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Docker icons missing


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Yes that is odd why mine would be local


Here is the COPs icon URL (which shows up fine for me)


This just started happening

I have lots of dockers and these are the only 3 that don't show


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25 minutes ago, CHBMB said:

Strange, mine aren't local icons.  They're github urls


dockerMan always locally caches the icons


2 hours ago, Blade said:

I added 3 dockers yesterday and they have no icons in the Dockers page


Try deleting the appropriate files from the flash drive /config/plugins/dockerMan/images


However, because of dockerMan's caching, if there's a problem accessing GitHub / whatnot to grab the image (or it takes too long), the image may not be complete, and you'll see the generic question mark instead.

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Then it's having problems for whatever reason downloading them (probably a timeout).  You can manually download the icons  (right click on the appropriate icon in CA and save image as to that folder / filename, and reboot again.


CA since it requires internet access doesn't cache images but lets your browser do it for you.

unRaid because internet access is not a requirement, has no choice but to cache the images.

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8 hours ago, Squid said:

dockerMan always locally caches the icons


dockerMan has two levels of local caching.

1. RAM - icons are stored in here and read when opening the Docker page in the GUI

2. FLASH - icons are stored here and copied to RAM upon a system reboot or newly created container


When both caching levels don't contain the icon, it will be downloaded from github (the URL given in the container), but this requires a functional Internel connection


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