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  1. I upgraded to 6.9.0 by first backing up my flash & then just hitting the yellow banner that told me there was a new version of unRAID available. Then I hit 'REBOOT' at the bottom of the screen. After about 10 minutes I noticed that PLEX had not come back online. I specify a static ip address for my unRAID server & when I checked my routers LAN status page it was not there. I went to my little "server closet" & it was still running. I hit the power button one time & it shut off immediately. At first this alarmed me, but I realized that the reboot command had stalled at ju
  2. Thanks for this quick fix. I set speedtest to run at 0300 every night. Just noticed it was not working. This is why this forum/unRAID is the best.
  3. I have the exact same problem. I went out of town, for a funeral, last Friday & tried to access Plex remotely. It failed. Got home yesterday (Sunday) & docker says it is running, but I cannot access via desktop nor via any of the local clients in my house. I'm using the linuxserver version & I uninstalled & installed the binhex version. Now desktop access works, but I really like the linuxserver version so I uninstalled binhex & went back to limuxserver. Same problem returned. Nothing changed on my network or unRAID server as I was not even home when this problem sta
  4. Well this was really bugging me so I kept at it. I swapped the LSI controller card for the spare I have on hand. Still the same symptom. This morning, I took the case apart. Since my drive bay enclosures are for SATA drives, they have SATA power connectors. I have a modular PS & I was using MOLEX connectors with MOLEX to SATA adapters. I removed the adapters & am running SATA cables straight from the PS. Rebooted & the rebuild is running at about 172.5M/s as I type these words. I really hope that fixes my problem.
  5. So, itimpi since you gave me direction to investigate, this is what i did: I have this Mediasonic 4-disc drive bay holding 3 discs, including the aforementioned disk1. It is vertically orientated & sits at the top of my case. Just beneath it is a 5-disc drive bay holding 4 discs that is horizontal in nature. Both are connected to a LSI 8-port controller. First I shutdown & checked/reseated all SATA connectors & power leads. Rebooted & I got rebuild speeds of mid 50M for about 15 minutes, then it tricked back down to less than a k & the log showed the same e
  6. unRAID v 6.71 - Had a drive fail, so replaced it with a new one. The rebuild rate is 809 KB/sec or 59 days for an array consisting of 6 4TB drives & 1 parity drive. I then looked at the log & thought my Parity drive was also failing. However, after looking through the forums here, I have concluded that I have no idea what is wrong. So I have included my diagnostics. Thanks in advance.valhalla-diagnostics-20191205-2244.zip
  7. Just wanted to say that my old APC Back-UPS 550 finally bit the dust. I had it for over 5 years & the battery has been replaced once. I just bought a new APC Back-UPS 1100 & made no changes to apc-deamon. It appears to be working just fine.
  8. So put the array back into maintenance & run the disk check with the command above?
  9. Whoops! I knew I was forgetting something. valhalla-diagnostics-20190913-1341.zip
  10. My disk 1 failed about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Well I just replaced it a few days ago with a new Seagate ST4000NM0035. Pre-clear was fine & added it to my array. After a successful parity-check, all my little triangles are green. Everybody's happy, right! Well I went to save something to a share on disk 1 & now I keep getting 'Disk is write-protected'. After mucking around a bit, I decide to do a maintenance mode check of disk 1. I have included the output because I don't even know where to begin. It is a 4TB drive with 52% utilization. Thanks in advance for any solutions or input
  11. I had a similar problem and my guide refused to update & I could no longer access my Plex server outside my house. Did as you instructed to move over to the Linuxserver version. It is now updating the guide & it also appears that remote access has been restored. Kudos & thanks!
  12. Thanks johnnie.black. I did as you instructed & I now have over 50G of free space on my SSD cache. I will be watching closely over the next 3-5 days to see how it performs.
  13. As requested. valhalla-diagnostics-20190704-1341.zip
  14. Hello, I started getting this error about 4 days after I upgraded to v6.7.1. I have 4 docker containers (duckdns, openvpn-as, PlexMediaServer, & smokeping) & they all stopped & will not restart (reports Execution Error when I try to restart them). At first I thought the problem was related to the advanced server tuning that I did after watching this most excellent video by Spaceinvader One. However, after reading here that BTRFS errors tend to imply some kind of problem with the cache drive & after looking at the recent red alerts on my server all showing disk space low on my