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show on Dashboard who is using the CPU/Core?


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Hey smart guys.

can we have as a minimum option of a text field next to CPU/Core to write what we want. (of course to be saved and presented every time Dashboard is accessed)

and as a extended option to know which VM/Docker/etc  is controlling the CPU core


I have 2 CPUs  with 16cores each.  I have a map of who is using which one.  but it would be nice to have it by simply looking at the Dashboard.

Also,  is might happen that the configuration is wrong and even if I dedicated Core pair to some VM, maybe someone else is also using it. so it would be nice to see the culprit flash his name next to the core number in the CPU load table in Dashboard.



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While the CPU pinning page is definitely an excellent step forward, I'd argue it's use case is config, rather than monitoring. 


What they're asking for can be solved for using top or CAdvisor or something, but it would be nice to have an output in the GUI somewhere of who is doing what. Resource monitoring is one area where unRAID definitely has room to grow. Especially when you consider the system stats plug-in isn't included by default.

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