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  1. NPM is filling up the docker image I have a problem with NPM in combination with the nextcloud container. I set up everything and it works fine. But when I connect from outside via my (dynamiy duckdns) domain and download a file with several gigabytes (somewhere >2GB) the docker image fills up (/loop2) and I get warnings from unraid. Then some containers crashes (eg jDownloader). The crashed container won't start anymore until I restart the docker engine in unraid. When I download a file via web gui of nextcloud in the LAN, everything works fine. So, the problem is caused by NPM and some sort of caching procedure. I had the same problem with SWAG in the first place, so I changed over to NPM. I searched the net and there are some users encountering the same problem, but no solution yet. Some suggest to check the container directories, because they could point into the docker image. But all directories are set up correctly (in my opinion). I have no idea what to check/adapt. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I upgraded from 6.9.1 to 6.9.2 and afterwards my server is not reachable anymore (not even pingable). The root cause is, that unraid sees suddenly another ehternet port. ETH0 is my standard port for file share and management. After the update there is an ETH1 as well. I don't know where it comes from. The strange thing is, ETH1 has the MAC address of ETH0. (?) Yes, my server has 2 ethernet ports, but one is disabled via jumper on the board and in the BIOS. And it has another 4-port ethernet controller for pfSense. It worked fine with 6.8.3 and 6.9.1. I downgraded to 6.9.1 with my backup and everything works fine again. At the moment it is not such of a big issue. My question is, did someone else encountered this problem and if so, did you manage to solve it? Thanks ¿RIDDLER?
  3. I installed it and it worked without a problem. My DNS config ist LanCache DNS --> pfSense DNS --> public DNS. I also did some testing regarding download speeds and my results are - let's say - interesting. It seems it depends on the game, how fast it will downloaded via the cache. I have a 500/50mbit internet connection and a 1Gbit LAN. Here are some examples: Need for Speed - Most Wanted (EA/Origin) --> initial download --> ~500Mbit/s --> internet online --> ~500Mbit/s --> cache --> ~1000Mbit/s Star Wars Battlefront 2 (EA/Origin) --> initial download --> ~300Mbit/s --> internet online --> ~500Mbit/s --> cache --> ~300Mbit/s Day of the Tentacle Remastered (Steam) --> initial download --> ~500Mbit/s --> internet online --> ~500Mbit/s --> cache --> ~900Mbit/s Anno 2205 (Steam) --> initial download --> ~300Mbit/s --> internet online --> ~500Mbit/s --> cache --> ~300Mbit/s I just have 4 test results, but the pattern I see here is that "Need for Speed" and "Day of the Tentacle" are fairly small games (~3GB) and the other two are rather big (Anno ~16GB and SWBF2 ~90GB). My assumption is the files are cached temporarily in the RAM and therefor you don't have the disadvantage of the slow HDDs. When you check the lancache folder there are thousands of small files --> low performance with HDD and high performance with RAM cache. Can someone confirm this that small games benefit from the Lancache and big ones not really?
  4. I rebooted my server and the problems disappeared. Also the icon of VM Backup in "settings" disappeared. At the moment I will not install it again.
  5. I have an odd experience: I downloaded the plugin and after the installation finished successfully, the WebUI of UnRaid froze. I can click on the main menu (dashboard, main, shares, etc) and it opens the site, but I can't click/open any docker/VM/share/user/settings/etc. When I open the UnRaid WebUI on my mobile phone I get the error message (and with the same behaviour like on the desktop): Warning: syntax error, unexpected '=' in Unknown on line 13 in /usr/local/emttp/plugins/dynamix/include/PageBuilder.php on line 34 Warning: syntax error, unexpected '$' in Unknown on line 17 in /usr/local/emttp/plugins/dynamix/include/PageBuilder.php on line 34 I don't know if it's just a coincidence or the plugin messed up with the WebUI (honestly, I can't imagine how). Right now I can't reboot the server to check, if the error persists or not. Did someone had a similar problem? Maybe with another plugin? Thank you.
  6. Hi, I have the following problem: When people up- or download files with guest-accounts (via web browser) the up- and downloads will stop after several 100MB and/or several GB. There is no particular pattern when it will stop. The first day after installing the docker, it worked fine. The second day, I activated the index-service within the docker. After that the up-/downloads were unstable. I deactivated the index-service, but no improvement. Then I deleted the .tonidodb in every directory. After that, it worked better. Now it takes longer till an up-/download aborts, but still it has problems. Does anyone have the same problem? (I hoped to replace nextcloud and swag because this combination has a problem with filling up the docker image.) Thanks in advance. ¿RIDDLER?
  7. I have the same problem and I inserted the additional paths, but I still have the same issue, running my docker full everytime when I download data from my nextcloud. As @blaine07 mentioned, is it really sufficient to add the variables in the docker or is there an adaption somewhere else needed?
  8. 3 hours of thread-research and the solution is so simple. I had the same problem with my HP NC364T. Just saw only 1 of the 4 ports. I just put all of the 4 ports in the xml-file in one bus and it worked like magic Thanks to all for investigating this issue and providing the solution.
  9. I know, it's an old thread, but did you solve the problem? I have the same issue with an HP NC364T as well. Thank you.
  10. I just installed the same network adapter (HP NC364T) and my unRAID also detects only 2 out of 4 ports. My board is a Asus Z10PA-D8 with two E5-2680v3. With the stated commands I get 4 network ports listed. 2 onboard and 2 from the HP network adapter. Edit: Changing the PCI-Express slot doesn't change anything. Still 2 out of 4.
  11. Is there a possibility to monitor the status of the mover? In the syslog there aren't any messages according to the mover. The "mover-button" in the main-tab will be reenabled, but it would be great to know how long it will take. Something like the copy-process in Windows. Thank you.