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  1. But I run stuff in 2 rack case, not silent enough and bad cooling then tower, but good in form-factor and bays for disk.
  2. No Yes Simple say if connect 8 disks, no throttled. But seldom ( or never ) found anyone feedback for HBA connect to M2 by adapter.
  3. The ventilation of rack case actually more poor then tower case due to its length, 4x80mm FAN even worse. The height (2U) also a limitation for CPU heatsink. If no special benefit ( i.e. form factor ) then no reason go to rack case. This should be main reason why we use Unraid instead others, but I suggest you should try setup all ( VM / docker / Networking ...) in existing hardware or only new CPU / MB first. Because you may change the design at last.
  4. Next you could try bridge 2 10G port in Unraid2 in 192.168.2.x
  5. And according the picture attach, Unraid2 have dual port in two 192.168.2.x IP in same subnet, that will be problem. Assume they are a dual port NIC, but this not means they are inter connected. ( As I know, dual port NIC can connect in hand by hand to eliminate extra switch, but this should need some configuration to work ). You should try setting Unraid1 to Unraid2 in 3rd subnet.
  6. You means before running in LR ? I suspect due to short-length of the cable so optical power will be too large.
  7. I use Mikrotik CSS326-24G-2S+RM and Ubnt Switch haven't problem. I have try ConnextX3 , Emulex 10G NIC, with different SFP+ module with Unraid also work normal.
  8. Direct link via 10G would work in Unraid just as generic NIC, set them in seperate subnet also common.
  9. Weird. What Switch model you use ?
  10. Interesting, may be due to the data pattern was zero.
  11. Disk default In general, not HBA related Some SATA disk also disable in default, this just against suddenly poweroff and data still in disk cache.
  12. The brand was Unicaca ( China made ), I have 3 of these card and two have try manual update the firmware, but I can't confirm this one have or not.
  13. Device: 06:00.0 Class: 0200 Vendor: 8086 Device: 10fb SVendor: 8086 SDevice: 0006 Rev: 01 Pls note, it is not Intel original.
  14. ASM1061 should work in IOMMU enable system ( problem report are those controller card have >2 native port which expand by port multiplier ), but I can't confirm it work for passthrough / stub.