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  1. JorgeB, Thanks for looking into this. After upgrading and disabling things are looking better. I was able to recreate my array and have had no errors with 10.3.
  2. This morning I woke up to an alert that my server saying that 11 out of 11 of my drives had errors. I quick rand a diag and turned it off, until I could work on it later tonight. Looking through the longs I'm not sure if this is part of the VT-D kernel bug but i did have it turned on. Any help would be great. tidehunter-diagnostics-20220613-0749.zip
  3. @JorgeB thanks for that. I was able to restore my drives to the correct order and the server back up and running.
  4. To document a bit more. This is what my array currently looks like. Should try to assign my drives back into the exact same places? What should I do to not lose data?
  5. I rebooted my server and all of my drives are unassigned and unraid is telling me I have a stale configuration. I've attached my diagnostics if anyone could take a look that would be great. tidehunter-diagnostics-20201210-1126.zip
  6. Did the fonts change? Everything looks really nice or I'm blind... either way great job team.
  7. I was able to boot after going into my bios and disabling C-States. I've been stable for almost a year with C-States set to Auto and I don't understand how these items could be related.
  8. I'm getting this same error and unable to boot after upgrading. I went from 6.8.0 to 6.8.1. I've tried both the normal boot and safe mode.
  9. I love that I can host my docker apps and vms on my file server and now case badges. Well sign me up.
  10. Thank you everyone for your input. I've taken jonathanm's advice on assigning all of my disks as they were previously including the correct drives for parity 1 and parity 2. At first glance everything is looking good and I'm running a parity check. Looking into UPSs I've realized I don't know enough about the nuances. Are there any recommendations on a UPS that can be rack mounted?
  11. I am purchasing a UPS this week. This was always something on my list, but never got around to. I found an old diagnostics that has all of my drives listed in the vars.txt file. tidehunter-diagnostics-20181206-1608.zip I can map out all of the disks in their correct positions, but how do I set them up to not format and clear the data?
  12. I had multiple power outages today due to bad weather. this caused my unraid server to do an unclean shutdown. After booting it back up my array devices are unassigned. What should be my first steps on restoring my array? (Diagnostics attached) tidehunter-diagnostics-20190720-1652.zip
  13. I wanted to follow up on this. I replace my board with X399 DESIGNARE EX rev 1. and the HBA cards are working.