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  1. Feature Request: Folders... as @sunbear requested too and maybe more I didn't read the whole thread. My list of scripts is getting a little long. Something that would make it simple to impliment and not need a full rewrite.. #category=<name> #description=this is the description of the script #foregroundOnly=true #backgroundOnly=true #arrayStarted=true #name=blah blah blah #argumentDescription=This is the description of the argument(s) #argumentDefault=defaultArg1 defaultArg2 etc Add a combobox for the category selection. The implementation of adding categories is whatever tickles your fancy, I'd take manually just to have a little bit more organization. Then add a dom effect like "accordion" to place each script in the correct area... Anything without the category flag or null, would go into the defualt uncategorized area. And @sunbear if you would like an editor, Just an example is to point you're IDE/Code Editor to the user scripts folder...
  2. Replace "Agents" text with a combobox to allow different Agents for each notification type... Maybe even a multi select combobox. Only show active/enabled Agents in the list.
  3. arp -an | grep <MACADDRESS> arp -an <VMSERVERDOMAIN> Both give same result.
  4. I'm running 6.10.RC2... And while I've lived with this being the norm even when running 6.9.2, I decided to ivestigate... I run my unraid server behind pfsense with HAProxy & Letencrypt so this allows me to run unraid as a sub domain with a FQDN and Cert... unraid is not accessible from the WAN without VPN due to a ACL rule. I too can't use the webtermianl for any length of time due to it refreshing, I had a similuar issue with Home Assistant. Adding this to Home Assistants Backend within HAProxy resolved the refreshing issue. And as an extra step, while reading this thread @Mgutt gave me in idea May need to add a 2nd backend to resolve the ws connection. You can find similuar uses of this if you run vaultwarden with websocket true... I'll set mine up and report back results.
  5. +1 for border color... Add option to set our own color, or use the "Header custom meta text color:" from Display Settings.
  6. I meant port... The port the device is attached to... This device only passes through while the port is passed... and not with the device method... In the image I set both cause I was unsure if it was the issue, and I needed it. And as stated, I deleted the folders, cause it was the only way I knew to get VM back up and running /w the USB Manager again. I'm attempting to get graylogs functioning for unraid and dockers... as I do for pfsense and unifi... Something about the network interface and "Host access to custom networks: " needing to be enabled... Which I'm looking into, I have all dockers set with 2 different vlans and IPs... this should have been enough. I will create a script to backup those files when the issue happens again.
  7. I needed my system up today... So I was unable to do any more troubleshooting... I'm Stable with Keyboard and Mouse attached from VM Template... And having USB Manager attaching 5 other Devices and 1 Port (Hub). I excluded the one that caused the last lockup. The last lockup was while attaching the Wave-3 to the VM... It shares the same roothub as unraid... Will try adding this device later tonight... I've been stable since last post. As for diagnostics, I took a peek at a few and there's personal info attached to some of the VM templates, Ect... System had already been restarted with USB Manager Removed...
  8. I was having a cache pool issue, where I was trying to move a share from one pool to another... But when starting mover, mover would move 1 file to the old cache pool and then seem to freeze... So I used the New Config Tool... Above was all that was changed before rebooting, System was stable with USB Manager ( I Don't Shut down my VM very often, AMD reset bug... Habbit ...Even though it's suppose to be fixed in 6.10) Started a VM and with in a minute VM freezes... upon rebooting found VM Manager is set to no... The only way to get VM up stable was to remove USB Manager and reinstall it... I tried just deleting historical devices... Starting VM and re-attaching... VM freezes and I'm forced to reboot system. I confirmed this 4 more time today... the only way is to delete the plugin folders... Reinstall then it's stable... Something about a restart or config change... And USB Manager holding old info... posting this now... VM is up with Mouse Keyboard attached with VM Template... going to install plugin and attach more devices... ...I'll Edit post with result. Warning: parse_ini_file(/boot/config/domain.cfg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.vm.manager/include/libvirt_helpers.php on line 503 SETTINGPORTCLASSVENDOR:PRODUCT. I'm still running, but not for long... This was the error that a caught when trying to add one of the USB devices... and at the bottom left... where array started is... "starting services..." repeating over and over This never happened before, this is all since the cache pool changed... It may be the one USB device...
  9. @ich777 I did switch to 6.10.RC2 in line with the docker updating... But 5+ years with unraid I can't recall ever seeing my templates changing... @Squid Ok, cause I had to create a script that ran just after the appdata backup to revert the template as this caused the docker not to spin backup after the backup.
  10. I never had this behaviour before moving to 6.10.RC2... ? I assign IPs to every docker, so ports don't matter to me I always remove them. If an update ever came with new variable/change it would have to be set by a user... that user should be checking anyway. So I'd rather the docker break... and have me check why than it setting something that would break multiple dockers. Example if my MySQL docker goes down.. 10 other dockers fail. I personally don't allow automatic updates, this way I can micro manage any docker changes. It's not happening during docker update, it's happening during the docker check for update... the update only sets the change. Example docker is set to check 4 times a day which changes the template (restarts are fine) but then the backup plugin turns docker off... backups then turns it on... docker is now bricked. FCP part I understood... don't mind it... what I'd like to see though is a more toggleable interface for FCP so I can refine what Fixes that I'd like to see... Every user has their strengths and weaknesses I understand you're trying to cater to everyone. Maybe adding the link to the Github or authors page also... so user can check enviroment variable changes. Again, my main concern was the template being changed I only added FCP too cause it gave a false negative about the template.
