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Hello all,

I am following SpaceInvaderOne's video on setting up a 10-core Unraid server and he is in the process of setting up Deluge. At the 5:53ish mark, in Krusader, he clicks on an /UNRAID directory, and looks like he accesses /UNRAID/user/Downloads.


Unfortunately, I don't see any directory named /UNRAID under Root. It looks like he accesses this a few times in other videos, but I don't see how it gets created.


What am I missing here? I haven't let the Parity sync run yet, would that have anything to do with it?


Video sauce to help:


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Krusader is running as a docker, which means it's a special kind of virtual machine. It only has access to paths that are mapped to it, all the other paths you are seeing are inside the docker's operating system.


Examine the configuration for the docker, click edit on any path variables, and pay particular attention to the host and container paths. Whatever is populated in the container side is where you can find in Krusader whatever is mapped to the host side of that mapping.

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Looking at the docker config, here is what I see:



In the video he references a "Host Path 1" that as you can see from above is non-existent, or invisible to me.


Looking at Krusader, the /UNRAID directory that I'm looking for is not in either host or container side. So I don't understand your response.

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