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  1. Very interesting! I have exactly the same problem. I could not add more than 2 cores before the stuttering began in Windows, but I did not test the 3,5,7 combo, which actually works, so now I have 3 working cores, so thank you for that. Also, MacOS runs as butter with more cores for me as well. Any new findings in this matter, as the last post is over a year old?
  2. New stable release of deconz. It would be great to see an updated unraid version as the current unraid release still is on a 6 months old version
  3. @SpaceInvaderOne will you keep maintaining this? Please do. Thank you
  4. Regarding this... I will use my macinabox with logic pro x as my DAW and will have hundreds of gigs of plugins and instruments where my plan is to have them located on the array and from within logic set the location of the plugins and instruments pointing at the array location. What kind of read and write performance will your suggestion above give me? I need it to be as fast as possible, as if the array was directly mounted , as mentioned in the original question.
  5. When this docker container is updated, it includes support for new hardware devices and traffic optimizations etc, so it is important that is it is up to date. I am aware that these wonderful people that provides these unraid apps does it to simplify life for us, so you do not want to be a nagger, but at the same time you want the updates. I'm sure I could create an updated version by myself, but wanted to check alternatives before I start.
  6. Is there a process available how to handle/report a community application that is not updated anymore even though there are docker container updates and the person responsible for the app is not answering direct messages?
  7. Could be a host or port setup problem. You get a couple of good hits when googling, for example
  8. @SpaceInvaderOne ,I can see that there is a newer release of deconz available on their download page. Is your plan to update the container when there are new releases or do you have any alternative jedi mindtricks how an eager unraid padawan can get the latest updates when they are available? marthoc seems to have both a latest and stable branch, so be able to tag stable or latest in unraid would be another nice additional feature. Thanks for your incredible work
  9. There is a bug in the configuration flow initiated from the frontend, work around is to create an entry in configuration.yaml deconz: host: x port: y and then finish the flow from the frontend
  10. Hi, I am a new unraid user and are still figuring things out. One thing i notice when I read the forums are all test servers people are using. I also would like to run a test server on my laptop where I test things before putting it on the main server. Are there any clever alternatives besides buying another license if I want to setup a test server that lasts longer than the trial period and extension? Thanks!