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  1. So put the array back into maintenance & run the disk check with the command above?
  2. Whoops! I knew I was forgetting something. valhalla-diagnostics-20190913-1341.zip
  3. My disk 1 failed about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Well I just replaced it a few days ago with a new Seagate ST4000NM0035. Pre-clear was fine & added it to my array. After a successful parity-check, all my little triangles are green. Everybody's happy, right! Well I went to save something to a share on disk 1 & now I keep getting 'Disk is write-protected'. After mucking around a bit, I decide to do a maintenance mode check of disk 1. I have included the output because I don't even know where to begin. It is a 4TB drive with 52% utilization. Thanks in advance for any solutions or input on how to fix this problem disk1-check.txt
  4. I had a similar problem and my guide refused to update & I could no longer access my Plex server outside my house. Did as you instructed to move over to the Linuxserver version. It is now updating the guide & it also appears that remote access has been restored. Kudos & thanks!
  5. Thanks johnnie.black. I did as you instructed & I now have over 50G of free space on my SSD cache. I will be watching closely over the next 3-5 days to see how it performs.
  6. As requested. valhalla-diagnostics-20190704-1341.zip
  7. Hello, I started getting this error about 4 days after I upgraded to v6.7.1. I have 4 docker containers (duckdns, openvpn-as, PlexMediaServer, & smokeping) & they all stopped & will not restart (reports Execution Error when I try to restart them). At first I thought the problem was related to the advanced server tuning that I did after watching this most excellent video by Spaceinvader One. However, after reading here that BTRFS errors tend to imply some kind of problem with the cache drive & after looking at the recent red alerts on my server all showing disk space low on my cache drive, I'm pretty sure the problem is with my cache drive. A simple restart of my server will get the dockers running again, but if anybody has any ideas on how to fix this problem I would certainly appreciate it. The full error reads like the below & just kept repeating
  8. I have the same issue. No sound at all. I also would like to commend the OP for this excellent tutorial. Really easy to follow AND he explains things. Having said that it was not obvious (at least not to me) that if you try to get Windows 10 from Microsoft while using a Windows machine, that download page will try to force you to use that horrible tool. The trick is to change the User Agent in the browser session of the download page. For example if one is using Chrome, here is how to do it. Last thing. Did anyone actually manage to buy a working Windows Pro license from that website? That price seems too good to be true.
  9. Yep, I just found it about 1 minute before your response. Parity is rebuilding now without that empty 4TB drive. After rebuild I will just swap out the mostly full 3TB for the empty 4tB. Thank you for your excellent & speedy assistance.
  10. Thank my lucky stars (I think). I found that diagnostic file on my desktop. I searched around several files & it seems that df.txt has useful info. It has all drives listed but not the serial correlated to the assignment that the drive controller gave. It does have used & free space, but how do I figure out which drive goes where?
  11. As a matter of fact I uploaded a diagnostic file on July 6th of this year. It is in this thread but I cannot download it?
  12. So I did something really stupid. I wanted to reconfigure my array because I have a 3TB drive with just over 75% usage & a 4 TB drive at zero percent. So I stopped the array & removed the 4TB drive. Went to new config set that command. However I did not write down/take a screen shot of what drive was what (particularly my single 4TB parity). Is there a way to undo 'new config' or at least see which drives were assigned to which slot?
  13. Yes, I rebooted. It was strange because while my network shares were available, I could not get to the web page of my unRAID server (which is a static ip address). I discovered that somehow the static address had been erased from network.cfg & that my ASUS router had assigned a IP address via DHCP. I set my respective settings to 1 & 2 percent, per the thread you linked. I also manually edited network.cfg to put my static IP back. I hope this fixes my problem. I guess I have to set up my Plex server from scratch. This is the strangest problem I have ever had with unRAID. I'm thankful that the whole config was not wiped out. Thanks for your advice.
  14. So I got that warning yesterday evening. Did a search here & saw that it is a common problem. So I downloaded the diagnostic file & then rebooted. Everything changed. I had a static ip set, it changed. I had a Plex Docker container running, that is now gone. I mean , did my USB flash drive somehow get overwritten? Enclosed is the diagnostic file. valhalla-diagnostics-20180705-2016.zip