  11. Ok, I'll try that, but it's still just a work around... Both: template being altered without user permission... and FCP plugin should not be telling you that the template doesn't match... dosn't match because my template is going to be different, I may have a more complex setup than everyone else... you can't add every enviroment variable to the template... well you could but it would look insane... I'd rather just use docker compose.
  12. I've noticed this over the last few weeks, but decide to investigate what was causing it today. So they revert in a way where the original enviroment variables return if removed and the custom enviroment varibales are still there. There's the duplicate container description too... have not checked what that's about. This is the vaultwarden docker, the 3 bottom variables are not needed when the docker is managed by a database, and causes warnings in the logs, so I delete the enviroment variables. There's other use cases that dockers wont start in certain setups... when a enviroment variable is used... so having the template be modified by an outside source seems uninteded, In some cases the original template can never match the exact users use case... This also brings to light that I've noticed that "Fix Common Issues" plugin has a check to see if the docker template matches the original... As much as this may seem to be helpful for new users, it just seems unnecessary. when you can delete the docker and remove the template and reinstall which would pull the current template anyway... The template that the user modifies should never be change once the docker is installed accept for when the user modifies it from the GUI or Flash drive, or deletes it...
  13. Didn't know you were going to do both, My vote is "toggle" as this will show all for quick reference and the hide for screenshots as I know people like to sratch out the info when helping people.
  14. Yup, That's a lot cleaner.
  15. I've turned on hub processing... Noticed Status: Stopped with Enable USB on Dashboard: Disbaled Enable USB Manager Hotplug on VM page: Disbaled Enable HUB Processing: Enabled Enable USBIP: Disabled I was disabling pfBlockerNG pretty close to the time of the 2nd Incedent, clould tell something was going wrong when unraid gui was not in dark mode. But to be honest I was doing a lot of network settings trying to get a few sub-domains through HAProxy as well as moving data around to set up 2 new cache pools. Also remembered another feature request when "Display Settings" -> Page View is set to "Tabbed" could have the "Port and Historical Device Mappings" be in it's own tab to reflect how the rest of unraids GUI works.
  16. Hi, Just wanted to say I love the plugin and to report a bug and request an adjustment. The bug @#$%#@ the flash drive which you can see from the image, I have had this happen twice in the last week... But I couched it up to me rebuilding my array and doing alot of changes at the moment while testing out 6.10.RC2... If it happens again I'll try to narrow down to what I was doing at the time. I like the changes to the "STATUS" column with color. I'd like to see "VM STATE" intagrated with the "VM" column in the same way or some small visual / icon instead of the text, and then maybe the "STATUS" column with the small visual / icon too. The purpose is to reduce the overall width of the table and then also make the status visually easier to identify. Also the "SERIAL NUMBERS" column could be added as hover over effect to the "VENDOR:PRODUCT" column or a switch at the TOP.
  17. Can we get a css update based on the Dynamix color theme: <choice> Side "note" I swear I asked for this feature years ago, just found it recently.
  18. Like the Network Graph, I'd Lke to see the CPU Graph with Over all Load and hide the cores/threads. Using the same arrow by General info in the Network panel to hide the "DOM" for the cores/threads in the Processor panel
  19. Please remove the word "Google" from all instances of the Security and Privacy implemantation for 2FA settings on the site... As it's not the only system out there that can handle 2FA, It my cause confusion to new comers about 2FA with TOTP and will lead to questions about using other systems... Just call it "Authenticator App" and maybe links to other sources... I personally use a YubiKey with touch actived TOTP And to those new to TOTP always that a screenshot of the QR code and put it in a secure location, as this will allow you to add the TOTP to multiple devices in the future with out having to rebuild every 2FA from every site it's used on...
  20. At the moment I'm setting up a 3TB WD Purple dedicated for recording from 5 cameras, to get that off my array. I'll let you know what I end up doing. yes, a share should work the same way, may require a user and share... setting the user limit. some command line is required.
  21. Is there any plan to update the GUI to fit with the new unRAID GUI like the apcupsd version does?
  22. Make sure everything on your network is running on same NTP with same UTC selected Using 1 NTP server normally on router, and forcing all devices/services to use that server.
  23. SETTINGS -> click SYSTEM CONFIGURATION -> in the CONFIGURE TAB Configuration area
  24. Confrim: Make backup Remove old configs add 3.10.6 tag, and restrart docker gets you the wizard, restore from backup on first screen remove the 3.10.6 tag to get latest. you'll see the mongo 4 update line in the log you can now login.
  25. Not to rehash an old topic but the correct way of doing this behind pfsense with 1 external IP from your ISP with multiple hostnames to either access locally or externally is to use HAProxy + Acme. If you have any questions just PM.