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  1. Hey I put together a simple batch script that does what I need, and I just want to share it if there are others who need it I use User Scripts, and have added it there. But you can also just run it from the console. This Show the Dockers - Name / IP / MAC #!/bin/bash docker inspect -f '|-| {{.Name}} |-| {{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}} {{.IPAddress}} |-| {{.MacAddress}}{{end}} |-|' $(sudo docker ps -aq) | tr -d /
  2. Hi is it possible to add a list that can show dockers mac address on the docker webui in the same way as its ip ? I know you can see it via the terminal, the other would just be more convenient Or do you have other good ideas? Thanks
  3. Hi And thank you for the good work you do The Terraria-TShock Docker I'm trying to run version but it doesn't pick up the latest version of TShock (v4.4.0-pre3) and Terraria (The Game Version variable is set to: The log: TShock (Mintaka) now running. AutoSave Enabled Backups Disabled Welcome to TShock for Terraria. Initialization complete. [Server API] Info Plugin TShock v4.3.26.0 (by The TShock Team) initiated. Terraria Server v1.3.5.3 And If I manually overwrite the files it fails So my question is Is it possible to choose the TShock version yourself with a variable?
  4. I found out his docker is 7 months behind so I made it work by using the official docker container...
  5. Hey I've been thinking about whether it would be possible to do so that each folder in appdata gets packed instead of the entire folder? So you don't have to unpack the entire appdata folder, but only the subfolders that one needs.
  6. Hey! So.. I was going to make a post if you could add custom output folders. But before I post here, I saw there was an update. And can see that you have added that option!!! Fuc**ng amazing! (explanation for why I wanted it) I don't like that there are different formats in the plex folder, so the opportunity to convert them before they enters the folder is super nice. So far I have tested for a few months on files that are not part of the plex folder to see if everything works properly! And it just runs without any flaws, it's so cool! Right now i have a vm as a converter, which I look forward to getting away and using only your docker. Keep up the good work Sincerely EmilionDK
  7. Hey! I started testing this docker, and it's super cool. But it is possible that you can change SSL Protocols and Cipher Suite yourself? And use letsencrypt 4096 bit key? If possible, I will move everything from the letsencrypt docker to the Nginx Proxy Manager. Just info: And if you use this for your unraid remember to add ( proxy_buffering off; ) and ( allow your-local-network-ip/24; deny all; ) under "Custom Nginx Configuration" So you can see the text when you update a docker / the server, and block people from outside, to access your server And keep up the good job!
  8. Hey After a fresh install, i get a flood of this in the log, [!] WARNING: Too many API connections (use -S to adjust). Can't seem to find any info about i.
  9. Just for info if you have problems with the H310 after!
  10. I did not know that you could do it that way But i use Google Authenticator
  11. Why not just create a new user which is admin, and delete the default admin user? Is it recreated upon updates of this container, or did i miss something? Hey thomast_88 Yes, I have a different user which is admin, but even if you delete the admin user, it will come back after you've made an update to the docker. With the default user (admin) and passwords (passwords) but remember the other uses that are made. ( To change the password (recommended) do docker exec -it openvpn-as passwd admin (You will have to repeat this step if you update or reinstall this container) )
  12. Wait what! Uhh! That I will so much look into later today! But now I need to go to bed as the current time is 01:36 am in Copenhagen But Thanks!
  13. Personally, I wouldn't want anything anywhere logging my password Why not just make a user script for the user.scripts plugin composed of that command. One click and you're done. It was just to get away from the default password, which is all too easy to get into someone else's vpn if they have had an update and forgot to change the default password. "Why not just make a user script for the user.scripts plugin composed of that command. One click and you're done." I wish I knew how, but I'm wayyyyy too new to unraid and coding ;P
  14. Hey I have an idea, and hope it can be done, but it is possible that you can make it so that every time the server starts / updates then it make a random admin password. And write the password in the log file? So you do not have to write, docker exec -it openvpn-as passwd admin "your password" each time it updates, so it just make a random admin password itself?