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why all files corrupt on Btfrs


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hi I confused 

installed unraid  and installed  the btrfs  file system as I read its supposed to be better then XFS

I moved all my files there  … now when I try to use plex no files work

if I manually go in there from the shares..  cant play any videos... I cant load my family photos  hoping once I copy back to a windows NTFS drive  the files wont be ruined.. but what is going on here


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ah ok  maybe ill try a reformat of unraid and remount drives... maybe that fix it.. I cant till Wednesday

im doing a preclear disks.. on 2 12TB gold wd drives.. and running the scan 3 times takes 7.5 days and power has been going out so good thing I on battery backup but its never big enough..  so ill try a reboot 


as I know when I making the mappings for plex server  when you click done  and its processing and if it fails like it has a few times.. it uninstalls plex from the docker and I gotta reinstall plex..  so maybe a fresh install will fix it  fingers crossed


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Very unlikely btrfs is the problem, and if it is, i.e. so many corrupt files there's something very wrong with your server, but you can easily check, if corruption on any file is detected you'll get an i/o error and it will be logged in the syslog, you can also run a scrub on the disk(s).

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ah ok  probably cuz it hasn't been rebooted in 5 days either  after playing with vms and installing plex and it crash's  and uninstalls itself automatically when you set map container paths happened 3 times..

but the scrubbing what that exactly do..  I guess ill wait till tues wed when the 12tb drives are done there preclear  I don't wanna mess it up   and ill look for log file

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4 minutes ago, comet424 said:

but the scrubbing what that exactly do


The scrubbing is btrfs computing checksums of all file data and all meta data and compare with the checksums that btrfs have stored on the disk.


Note that scrubbing will not find any errors if you have a bad network card and got corrupt files because of transfer errors between Windows and unRAID - scrub will just verify that the disk can reproduce the data that was earlier written to it.

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