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  1. Yes and only 8111, I haven't got problem on realtek 8168, Intel i211/i219. I like your word (tm) 🤣
  2. I think Ethtool method could be ignore. In fact Unraid never say support or provide any setting for WOL. May be Unraid just simple not touch anything, if HW be config WOL, then it just keep work until you shutdown, but this time just not. Hope LT could fix ASAP, WOL problem always happen and happen again in Linux/Windows.
  3. Note and tks, I got problem with DNS auto (mulit NIC), static it then solve.
  4. You may try static the DNS setting in ETH0, there are some odd in 6.7 if dhcp.
  5. NIC controller is what band / model ?
  6. Could you try port-down the ethernet port in GUI network section then powerdown by power button, after that verify WOL work or not. In next reboot, it will up as usual.
  7. Seems relate, but I haven't Realtek 8111.
  8. Does too many device means storage instead network device, what licence and how many storage device in your system.
  9. Offical Ryzen not design for high memory speed (even 2nd gen). You may not run at 2800 XMP, then automatic in non-XMP 2133. But you can easy turn at BIOS, I try different modual on Asus prime X370 pro, no big problem, but need some workaround for 4 stick.
  10. Common point was realtek 8111 🤔
  11. My Asus prime x370 pro, could no GPU install(also 5 beeps), bootup normal and access Windows thr RDP. If your MB won't boot without GPU, MB change should be the good option. Or you may buy some 1x GPU card.
  12. FAQ : Above 4 port were Marvell base, pls avoid. Pls buy Asmedia 1061 ( 1062 may also try too ), those PCIe 2port 1x card bandwidth/speed enough for 2 disk. Just plug in near CPU 16x slot would be fine. http://www.amzn.com/B005B0A6ZS
  13. You may add that in go file ( /boot/config/go ). But problem likely you haven't well set WOL in BIOS.