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  1. very nice yes I want IPMI... wish it would support 64GB planning on running some VMs but I should be able to get by w/ 32GB
  2. Anyone using this docker via IPv6? I followed https://sabnzbd.org/wiki/advanced/ipv6 wiki, under hostname set to :: but after restart goes back to I did terminal into docker I see IPv4 & IPv6 address also sab’s status & interface options shows IPv4/IPv6 address.
  3. Anyone have a guide on how to setup IPv6 for this docker?
  4. I direct play stream H265 HDR Atmos on my i3-3220T CPU no issues. That’s a very old 3rd gen CPU. My 4K media is in a separate folder just for me not shared to other family members out of state they don’t care for it. It’s also to keep it from being accidentally played by other media devices since my server is not capable of transcoding it. Using nVidia Shield 2017 it direct plays without transcoding. unRAID dashboard 1% to 2% CPU usage because nVidia Shield is handling transcoding. If you use subtitles and Plex has to burn subtitles in then Plex has to do some transcoding you will get error Plex isn’t fast enough. I don’t use subtitles so I’m okay with it. FireTV Stick 4K direct plays as well no issues. Apple TV 4K Plex when I tested a few months ago H265 HDR direct plays but Apple doesn’t allow Atmos via apps only their iTunes 4K movie streaming service. I heard they were supposed to open it to 3rd party with future firmware update. Once I upgrade my server I will probably go Quicksync or nVidia which ever one supports 3 or 4 simultaneous 4K transcoding.
  5. switched from latest to plexpass config all good now. thank you!
  6. Co-worker is using linuxserver Plex docker, he hit update Plex disappeared as well. I tried going into docker template, add plex back hit apply it failed. Anything else I can try?
  7. Trying to setup AirPrint HP 1102w anyone know what hpcups 3.16.3 requires proprietary plugin mean? Where to find file or plugin?
  8. +1 Would love to see this docker come to life!
  9. If main page https://xxxxx.duckdns.org/index.html has basic authentication w/ .htpasswd will Let's Encrypt Cert still auto renew?
  10. i thought letsencrypt cert auto renewal checks port 443 or 80? does it only need to see one of those ports open regardless what's running on it?
  11. From docker when I click WebUI it's taking me to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8139 not http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8139/request I've edited docker with correct settings. Anyone know how to fix this?
  12. i usually like to wait on updates as well once feedback from community is positive then I upgrade. usually it's people that have quirks, issues or want a feature upgrade that upgrade right away.
  13. Oh you're right I see my other hidden folders. I think I turned off user cache share on my ssd cache drive somewhere. I'll look where I turned it off and turn it back on. Thank you for all your great apps! Update: Went into global share settings, enabled now I see .apps (cache-only share).
  14. CA even with User Scripts installed doesn't support hidden .apps folder for Backup/Restore correct? I've been using .apps since v5 with no issues stuck with it on v6.2 as well. I like using .apps that way family members on my network can't accidentally delete config and folders. If CA doesn't support hidden .apps I guess I will do manual backups via FileZilla.
  15. I was on 6.1.9 w/ XFS upgraded to 6.2 via plugin not sure if it was following morning or what but my cache drive said no filesystem so did xfs repair in maintennace mode -L or -v forgot which one but it fixed it.
  16. Thank you for this wonderful docker I'm up and running with new certificate and fail2ban works great via port 443/SSL. Is it possible for me to change on my own for it to check ALL ports/ban? Fail2ban has emailing capability which can be set through the jail.local file, but the container also needs to be set up with the email client. I'll look into whether it's feasible. I would also love to utilize fail2ban email capabilities.
  17. Does this docker contain Z-Wave and Open Z-Wave Control Panel? I'm running Home Assistant right now via Raspberry Pi All-In-One installer this method installs everything on my Pi. I would like to switch to this docker.
  18. I got a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate last week off my Raspberry Pi. I want to install this docker on my unRAID since it includes fail2ban. What's the best and easiest way to do this? Install this one and request new certificate or will it automatically renew my old one? I have the files it told me to backup or do I just renew/request brand new one so it overwrites everything? It would be for same URL.
  19. Getting this error in sabnzbd WAIT xx in queue when it tries to pull RSS feed from https://api.nzb.su or when sickbeard tries to retrieve and send to sabnzbd https://forums.sabnzbd.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=19194 Getting this error in sabnzbd or sickbeard when it processes a TV show. https://github.com/PhAzE-Variance/unRAID/issues/2 I actually did a band-aid fix on the old 1.5.3 plugin everything is working like before. Manually added MD5 check sum to old plugin so it would verify and use /boot/packages/SABnzbd-0.7.20-src.tar.gz Everything works flawlessly never have to restart or reboot my unRAID v5 so that's why I never upgraded. Power went out in house that's why plugin tried to re-download and install everything but it couldn't because of that check sum error. I have things up and running now so I'll get on building a new unRAID v6 since you said that would fix certificate issues? I can't be down long a few people are always on Plex and Sickbeard processes almost every other day.
  20. Hi PhAzE, Is there a fix for MD5 checksum on 1.5.3 plugin for unRAID v5? Latest v3 plugin rss nzb feeds have a WAIT xx secs in sabnzbd queue heard it's due to python and certificates. Everything was fine with old version until server restarted.
  21. PhAzE you're going to kill me but I got it working. It had nothing to do with your plugin instead of using Verizon FiOS DNS, I used Google DNS restarted and it installed perfect. A million apologies so sorry.
  22. Plex and I just tried sabnzbd & sickbeard all w/ same error.
  23. Hi PhAzE, I copy/pasted URL into Install Plugin tab 3 times get same error message. Also tried installing 3 times from /boot/config/plugins folder same error. I've installed some of Dynamix's plugins just now Dynamix System Statistics, Dynamix System Information & Dynamix Active Streams so I can confirm I'm able to install other plugins.