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  1. I've been running Roon in an UNRAID docker for a little over a month now and it works great even after an update is pushed to the server via a Roon end point device. I actually saw a decrease in the amount of time taken to open Roon and queue up a song after moving back to a docker after running it in an Ubuntu VM initially so updates wouldn't break the server (still had issues with the Roon server losing my SMB music shares at random under Ubuntu). Just when I was about to move to NFS for the music shares, xthursdayx announced the updated Roon docker so I gave it go and man does it run great!
  2. @dkerlee I have the Roon docker (steefdebruijn/docker-roonserver with xthursdayx's adjustments) on my cache drive as well and my music on the array. I experience no slow downs when searching for bands for instance (pretty snappy on my end). Sorry you're having performance issues with yours. Is streaming impacted with the slowdown or just searching?
  3. @xthursdayx It's been a crazy month for me personally and work-wise! Ready for this year to be over with. I was going to start with these steps, but then read the Roon docker has been updated so it works updated from an end point device now. Nice! I moved from my Ubuntu VM to the docker and updated successfully (just read I needed to delete the Roon app data folder which I did not). Now I'm restoring a backup. Runs better on the docker than it did in the Ubuntu VM via SMB. Should I remove the docker, delete the app data folder and start again? I chose to remove the image when I removed the doc
  4. I got it sorted with AOMEI Partition Assistant. Thanks for the responses!
  5. That's my last resort (downloading everything again manually which won't be easy). I'm trying to go a less labor intensive route if possible as it's around 4TBs and 1,000+ files.
  6. As the subject line states, I deleted a NTFS partition on an internal SATA drive I had presented to UNRAID as an unassigned device. The Windows 10 VM that I had reading and writing to the drive is shutdown. Any way to recover the data on that drive in UNRAID? I was tinkering with volume mapping this mounted drive to my Deluge docker and inadvertently deleted the NTFS partition with a bunch of "Linux ISOs" on it.🤦‍♂️
  7. It passed the long SMART test. The array health report failed again (disk 5) with the prior read errors which are now documented on the main dashboard for UNRAID. Anything to be concerned about, or am I good to go?
  8. Thanks for the response. I'll give a long SMART test a shot then.
  9. Greetings UNRAID community. I received the status report below via my email notifications. Disk 5 is active and seems to be working fine, but there are read errors documented in the attached log file. A smart short self-test passed. Do I need to stop and restart my array/dig deeper into the operation of disk 5 further? It's only ~3 months old or so. It's under warranty if I need to replace it. I believe what precipitated this was my UPS inexplicably powered off a few days ago. Parity was rechecked successfully after the UPS turned itself off. There was no power outage with our electrical grid
  10. I'm running 571 and know just enough about unraid to be dangerous. I have version 667 running in parallel in an Ubuntu VM although the SMB share is dropping in and out right now (Roon is stuck in a holding pattern of adding music to my library). How can I be of service?
  11. @jowi For what it's worth, Roon will take as much CPU as it's given while analyzing music. Perhaps scale it back some (set to throttled, or remove some cores)? I don't know if that's what's causing your array to lockup, but might be worth looking into. Also, I had an issue where my Xeon CPU would hard lock my system if I ever hit turbo speeds with any heavy CPU load (I could reproduce the hard lock during BOINC or fold@home). Try disabling turbo under the "Tips and Tweaks" app. Perhaps check your IPMI event logs to see if your lockup is hardware related (check for a "CPU_CATERR" event at the s
  12. @dkerlee Are you still running Core on Ubuntu? I've managed to avoid updating since my original docker install (version 1.7 (571)).
  13. I wanted to add your stereo might act as a Roon end point if it's on Roon's list of partners. Otherwise, as dkerlee has noted, a raspberry pi, laptop, or casting from your phone will work as well. Roon also supports building your own Roon server (not exactly unraid related :), but wanted to throw that out there) on a supported NUC via their ROCK software. List of partners who can act as a Roon player (my Lyngdorf is seen as a player when I start Roon on my phone or tablet) ROCK for DIY server as an alternative to running Roon on unraid
  14. @dkerlee I believe @NickAll is referring to this. That appears to be for installing Roon bare metal on a dedicated PC like a NUC. I'm going to try installing Roon's server software for Ubuntu on a Ubuntu VM via Unraid and restore my backups from the Roon docker I'm running right now so I can push Roon updates without fear of trashing my Roon server. NO whammies! 😁🤞 Is this the best place to start for steps on installing it on a Unbuntu VM?