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  1. I have attached the file. Where should I start to look? Thanks mediacenter-diagnostics-20180304-0808.zip
  2. I have started to have crashes/Freeze of the entire Unraide It has started while using plex but not on load so not sure if it's related. This is the error log, but I don't understand it. ANy idea? where should I start to troubleshoot this? Mar 4 07:52:17 MediaCenter kernel: pcieport 0000:00:01.2: AER: Corrected error received: id=0008 Mar 4 07:52:17 MediaCenter kernel: pcieport 0000:00:01.2: PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Data Link Layer, id=000a(Transmitter ID) Mar 4 07:52:17 MediaCenter kernel: pcieport 0000:00:01.2: device [1022:15d3] error status/mask=0000100
  3. I am getting this error " Unable to send test message " when I try to conect sonarr to plex I am using host: port: 32400 username and plex password Any idea?
  4. Open the shell and type mc A file browser will appear, the option below are activates pressing alt+number Navigate in the mnt/user folder and see if your shared are still there Anyway you should report it as a bug because you are not the only one with this issue, I had it just after deleting a VM with its virtual disk
  5. I had the same issue 1st try to disable adblock or anything similar 2nd check with mc in CLI if the folders are still there If nothing works try to reboot
  6. How often is recommended to run trim on the ssd cache?
  7. Sorry for hijacking the thread but where are the images of the Dockers apps? Inside de Docker image? I made 15 gb what will happend if my docker images require more space than the 15 GB I assigned them.
  8. I think at the end it would save time, it would be better organized and setting up the platform is done in no time Is this a full time business for the devs or they do it in their free time?
  9. The current subforum is just a forum, is not a brainstorming platform like user voice, you can't vote, you can't know what is being considered or accepted by devs, etc.
  10. It would be nice to have something like user voice https://office365.uservoice.com/forums/264636-general To request, discuss and vote new features, it would be good for the community and the project.
  11. Could someone please sumaryze what is the purpose of this container? It automatically adds certs and HTTPS acess to all the containers? automatically or you have to configure all the containers manually? It's like Organizr where you access all the containers trought in a secure way if you configure it with SSL certs? Is there a video or some tutorial? I couldn't find anything on youtube
  12. Are you going to add those settings to the interface? the json ones, or add them by default in the config file? It looks like the best way is explained in 3.3.2. Advanced Configuration https://docs.storj.io/docs/storj-share-gui#section-332-advanced-configuration Right now is possible to configure it with noip.com from the interface? Is anyone getting ALLOCS ?
  13. I know about the upnp I am about to replace my router with pfsense VM. I will take a look to the json config file but what is peaking what do you mean?
  14. I have set it up and it looks like it's working, right? Do I have to do something else? or now is just a matter of waiting? Is there a way to have a web inteface?
  15. The same happens with Sophos XG, only seems to work with q35-2.6 Any feedback about this issue? @limetech
  16. It could have firewall like proxmox has at pools, host, VM and container level
  17. What are the main differences between setting app a docker container manually using the images from Docker.com or using the comunity apps?
  18. This is a general issue or just with pfsense? Why this happens? On proxmox they are using qemu 2.9.1 and it works.
  19. I have downgrade to the stable version and now it doens't bot because it says it can't find br2 device.... I guess I will have to start from scracth. Anyway any idea on how to fix the 2 issues above? Thanks in advance.
  20. I'm trying to install pfSense on unRaid 1) If I use VIrtIO for Storage pfsense installation says: "no disk found" when it tries to install. WIth SATA it works but I would preffer VirtIO for perfomance. In proxmox virtio works. 2) AFter install it with Sata during the first boot I get another error "No interfaces Found". How can I fix both? Using Unraid 6.5.0-rc1 <domain type='kvm' id='4'> <name>pfSense</name> <uuid>dfec0950-988e-6a25-9436-d01ea236507f</uuid> <metadata> <vmtemplate xmlns
  21. I have spent more than 20 hours playing around with hyper-v, proxmox and esxi, sometimes the problem was the driver of the network card, or the sr iov not working, the passthrough not working, then I try unraid, and It just works, I haven't touched the CLI to do the things that failed in the other hypervisors and in Unraid everything worked as expected. I have to try it a little bit more but probably I will buy it. I someone is fighting with proxmox, hyper-v, esxi, just forget it, install unraid and enjoy it, the money it cost will pay the time you will save.
  22. You turn the question to me but honestly I mentioned Arch like I could have mention Debian or any other distro. I'm no expert on linux, this is why I'm asking about if Slackware is optimal since to me it looks like is a distro that has lose a lot of space in the community, again, honestly I have no idea, if you tell me Slackware is perfectly fine and there won't be any benefit by changing to debian or whatever, I will believe you. On the other hand I'm seriously thinking about purchasing Unraid, I'm just unsure about the future of it since it's not based on an open sour
  23. Does it make sense for unraid to be based on Slackware considering that there are distros like Arch? I'm under the impresion that slackware is losing traction and users. How complex would be to build Unraid with Arch? what benefits could be there compared with Slackware?
  24. or compose and portainer +1
  25. Thanks With the network bridge you are giving exclusive access to pfsense to one of the nic s? How do you configure, and where the virtual switches? Is there an user interface or you have to go CLI?