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2 hours ago, Marshalleq said:

Dear all, I've now read through the whole thread.  Am I correct in assuming what was called storj and similar is now just called Sia?  Also, is this still a viable thing running a storage system via the unraid docker image also now called sia?  I also note discrepencies like we're supposed to fill in the amount of available storage in the docker yet that option no longer exists in the container.  Are we supposed to add this manually or is it now no longer needed?  I think we need some renewed clarity, hopefully updated at the beginning of this post.

Hi. No, it is not Sia. Storj V3 is an Own Project. Sia is Sia. if you need any assistance on config, just let me know and i will post my config here. My first config went down due to DB corruption. But after i updated to 6.8.0 it should be good now. i will try to setup my docker on coming weekend.

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Hi, thanks for the offer.  Yeah I got quite confused cause the Sia Docker Support link sends me here and people here were talking about storj.  I guess it's a multi-product thread.  Mines all running as far as I know based on this:

Synced: No
Height: 100250
Progress (estimated): 41.3%


But just figuring out how to connect a gui to it as the command line seems limited and the GUI seems very polished.  But the config.json is missing the commands to do that, and adding them in manually seems to do nothing.  Any thoughts on that?





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Recommendations from Storj support to change the -v to --mount.  Any idea how to do this in Unraid/CA? 


"-v ‘/mnt/user/appdata/StorjNode-V3/identity/’:’/app/identity’:‘rw’
-v ‘/mnt/user/appdata/StorjNode-V3/share/’:’/app/config’:‘rw’"


Please, replace to --mount asap: https://documentation.storj.io/setup/cli/storage-node#running-the-storage-node

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