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  1. Here's a feature request I've wanted for a long time. Can you make it possible to update docker containers in the app? maybe even plugins?
  2. Yo, I am here because android apps nzb360 and Transdroid won't connect anymore after the last update. I saw what you changed and tried commenting out the two new lines. Everything works now except nzb360 still won't connect locally. I am not sure if I am even in the scope of people that can benefit from what you changed (and I don't quite understand it), as my apps were set to connect to a subdomain reverse proxy with basic auth set in the Letsencrypt docker container by Linuxserver, and locally to the localip:9080 with /RPC2 endpoint and without authentication.
  3. Running it now. It's done, lots of lines of output, what are we looking for?
  4. The largest one that I can see is 75 mb, that is the lidarr container. I remember that one was running with Debug log level and I had recently started using it more. But there are of course quite a lot that I cannot see.
  5. Most of them give "cannot read directory" "input/output error". Can't screenshot it right now as I'm not home though. For "--log-opt max-size=50m --log-opt max-file=1", is something missing in this command? those are only options.
  6. Hey GilbN, I searched about how to do that and found this way to increase the log size: However, I still get the docker error. I guess I will have to delete my docker image and do this: Unless someone here has another suggestion before I do that?
  7. Hi there, Some of my containers were turned off this morning, while others are running. When I try to turn a container on I get this: Running a Fix Common Problems test I get this: I searched a bit and found someone telling to do a balance although this didn't fix it for me: What should I do? hal9000-diagnostics-20190312-0617.zip
  8. Thank you for the work, a nice GUI for overview is always great. A guide to move from the LE docker with subfolders, subdomains, organizr, settings etc. to this would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Seemingly out of nowhere I also started receiving such an email on a daily basis now. Found this thread from search. I have run the Docker Safe New Perms tool and I have not had the preclear plugin installed. I'm on unraid 6.6.6
  10. Not able to test it myself but holy moly that is a game changer, how has this not blown up in international media by now?? My hopes are that I will not need to switch to a new plex docker container but that 'linuxserver/plex' will be updated to support this.
  11. To the devs: You can fix the Reverse Proxy issue by editing the file /etc/services.d/duplicati/run to the following (i.e. adding --webservice-allowed-hostnames=*): #!/usr/bin/with-contenv bash cd /app/duplicati || exit exec \ s6-setuidgid abc mono Duplicati.Server.exe \ --webservice-interface=any --server-datafolder=/config --webservice-allowed-hostnames=* See https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-duplicati/blob/master/root/etc/services.d/duplicati/run For now I use a mounted run file with this change. Edit: The best solution is to make it an environment variable in the docker container.
  12. I need access to put an asterisk in the the Hostnames option to make my reverse proxy working again. What I need looks like this: But that is only possible if I can visit Duplicati via, how do I do that when it is inside this docker container? This means that as of now I only see this:
  13. Thank you for this. Yet doing 'ulimit -n 65536' on the host, I still get the error: max file descriptors [40960] for elasticsearch process is too low, increase to at least [65536] My guess now is that I have to do that command in the elasticsearch container, how can I pass it in the edit section of the docker container? EDIT: Add '--ulimit nofile=65536:65536' in the Extra Parameters field when you edit the docker container.
  14. Press edit and find show advanced, then you see the field.
  15. Use this repo until it is fixed: Repository: binhex/arch-rtorrentvpn:0.9.7-1-11 It is the version before it broke. Like this: Then when it is fixed, you can make it: Repository: binhex/arch-rtorrentvpn:latest