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On 4/24/2020 at 1:45 AM, jaj08 said:

Did ICMP ever issue ever get resolved?  I am seeing the Not Permitted message and my install defaulted to the --user 99:100  advanced config.



I'm still not getting the ICMP to work unfortunately. So I think it's still broken :(

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3 hours ago, Meaglin said:

I'm still not getting the ICMP to work unfortunately. So I think it's still broken :(


11 hours ago, Russell_C said:


Is this docker still under development?

The mobile app demands that we upgrade the server to at least v0.90.50.





It seems since last time I checked the author has moved the docker image from his personal account (hunterlog/statping) to an official account (stating/statping) -- the personal account is 4 months out of date.


I have updated the template with the new registry. I'm not sure if this will update your templates as well, in case it doesn't you should go to Edit for the statping unraid app, switch to Advanced View and set the Repository field to statping/statping:latest


You may also want to update the Docker Hub URL field to https://hub.docker.com/r/statping/statping

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6 hours ago, FoxxMD said:

@pmcnano it looks like this is a known issue (and not an issue with the unraid template)

Ah, thanks! You are right. Tho, the last post does mention it works fine with sqlite, which is what we are using, no?


Edit: Tried with postgres and same thing, also commented on that post. I also found a post saying it might be permission issues with the data directory, but they seem to be root already. I will keep an eye on that issue. Thanks!

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I just installed this and love the interface. I wanted to put some custom CSS but when I went to create the assets on the Theme page it said "

file does not exist" looked in the docker log and it says "

[31mERRO[0m[0026] sending error response for /api/theme/create: file does not exist [31mcode[0m=0 [31mdevice[0m="map[arch:amd64 num_cpu:8]" [31mmethod[0m=GET [31mos[0m="map[name:linux]" [31mruntime[0m="map[go_maxprocs:8 go_numcgocalls:9458 go_numroutines:19 name:go version:go1.14.9]" [31mtype[0m=handlers [31murl[0m=/api/theme/create" 

This says we need SASS installed and in $PATH
Anyone aware of how to do that or could we make this change to the docker? 


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I was able to get pings to work by chaning --user 99:100 to --user 0:0 in advanced config of the template. this lets ping work it seems.


EDIT: Then it was stuck in setup mode, but I fixed that too.


Went to console on unraid, and did the following commands. 


cd /mnt/user/appdata/statping
sudo chown root:users .


Restarted container and it's running as root now, reads/accepts the config, and ping tests work in StatPing as expected.


PS - For what it's wroth, it seems the SQLite database gets corrupted all the freaking time. Haven't had the issue (yet) since setting up with MaridaDB.

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I can't seem to get past the setup stage. Using MariaDB and getting


 error connecting to database: dial tcp connect: connection refused


Not too sure what I'm doing wrongly, is there a step by step guide anywhere?

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12 minutes ago, Squid said:

Not that I use it, but try giving it the IP address of the server, not localhost in the setup

This sorted the initial problem, thank you - but now Statping is returning 'error connecting to database: Error 1298: Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'UTC''. I added a timezone variable to MariaDB but still returned the same issue


EDIT - Just seen @TuskenUnRaider post above, this resolved the issue

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Found answer above
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