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20 minutes ago, Redness said:

Google'd tech forums. Unexpected right?

Are you actually interested in Unraid? VPNs are not really what our forum is about, though some people use them and even discuss them here.


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1 hour ago, Redness said:

Are you serious right now? What did I sell in this specific thread? Oh no, you cought me asking a question, God please forbid this!

insert catchy response rehashing your sudden and weird appearance, including retelling of stories about how many others selling things make the same random first posts, conclude with amazing joke.




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2 hours ago, Redness said:

Google'd tech forums. Unexpected right?

Yep, especially when this isn't a general tech forum. It's a forum for users of Unraid, a NAS with the ability to run dockers and virtual machines. When you posted here with no mention of running Unraid, it immediately sent up red flags. This specific section you posted in is not for general tech, you posted in the section for discussing Unraid specific security issues.


Posting in random tech forums about how you like surgeshank, or whatever service you are plugging, is not a good way to win friends.


Normal first posts to this forum include things like, how you are using Unraid, issues you may be having with the latest version of Unraid, questions about what hardware works well with Unraid, etc.


Notice a theme here? This is an Unraid forum, for users of Unraid. Would like to discuss Unraid instead of arguing about your poor choice of posting placement?



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I've been using ipvanish for years.  Works great 99% if the time.  My biggest complaint about them is that sometimes it seems like they put out software updates without fully testing them.  And don't get me wrong, I fully understand that any software company can put out a bad update every so often, but whenever I install an ipvanish update at this point I'm always apprehensive.  But, their tech support is always helpful and knowledgeable.  So, that's a plus.  And they fix their bad updates in a reasonable amount of time.  And when it works, it works really well I think.  

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On 12/28/2018 at 6:34 AM, PSYCHOPATHiO said:

I use a VPN, but I do not trust any commercial or private company. I build my own VPN servers on a VPS & as always if compared to the highly priced low quality commercial providers mine are very fast & reliable.

The VPS I'm using has gigabit uplink, 2GB ram & 2 cores for the high price of 2.5 USD a month, while connected though my pfsense I also forward some ports.

I've read about people doing something like this before, and it's an intriguing idea, but it's always seemed that I was misunderstanding something crucial about it.  One of the main points of vpn is anonymity.  The internet "sees" the commercial private company's vpn server, and not your computer.  But if you own the server, then what's the point?  It's still your computer, but now it's just your computer in the cloud.  Am I missing something?

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9 hours ago, TSM said:

Am I missing something?

Yes. When the monitoring agency sweeps the IP's of a torrent swarm for a targeted download, they will get the VPS IP address. This tracks back to your server account at the VPS company, NOT your home ISP. If they actually care about it, they could easily track you down. Thing is, the enforcement companies are lazy, they typically don't bother doing any actual work, they just send bulk demand letters listing offending IP's to spectrum, att, comcast, verizon, etc. If the VPS company actually receives an extortion letter, they might forward it to you like the ISP does, but I doubt the enforcement firms even send letters to them.


BTW, if a law enforcement agency (not civil litigator firms) actually want to find you and are willing to dedicate the resources, a VPN service is NOT going to help.

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6 hours ago, jonathanm said:

BTW, if a law enforcement agency (not civil litigator firms) actually want to find you and are willing to dedicate the resources, a VPN service is NOT going to help.

Also I do not live in the US, my VPS where I host my VPN in located in romain & one of the reason I use it is they have  "Allow IRC Servers, VPN, Torrents, Free DMCA" not to mention that the speeds are awesome where I can get my full 100mbps down without an issue & pay 2.5 USD for the service.


I have tried many VPN providers through the years, the speeds are just lacking.

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