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  1. My file structure is as follows. Media/Movies Media/Tv shows I have a script that I run on the 15th of every month. It runs against my Media share and includes the Movie folder only because I don't change them often. Tv shows I'm constantly changing because of Ripping and Re-ripping. Also I added after the script a little Notification to let me know it was done. To test it I would goto my Movie folder and attempt to delete or move a file. Its not going anywhere. #!/bin/bash #noParity=true #arrayStarted=true /mnt/cache/appdata/scripts/ --lock-files 'yes' --media-shares 'Media' --include-folders 'Movies' --include-extensions '*.*' --debug 'yes' echo "Sending Notification" /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/notify -e "$(date +%D-%H:%I) Movies Locked" -d "$(date +%D-%H:%I) Movies Locked" -i "normal" echo "." echo "." echo "done" As you can see from the script path I hid the script on my SSD/Cache /mnt/cache/appdata so its backed up with backup/restore plugin and I use the above script as a call out to the long long bit of code. The reason I'm mentioning the backup is because I literally just rebuilt my SSD/Cache today because I was stupid and did some tinkering with some cables and my server went hay wire. lol
  2. Well from what JorgeB posted up above ich777 is our resident baking things into drivers which supports a lot of Nvidia cards here. He has nothing to test it with so I'm guessing its going to be a while. I'm sure if somebody was willing to work with him maybe he can get it done with some help.
  3. I'm seeing mass of these in your logs Oct 1 07:24:22 EmbyServer nginx: 2022/10/01 07:24:22 [error] 4438#4438: MEMSTORE:00: can't create shared message for channel /devices Oct 1 07:24:23 EmbyServer nginx: 2022/10/01 07:24:23 [crit] 4438#4438: ngx_slab_alloc() failed: no memory Oct 1 07:24:23 EmbyServer nginx: 2022/10/01 07:24:23 [error] 4438#4438: shpool alloc failed Oct 1 07:24:23 EmbyServer nginx: 2022/10/01 07:24:23 [error] 4438#4438: nchan: Out of shared memory while allocating message of size 6038. Increase nchan_max_reserved_memory. Oct 1 07:24:23 EmbyServer nginx: 2022/10/01 07:24:23 [error] 4438#4438: *3088717 nchan: error publishing message (HTTP status code 500), client: unix:, server: , request: "POST /pub/devices?buffer_length=1 HTTP/1.1", host: "localhost"
  4. You can't go wrong with option 2 either way. I have my Content like so. Media/Movies Media/Tv All my Movies is in Movies All my Tv Shows are in Tv There is nothing wrong with keeping your Movies in two different folders if you choose unless your system can't transcode or play put them all together. I run Primary Apple in my house so everything can Direct play except out of the house and then my Server steps up and Transcodes using a GTX1050 Video card. I don't have any experience moving a windows app folder to linux. So I can't confirm if it would work or not.
  5. ............and if you message him because I have. Openly and honestly takes the hit/blame if something changed and his plugin didn't address it. That's Class! We are only Human, but some people go a little beyond and he always has.
  6. There is an upgrade assistant tool built in so you can click on it to look for known conflicts. It’s been built in for several versions. I personally use it every single update. Some might choose to roll the dice and not use it, but Limetech does try to be informative.
  7. Just keep in mind each time you add a disk it has to re-built parity for the entire array. Which is completely normal.
  8. Everybody please understand this is not intended as a Tech Support thread. Nothing wrong with indicating you have a problem because of the install that will alert others they might as well. However please create a new topic in the General section so it can be looked at better and trouble shot more appropriately. This is literally the only time when we encourage cross posting. 😁
  9. kizer

    Making her sweat

    Hammer Time!!!! You better pet that thing and let it know its doing a good job.
  10. Could very well be. Or if the guys at limetech had a bit more info maybe they could shine a little more light on the subject as far as what a fix could be maybe even a tweak on your system. Problem not knowing what the problem is its hard to address. Does your logs show anything either on the app or unraid. I know you posted a screen shot, but is there anything else?
  11. The only thing I can think of right now is 6.11 uses a different version of Samba that 6.9.2 uses. I wonder if something needs to be placed in smb-extra to make it work.
  12. Now are we sure its passing the correct user name to unraid to allow file deletions? Permissions are tighter in 6.11
  13. While your working on things I'd also install the Dynamix File Manager. Must simpler than using the Krusader docker. Its also available on every page on the GUI.
  14. @Frank1940 Yep, I've seen a few people complain about the same thing on Reddit. Seems to be some kind of weird instance, but at least there is a fix changing it to 777