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  1. Hi I am looking for package perl-5_32_0="yes". Is that covered by default in 6.11.0 or not?
  2. Hi, thank you for the code. I got just one result (for grep.... thing): perl-5_32_0="yes" How do I find out where is this package component used, and if I really need it? Does 6.11.0. have native support for it? (I don't remember why I installed it, but it must have been from SpaceinvaderOne videos...maybe for settig up VM (and I don't use VMs any longer) Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi, I need help RE: nerdpack. I'm still at 6.10.3 and hesitatnt to move to 6.11.0 because of the whole nerd thing issue. I don't remember why I installed nerdpack (likely SpaceinvaderOne videos). Here is an image of those that are installed (attachement). Here are my questions: Do I need these, or can I simply remove nerd package and upgrade to 6.11.0? If I do need them, how do I find out which dockers are using them? If I do need them, what do I do to replace them. When I execute in UNRAID cml: grep yes /boot/config/plugins/NerdPack/NerdPack.cfg, I get JUST one entry: perl-5_32_0="yes" Is this package available as standalone in 6.11.0? (I don't see it in Apps store on 6.10.3) Thank you.
  4. Ever since I updated container in August 2021, all of my emails are being quarantined. In order to IMAP retrieve emails from server to my phone, I need to log in into webUI as admin, go to "Quarantine" tab and click "deliver" next to EACH email. This is very tedious. Does anyone have this problem? Also, under "Blacklist/Whitelist---->Karma Records", all IP addresses are marked as "Bad" connection. The only workaround to manually "delivering" each quarantined email, is whitelisting all incoming IP addresses. That's quite risky. Disabling "Spam Check" and "Antivirus" check didn't solve problem. Any ideas?
  5. Ok. that solved the issue for using UNRAID->Docker->Firefox, but this Firefox Docker is just for testing purposes -> I use browser on PC to send torrents to port 811 on UNRAID box. I still can't figure out what is preventing me from accessing port 8112. The chain of data is: PC Browser->PC->Router->UNRAID->docker (Deluge)-> port 8112 PC Browser level: no proxies, no network modifications at all, inherits from PC PC: no proxies, no network modifications at all, inherits from Router Router (pfsense): Special Firewall Rule explicitly permits PC to UNRAID UNRAID: inherits from router Deluge: starts up fine.
  6. Thanks for detailed message. So basically, you are saying that WebUI should work, but that network/OS/App is somehow not allowing that? I'm accessing webUI from intranet, (no port forward), using default bridge. Tried 4 browsers, on several different devices, to no avail. No VLANs. One of your questions was interesting.... "3. check firewall and ensure no blocking going on especially if you recently changed your firewall config, if no go:-" ---- I have explicit rule that permits access from pc (LAN1) to UNRAID (LAN2). ---- I did one-two changes on router, around DNS resolver, DNS servers, and DNS over TLS settings; in this case however, it might be a bit odd that I can access WebUIs of all docker containers, except Deluge's....I reverted DNS server changes to old settings, and I could not access Deluge's WebUI. Router logs explicitly show with timestamp, when I was accessing port 8112 on UNRAID from my pc, and the connection was permitted (not blocked) by my router. But this is interesting..... I installed on UNRAID Firefox docker. Using that Firefox, I could access WebUI. However, I then changed network settings in Firefox to use proxy to Deluge's address [MY IP]:8118. When in Firefox I checked "whats my IP", the expected VPN's IP address was displayed, meaning Firefox docker was using Deluge docker's VPN service. When I now tried to access Deluge's webui at port 8112, I could not do so. I'm not sure what to make of this.
  7. Didn't work on my end. Still cannot access WebUI @ [IP]:8112 Updated .ovpn file. Started docker. curl command directly to my VPN provider shows: "You are connected to [VPN provider name] ([SERVER name]). Your IP address is [VPN server address]" Therefore, VPN connection is correctly established. "netstat -an | grep LISTEN" gives ***************** sh-5.1# netstat -an | grep LISTEN tcp 0 0* LISTEN tcp 0 0* LISTEN tcp 0 0* LISTEN tcp 0 0* LISTEN ****************** This is odd: IP address for webUI (port:8112) is vs expected Again, all of these issues happened after updating docker on Jul 11. Anyone has suggestions on how to resolve issue with accessing WebUI?
  8. I am having exactly the same problem. Using different VPN provider. WebUI worked just fine until this past Sunday when it stopped. The only thing I did was updated docker, like I usually do. When trying WebUI, error message is: "Unable to connect" No changes whatsoever were made to UNRAID.
  9. Hello, How do I get past the installation error? See image. Apparently there's no space left on device,...but that's a bit odd: My docker space has 5.4GB free Cache and disks have >1TB space free. Thx
  10. Hi, thanks for docker! Does anyone know how to import data I need to enable path to my UNRAID shares in Docker->neo4j->Edit?
  11. Hi, Meanwhile, I realized that the red "X" stands for "Remove from Private Registry". I guess there are two linux "resilio sunc" apps because these are from two different repositores. (linuxserver vs DockerHub) How do I switch from private to official "resilio sync" without de/install and re-setting up all syncs?
  12. I am running 6.9.1. Recently I noticed that CA plugin "Appdata Backup/Restore v2" issued notice within its plugin: "NOTE: USB Backup is deprecated on Unraid version 6.9.0 It is advised to use the plugin instead" I wasn't able to find " plugin" for automated, scheduled backing up of USB in the way that "Appdata Backup/Restore v2" did it. Is manual USB backup now the only way to backup USB configuration?
  13. Can someone please explain the difference between these two Resilio apps by linuxserver?? I installed long time ago the one on the right.
  14. That's not what it means. I checked few apps I have installed including swag... None other icons have red star. All installed apps have a "EDIT" icon on lower left, vs "DOWNLOAD" icon (for uninstalled icons).