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  1. The it87 module is already included in the unraid linux kernel. You just need to load it. If you have the "Dynamix System Temperature" plugin installed, go to System Temp under Settings and add it to the available drivers field (running Detect should find it and input it for you). If detect doesn't find it, then you probably don't have a chipset that this module supports. The next step would be to compile it yourself.
  2. The moment unRAID requires applications to have their approval before it can be installed or used is the exact moment unRAID sees itself forked and completely opensourced by some in the community. Yep. Maybe LT could offer a "tested and approved" repository for those who do not want to trust the community or make their own. Charge a small monthly fee to those who want to use it to cover the cost of checking each docker. I'm sure some wouldn't mind paying a little extra for peace of mind and time saved. But no matter what, DO NOT take the choice away from me. One of the r
  3. And that went over my head.... If you will instruct, I will check.... You never got back on this. It is possible that particular share is just set to read only and write is not allowed. Have you tried running "New Permissions" from the unraid tools tab on that drive?
  4. This worked with no issues. And then I was able to move it to the share with no issue. Are you absolutely sure you don't have a user share set to 1.5TB of "Minimum free space"?
  5. I don't mind the way it works right now, but the help button would make more sense as a toggle like the "Advanced/Basic" view toggle on the docker tab.
  6. Nice, updated without issue. Any explanation on why I would NOT want COW on a new share? EDIT, wait nevermind. I think that would be for a share holding all the VMs I guess.
  7. I doubt the disk is going to list that number based on how many spare sectors it has. It likely will just try reallocating them until it runs out. No reason to limit that number based on how many spares are available as in that case it wouldn't be a true value for that field.
  8. But didn't he already try copying it directly to a "disk" share? That bypasses the share setting and, as far as I know, any "Minimum free space" settings that could cause this.
  9. Interesting. I'll have to try a normal zoneminder setup on another PC. I had just gave up on the docker and assumed the zoneminder wiki was all wrong and out of date as none of my three cameras work at all.
  10. use the "docker exec" command to run a bash shell inside a running docker. But as sparklyballs stated, every computer will most likely list that usb device in a different way. You will need to write some script to discover the correct device on its own. Or at the very least, give clear instructions on how the user needs to discover it and pass it through an environment variable.
  11. Wow 65527 pending sector reallocations! I have never seen that many before! Definitely consider that drive dead. Is it possible that number is close to a max for that field?
  12. Hey I tried the zoneminder container - I can't get zoneminder to work with any of my cameras. I have a foscam and simple d-link camera. I even tried with the webcam app on my phone, zoneminder doesn't see any of these cameras. Regarding the foscam I am able to use the rtsp address to view it through vlc so I know it's correct. I'm new to zoneminder so is there something I am missing?
  13. Just a note on the internal update. So far each unraid update leaves behind a folder of the previous version on the flash drive, 68MB each. After a couple of updates that will fill up the flash drive on one of the default unraid sold 256MB ones. Not sure why it leaves more beyond one previous version on the flash, I would rather it delete previous versions instead of filling up my flash and causing a device full error, which would most definitely mess up an update. So keep in mind you might want to manually delete those folders after you have verified the update is working.
  14. check for updates on the docker page of unraid webui Lol yes that. But what I am saying is in my own testing, after I have updated one of my dockers, this still shows "up to date" in unraid. My docker has been updated and the new build has been completed, yet unraid doesn't know about any update. I'm just trying to figure out what triggers it because I have seen an update to a docker on the occasion but it's not showing for mine. messed up in what way ? if an update messes up a docker, then that wasn't a very well designed docker. (hope it wasn't one of mine, lol.)
  15. Syncthing docker has been internally updated to v0.11.6, supervisord pid file location moved to /config. Added new Quassel-core docker. Make sure you switch to advanced view if you want to modify the SSL certificate variables to something other than default.
  16. I thought I would add a question here instead of creating a whole new thread. How are we supposed to trigger updates? I have made a few updates to my dockers but the unraid docker tab never shows updates available. Is there some sort of manual change I need to make in the template to trigger an update notification in unraid? Also, I updated a docker once and it totally messed it up in that I had to remove it and install it fresh, how does updating work? If the base changes will it redownload the whole thing or is it only supposed to download anything that differs from the previous ve
  17. Wow, why are you guys all going crazy? Beta, RC, it's still a beta. RC doesn't mean it's perfect. Anyone running the beta is "testing" the next version of unraid. So what there was a slight issue, release RC2 and repeat. Any other issues? Release RC3. And so on.
  18. If you intend to maintain it in the long term, I'll drop mine. I do plan to maintain it in the long term. I am using it and have also set it up on my father's unraid machine. It will be one of my main dockers for as long as syncthing remains awesome so I will be keeping my docker around and updated.
  19. I spent a day this past week figuring it all out as well. Best thing to do is look at how others have done it and make it similar. To start, create accounts on both github and the docker site. Then link your docker account to github and go from there.
  20. I have a syncthing docker working now that resolves the auto-update issues: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=39910.0
  21. 8384 is the webgui port and yes it is correct. Syncthing has changed to that port in recent versions and I felt it made sense to have it match in the docker as well. See here: https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/wiki/Firewalls-and-Port-Forwards
  22. gfjardim's works fine, it just gets multiple instances running when it auto-updates. A restart of the container works around that problem. But that's not what I wanted to have to do. For example, the dropbox one does the same multiple instance thing after a while, and when it does this my unraid cpus shoot to 100% until I kill one of the dropbox instances or restart the container. Thanks for testing it by the way. I'm finding syncthing completely filling the role I had for btsync, and it is a little simpler as well in that you only have one key per machine (as apposed to a separate key fo