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  1. Its been the same VM name since I originally created it.
  2. I have this exact same issue. Is there some diagnostic logs or something that helps?
  3. The best feature of Unraid is how easy the WebGUI makes it to setup the system and use dockers/VMs. (Especially once paired with the Community Applications Plugin!) I also love being able to mix and match hard drive sizes. My most desired feature is probably the ability to run ARM VMs so I can virtualize some of my Raspberry Pis. Keep of the great work! I love Unraid!
  4. I've been using Unraid for 3 years now. So glad I found it and made the leap when I built my new file server. I've convinced at least 2 other people to start using it also! I have 2 Unraid licenses. One for a fileserver and one for a 2 in 1 gaming PC. I love the GUI and how easy it is to manage. I hate how addicted I have become to creating new VMs all the time! Happy 14th Birthday and here's to many more!
  5. Glad to know I actually helped somebody out here! Good luck with your graphing!
  6. I somewhat recently got started doing some graphing using Telegraf+InfluxDB+Grafana thanks to the awesome Reddit Tutorial written by @panzerschreck. Big thanks to him for a great guide! I then found another guide to monitoring your UPS using Grafana on Unraid by Wayland, who also has some other great posts on what he is doing with unRAID. This inspired me to do some searching and I found a post by Alex Muthmann for monitoring SNMP devices using Grafana, so I wrote my own post that is specific for unRAID and the particular router that I am using. Is anybody else doing any system monitoring of their homelabs using Grafana? I'm having a pretty good time setting up all these neat graphs and using them, but I was hoping there are some more unRAID specific guides out there that people could point me to? Or maybe just some general guides that would be useful to give me some ideas? Or just some other stuff in general that you or monitoring or graphing with Grafana that might be fun to setup?
  7. If you select the folder, only the files will show up but if Filebot renames every file in the folder it should place them in a new folder structure that you setup and remove the old folder. If even one file stays in the old folder, the old folder will need to be manually removed.
  8. I saw this in the lounge and thought it might be of some interest here. Filebot is starting a Patreon to further Linux support: From their Patreon page:
  9. Thanks! I pledged! Love Filebot and I'm happy to support it.
  10. Recently started using the generic cache container with much success setup by cheesemarathon. He details his instructions here:
  11. you can use the "mv" command to move files once you are in the docker. Assuming you are already bashed in and using the folders above, the command would be: mv /opt/radarr/* /movies/ There is no progress bar or indicator of how long it will take, so you might have to be VERY patient for it to finish depending on how much you are moving.
  12. Thanks so much for making this update! I use this daily and was so glad to see an update!
  13. I did end up leaving it disabled, but just because I haven't tried it that way yet. I'll try to maybe turn it back on and see what happens. I only have so much data cap (hence using this container ) so I probably won't get it tested right away. I burned through quite a bit trying to figure out my DNS issue.
  14. Sorry for all the replies, but I seemed to figure it out now. I also had some DNS settings in my router checked. Once I unchecked these it worked fine. Look deep in your router settings if you are having problems.
  15. After doing some more research, this appears to be related to ipv6. If I disable the ipv6 functionality on my network adapter all pages start to load properly. I'd like to make this the default DNS for my router to hand out, so I'll do some more research. It would be better if I didn't have to go disabling ipv6 on all my devices.