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  1. If you intended of why check / sync parity which beyond data disk size than I agree it is not necessary, but this need Unraid parity handling or program code to be change. If you add a larger data disk, then parity also need update but in current handling not need as @jonathenm say.
  2. Parity check would cover whole 8TB was normal even data disk was 6TB. Problem just speed really slow, ideal will be 2 hrs per 1TB or average parity check speed ~145MB/s if speed lower then 100MB/s that means serious bottleneck in storage system.
  3. You means some test going to UDMP ( Inter VLAN routing ) ? That may cause slow. I have 82599ES and other two different 10G NIC and US-16-XG, no performance problem with Unraid. Iperf3 got ~8Gbps ( single session ) test result but SMB have 1GB/s.
  4. I also think build desk PC, because I want save space. A simple mod could be mod on existing desk, open a big square on desktop then mount the 3U rack case under it with remove the top cover ...... but top glasses need thick enough.
  5. You have another 10G NIC (82599ES), if test by it does any different ? You also setup with multiple VLAN, how about if test it in simple network first.
  6. Strange. Could you try completely disable onboard NIC in BIOS, then check it by local KVM, just try any different if no network.
  7. Never have such problem, should be parity not sync or some wrong operation or ubderlaying problem invalid it. Disk controller change ?
  8. If you mount data disk, then it will invalid the original parity, I am not sure mount as read-only can be avoid that. If plan for encryption, then you can't expand disk by non-encrypt disk. Best do it local within Unraid, no much reason not that. I properly won't do that, lat say you have 36TB data, I will use 5 12TB ( 2 parity and 3 data ), so three disk can use as spare or other purpose, or at least spare one disk for emergency fault disk replacement. Another reason is 12TB disk not always have good price. I buy two 12TB and shuck, now as parity, the org. disk be spare for fault disk replacement, you never know which disk will got fault.
  9. If submit under GUI, nothing will show and error log Problem since beta24, troubleshoot found it miss the folder After manual create that folder then problem solve, but it won't persist after reboot.
  10. Pls ensure DHCP was off in range extender.
  11. I have similar experience with problem 9215, only WD disk will got CRC error / hard resetting link ( never disk drop ), it haven't problem with onboard / Asmedia 1061. After change to LSI, I haven't problem with different brand disk ( HGST / Toshiba / WD ) even change platform several times. Sound good, I stick for longtime.