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  1. ...Wenn es um flächendeckende Abdeckung geht, und Lizenzen (man denke an Xiaomi die gerade einen auf den Deckel bekommen oder bekommen werden aufgrund der fehlenden Lizenzen für HEVC/H.265) dann magst Du recht haben mit H.264, denn ich weiß nicht wie trivial dies bspw. für Webseiten ist. H.265 lässt sich aber mittels "H.265 / HEVC Player" chrome Erweiterung ganz gut abspielen, bei Xeon E5 2650v2 hat keine CPU seitige HW Beschleunigung für den H.265 codec und ist dennoch bei unter 10% Auslastung wenn ich einen H.265 Content wiedergebe, natürlich kommt es auch hier wieder einmal auf die Bitrate
  2. Ich persönlich bin kein Fan von diesen Transkodierung, da zumindest nach meinen derzeitigen Wissensstand Jellyfin aus H.265 H.264 gezaubert, wird so lediglich die HD-Audio Spur klein gepresst oder nur Audio core wiedergegeben (wird auch nur über Software Encodierung ermöglicht) der Rest, das Bild wird aufgebläht, warum auch immer.. folglich muss man wieder die Bitraten runter pressen, Qualität leidet dadurch dann noch mehr... jedes 0815 Device kann heute H.265 in der HW decodieren.. Am liebsten nutze ich dann doch smb freigaben via WireGuard VPN unterwegs, mit Yatse Apk kann man dann auch auf
  3. Generell sollte man auf ECC setzen.. aber das lasse ich hier jetzt mal weg.. ein G4560 +Brett gibt es doch schon oft für um die 50€ gebraucht, da wird der aufgebohrte ASRock J5040 doch auch nicht besser dastehen können, was hat das Teil denn besonderes an sich ?! Ja, er ist sicher ein paar Watt effizienter, erkauft durch weniger Schnittstellen/Möglichkeiten der Erweiterbarkeit. Mein G4600 futtert auch keine 15Watt im Idle mit Mini-STX Mainboard und einen passivkühler im 24/7 Betrieb.... knapp unter 20Watt bin ich mit einem o815 MSI mATX Board gekommen, ohne Optimierung. Wenn es nicht gerade
  4. The "Supermicro X10SLA-F" may be higher quality than many chinese made boards just by "Integrated IPMI 2.0 with KVM and Dedicated LAN"... but there is one disadvantage, no REG RAM. and here it will be quite expensive per GB compared to the chinese boards with DDR3 REG ECC RAM. but maybe you will be rewarded with working WoL thanks to the Intel NIC's. Something that I still haven't been able to do under unRAID on various x58/79 china boards, under Windows no problem but unfortunately under FreeBSD (unRAID) extra Intel NIC didn't help me to get ahead. You just have to consider the pr
  5. Thank you. For the mainboard there is not even an Intel chipset driver available for Windows 10.
  6. Thanks for looking at my problem I currently have the current unRAID beta on the USB stick (see picture). and I'm in the process of setting up a new build. As with an older "stable" version, I always get the same error message, maybe someone can help me. "No irq handler for vector" But the construction in the Ui is unaffected by this, at least in the beginning. But I am only at the first steps. I am not sure if I can ignore the mistake. The error remains even with different graphics cards, even with disabling ACPI. My system; Xeon E5 2620
  7. I simply plugged the unRAID server into an electricity meter & socket (Gosund Smart Wlan socket) and an Android app delivered the measured values. Tested then the different scenarios/state. Once when the array was sleeping and once when data was transferred via smb, all HDDs were active.
  8. It's nice to see that there are more who find the Xeon E5 2678 v3 interesting I am currently using the HUANANZHI X79-ZD3 Rev. 2.0 motherboard with 4x8GB DDR3 ECC Reg. RAM together with a Xeon E5 2650L v2 (10c/20t), 1x NVMe SSD, 5x WD 8TB (My Book). Power consumption with sleeping HDD array is 45Watt, if all disks are active (with smb transfer) then it is 85Watt. Except WoL the system works quite stable, unlike my Ryzen 5 1700 + ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac.. I had the PlexHD x79 as in the video below, but there were often starting problems with the HDD array. But I'
  9. One question: Does WoL also work with the RTL8125 chipset? I'm having problems with UnRAID 6.9.0.beta with the x79 mainboard (HUANANZHI X79-ZD3, Rev. 2), this one has the RTL8111H chipset, and WoL doesn't work with that one either; "Custom commands before sleep: ethtool -s eth0 wol g " Entry. I bought this card with for now, it doesn't cost 20€; Fujitsu Siemens D2745-A11 GS 3, with Intel® 82580EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller. Many thanks for some feedback.
  10. I have "Nextcloudpi" on two unRAID servers, one in beta 19 and one stable 18.x.x. Both went very well according to the instructions here (thanks for that.) On both unRAID servers I have "Plex Hardware Acceleration using Intel Quick Sync" enabled, as explained in the forum (putty; modprobe i915->cd /dev/dri ls->chmod -R 777 /dev/dri and finally "nano /boot/config/go" with the entry "modprobe i915 chmod -R 777 /dev/dri") After a reboot, however, NCP no longer worked on either of the two unRAID servers, but both show the same errors in the :4443 backend (see photo).
  11. Enough, the i5 3470S is about the same in multi core as the Intel G4560, but it is much more efficient and the iGPU masters better, more codec. I wouldn't choose an FX CPU, power guzzler. For 2 VMs you can also take a simple Atom Pentium. ASUS Prime N4000T as an example.
  12. I'm thinking about choosing another G4560 or ASUS Prime N4000T... or because I'm curious about the APU transc. performance an AMD Athlon 200GE... But if I read this...Oo I want to run it 24/7 and in Germany I can be happy about 30cent kWh.
  13. Thank you. Thank you, i had only restarted my management switch so far and tried to get an IP with different lan cables on the ports... but there was if only the APIPA 169... also the fixed IP assignment when setting up the boot stick brought no advantage. Unfortunately unRAID doesn't boot through either, it gets stuck to 90% at "MSI-X"... and I have no idea what exactly that says. Today I will restart my router after work. OK, thanks, so after reinstalling Unraid I can mount the disks in this order, boot after that and everything is recognized without havin
  14. Hi, after yesterday's beta horror (at least for me) there was no way for me to get to the WebUI anymore, the server was stuck in the BIOS / Uefi and also numerous settings didn't help to boot the box fully, there was only a 169...IP with which I could not switch back to the UI of 2t computers. hi2hello was so nice and recommended me to list the "ident.cfg" once when it came to the complete boot, which unfortunately brought me only empty text fields, there was no information about the server, possibly shot to pieces. Since I couldn't use C & P, I would have had to enter everything by han