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Bonjour à tous


J'ai trouvé par hasard la traduction de Unraid en français et je me suis dis que j'ai possibilité de faire profiter de mon niveau en français et en anglais et mes 4 mois d'expérience sur Unraid pour traduire le plus correctement possible.



pourrais-je avoir les droits d'écriture de branche sur le github lang-fr_FR pour pousser ma branche ?

can you give me branch write access to github lang-fr_FR repository so that I can push my branch with my changes ?



Sinon des fois, la traduction en français occupe 2 fois plus de place que la version anglais, c'est assez perturbant !

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6 hours ago, Qiou said:

Good morning all


I came across the translation of Unraid in French and I told myself that I have the opportunity to benefit from my level in French and English and my 4 months of experience on Unraid to translate as correctly as possible.



could i have branch write rights on the lang-fr_FR github to push my branch?

can you give me branch write access to github lang-fr_FR repository so that I can push my branch with my changes?

Thanks / Thanks


Otherwise, the French translation takes up twice as much space as the English version, it's quite disturbing!


(Sorry, I don't personally speak French) --If you would like, you can branch off of the French repo and suggest changes via Pull Requests. I can have @Balooforever, @Will9560 and/or @Pducharme review and see if they agree/disagree. Thank you for the offer.


I will be posting this officially soon, but here is also a link that shows current new words/lines of the webgui that do not currently have translations for French. This is due to changes in the English master file. If you would like to help with any of those as well, it would be much appreciated! If you want to do this, please let me know your handle in Github!



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Hi @SpencerJ

Well I'm not well versed in using, quite different from my process at work, here you have to fork the repo, push your branch and create a PR from there. I've now learned something new !

I'm going to complete my review and propose a PR here.

My github hande is qiou :, you'll see the forked repo and a WIP branch

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Github works the same. You clone and fork the lang-fr_FR repo to your local environment.

Next, you can create pull requests (PR) for any changes you make.

These PRs will be validated and when approved they will be merged (or closed otherwise).


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@bonienl Of course it seems the way to do it, until now I've only worked on private repository, public ones are a new thing to me !


J'ai créé la PR suivante:

@Balooforever@Will9560@Pducharme vous pouvez faire la review et engager la discussion dans le fil de la PR si vous avez des remarques.

Concernant mon parcours, j'ai 5 mois d'expérience avec Unraid, 5 ans d'expérience professionnelle en utilisant courrament l'anglais pour prendre des notes, faire le dev logiciel et communiquer tous les jours (société basée aux US)

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