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  1. Same problems here. 100% zfs usage and nothing in syslogserver about the crash. This started happening a couple of days after converting my nvme cache that stores vm's and dockers to zfs. I'm dedicating 64GB of my 128GB to ZFS but the total ram usage was around 80% when crashing
  2. Dynamix are the culprits. Either dynamix.system.temp.plg or is the problem.
  3. This happens from time to time with unraid. It usually is caused by a plugin, so you have to remove them one by one and see which one that causes the problem. I also have this problem rigt now, and it looks like 4 plugins has een updated recently, so I'll try to find which one it is. Unraid should be able to handle this in a better way, as you will waste a day or two each time
  4. Is copy/paste from outside obisidian into obsidian supposed to be working? It does not for me. I suppose based on the fact that it runs in xterm? The way I would use obsidian is to paste content into it in 99% of my use cases.
  5. Well, what you are saying is what the instruction should say Snualfy. You are filling in alot of blanks based on your experience.
  6. I'll wait another couple of weeks. When I was upgrading from 11.2 to 11.3 i couldn't roll back as unraid halted at boot with the same error as I got after the upgrade, even after a full restore, so that is not always a 100% safety net. Lets create a "real stable" branch which is auto generated each time we reach the x.y.10 version! I
  7. If I remove all plugins, unraid boots, so it seems likely a plugin is the problem.
  8. yes. I have not removed the nerd tools or what they are called though, the one that still not are compatible with 6.11
  9. removing unassigned devices directory and the file unassigned.devices.plg did not help, if that was how you meant. Still stuck on starting samba
  10. Yep! I have one and I have restored it, but I am still stuck at samba on boot. Searching the forums tells me to remove the nvidia driver directory from the usb stick, but I do not seem to have that. I have also disabled/enabled samba from safe mode and rebooted, but still stuck on samba. Any ideas?
  11. Always a gamble this. I never learn to wait when the update arrive
  12. i restored the old version, but I still get stuck at the samba. what to do after booting to safe mode?
  13. Cannot boot after update. Stuck on starting samba. never happened before. happy Friday…
  14. Many of the sqlite images became broken after the upgrade, for example radarr and sonarr