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Memory Usage increases until Server Unresponsive


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From all my reading Linux memory management should be great.

I understand memory increases and Linux should smartly manage it.

However, when I let this happen, my server goes up to 100% memory usage, and the dockers become unresponsive.  The only way to regain access is to restart the dockers.  Generally, I can eventually access the Docker tab, although it will give a memory error if I let it stay at 100% which takes it even longer to respond.


Restarting the dockers (Sonarr/Radarr/Transmision/Jackett) fixes the issue until the memory usage gets back up to 100% again.


I've never really had this working well I believe, so not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Any help is appreciated.


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Radarr has always given me trouble with runaway ram usage. There are a couple of steps you can take.
I limit the amount of ram my docker apps use with the extra parameters section when you edit the docker. Something like
“--memory=1G” (without quotes and depending on how much you want to give it).
How much memory does your system have?

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24 minutes ago, ken-ji said:

Its not an issue with unRAID though... perhaps you need to get in touch with whatever support options are available for Radarr


Definitely, I'm just lost as to how it hasn't been reported yet, you diagnosised it pretty quick which means it must be a known issue.  I guess I'll report it on to Radarr, I'm just surprised it wasn't reported to them sooner/resolved already.


Thanks a lot man.

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Sorry to open an old thread but rather than start a new one i may as well post here. I am having this issue. but i tend to catch it before it gets to 100%. RAM usage just increases and increases constantly until i restart dockers. I do use radarr and this is possibly the problem. 


But my other question is... Is there an addon to monitor the ram usage of individual docker. Basically to get a proper look at where the RAM is being used?

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