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  1. Hey Unraid Forum, I recently bought a used R720 Dell server with 6*900GB SAS Disks and 2*100GB SSD (Dell Branded), but I added two Seagate Barracuda 4TB 2.5" in dell branded caddies. Something is wrong with the raid card, so I pulled it out and tried booting without, which works "fine" - The previous raid card was a PERC H310 MINI from dell, and all of the disks SATA/SAS were detected. I can see all of my SAS drives in the bios, but none of the SATA drives, which I find very weird. Furthermore, none of the drives, SATA nor SAS show up in the unraid system. Do you have any clue what I should do? I am willing to try anything if you can explain it to a sorta dummy! In advance thanks tower-diagnostics-20190630-1916.zip
  2. Hi, I'm noticing very slows speeds from the server to my client. The upload of the server is 40mbit/s, but I'm only getting like 3mbit/s. I have tried disabling compression, but my CPU isn't loaded anyway. My downlink at client connection is at least 30mbit/s at any given time Do you guys have any clue as to why I'm experiencing this slowdown?