    8181


Crashplanpro and ports are in red. I'm noot sure if that's because I'm on that docker or if it's because there is a problem.?



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No reason. I just set it to bridge mode and it created the duplicate ports again. I removed them and restarted the container. Now the page doesn't load at all over port 7810 or 5800? Everything was working fine on 10/9 when you pushed out the update to fix our problems so I can't figure out what changed since then. How can I see what is running on port 5900? I've not added anything in the last few weeks so not sure what would be using that port

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Just now, meoge said:

tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      15843/qemu-system-x


Any idea what that would be?


It's to access your VM.


Bridge mode should work fine.  It's the default and recommended mode.  Try to edit the config again and after you hit the Apply button, post the docker command that is showed.  Also, look again at the container logs.

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Command after switching to bridge mode:

root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name="CrashPlanPRO" --net="bridge" -e TZ="America/New_York" -e HOST_OS="unRAID" -e "USER_ID"="99" -e "GROUP_ID"="100" -e "UMASK"="000" -e "APP_NICENESS"="" -e "DISPLAY_WIDTH"="1280" -e "DISPLAY_HEIGHT"="768" -e "X11VNC_EXTRA_OPTS"="" -e "CRASHPLAN_SRV_MAX_MEM"="4096M" -e "SECURE_CONNECTION"="0" -p 7810:7810/tcp -p 7910:7910/tcp -v "/mnt/user":"/storage":ro -v "/boot":"/flash":ro -v "/mnt/user/appdata/CrashPlanPRO":"/config":rw jlesage/crashplan-pro

The command finished successfully!


Nothing is loading when I go to IP:5800 or IP:7810




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Ok now the issue is that port mappings have incorrect container ports.  I think this is an issue that occurs when switching the network mode.

To bring back default mappings:

  • Remove ports from settings.
  • Apply settings.
  • Click the "Check for Updates" button (Docker tab).
  • Edit again the config.  Ports will be back.
  • Just re-apply the config (change any field and put it back to the same value).
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