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  1. Steamlink are cheap now and work flawlessly if you are using Steam. Kryspy
  2. Gently used. No longer needed as I have moved to the cloud. PRICES ARE Canadian Funds. Lian-li Q25B mini-itx case. $100 Silverstone SST-ST45SF 450 watt power supply. $75 ASUS H87I-PLUS motherboard. $75. Manual but no box Intel i7 4790 processor $200 all packaging and OEM FAN Kingston Fury 1333 MHz DDR3 (2 x 8GB kit) $100 (2) Western Digital 3TB Red Drives. $80 each SMART reports as disclosed. Shipping is extra. Located in Welland Ontario. pickup is welcome.
  3. Ijuarez, You mean as opposed to the huge amounts of data being streamed by corporate entities using their cloud services? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Okay so privacy concerns aside. Isn't setting up a Amazon based VM server a good option? No upgrade woes or hard drive failure to be concerned with? Anyone every cost it out? Kryspy Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Niagara !!!! Sweet jesus man we are neigbours Kryspy
  6. Funny thing is if I drag my server upstairs to my TV as opposed to relying on the Steam Link I get 3840x2160 without issue over HDMI. Kryspy
  7. Is there a way to force the desktop to 3840X2160? It doesn't want to allow a custom resolution on my ASUS GTX 750 Ti. Maximum is 2560X1440. Amyone know of a way? Kryspy
  8. I installed Steam on a Windows 10 VM. Save yourself the headache. SteamOS isn't good enough for prime time. Peformance is sub-par. Kryspy
  9. I ruin a Windows 10 VM with Steam. I stream to my Samsung 4K TV via Steam Link. Kids have Steam client on both of their laptops and I occasionally stream to a Linux Desktop. Works flawlessly. Kryspy
  10. I echo these sentiments. "unRAID is the cats ass of NAS" !!! Kryspy
  11. Set remote quality under the web tab. Kryspy
  12. So I took another stab at this. Not sure what worked but I got it going. I believe my success may have been from my Windows 10 VM user login also being a user on unRAID. Same user name and same password. When I mapped the network drive I chose to using different credentials and logged in using that user/pass. After that it worked as advertised. Kryspy
  13. Using a i7 4790 (non K). I'll keep you updated. Krispy
  14. Related to transcoding and uploading outside my network to friends and family. Plex is in a docker. I have an upload speed of 10 Mbps and each individual is capped at 3 Mbps although typically there is never more than one on at a time. So I have left unRAID cores 0,1 Plex 2,3 and my Windows 10 VM cores 4-7. Will see how this works out. I should add that I am playing a local installed game without multiplayer at the time. Only one PCIe slot which my graphic card occupies. Hard drives are onboard SATA only. I'll just see how this works out with this configuration and see what happens. I think I had cores 0-3 assigned to my VM before. Didn't realize unRAID would try to grab it first. Kryspy
  15. I thought I had a grasp on CPU pinning but now I am unsure. I upgraded to an i7 to naturally have more cores to assign. If I give my Windows 10 VM cores 0-5 and Pin cores 6 & 7 to Plex why does my gaming stutter when someone is watching Plex? Shouldn't Plex only use those 2 cores ? Krispy
  16. Can't really say I notice any substantial heat increase produced. I use a Lian-li mini itx case as well. As for the calling Microsoft to activate. Thought about it but since it work without activation I can't be bothered.
  17. Working awesome here. I am passing through an i7 and a 750Ti video card. I am also using Steam Link and Steam Controller as well as a mouse and keyboard. Works awesome!!!! Krispy
  18. Not sure if anyone is aware or perhaps I am the only one. I built a Steam Server built atop of Windows 10 with an OEM license. Long story short I replaced the i5 with an i7 and Windows no longer sees the license as legit. Fast Forward..... Unlike previous versions of Windows there is no penalty for not activating Windows 10. It will work forever (at the moment) with the only downside being the nag to activate int he lower right corner and no personalization. So for a Steam Box it is perfect as you will never see the desktop; not need to personalize. Kryspy
  19. That's a fairly old underpowered in this day and age CPU. I believe in Plex recommends at minimum a 2.4 GHz CPU. Kryspy
  20. I have a Windows 10 VM for Steam gaming and same here; no sound over HDMI. EVGA 750 Ti. I just use the onboard sound. Kryspy
  21. Have this setup. Games install to share. When I select a game it appears to start but just exits back to Steam screen. To me it appears to be a write permission issue. Directory belongs to ROOT?!? Any ideas? Kryspy
  22. Interested in the i7 4790. Price? Kryspy
  23. As above. Includes CPU, Cooling fan and heatsink, all original packaging. $150 US with free shipping ($200 Canadian). Kryspy