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  1. I've trying to set up wireguard for a few days by now, but I haven't been successful at all. I stick exactly with the quick start guide and the only thing I change is my duckdns address and using a tunneled access. But as soon as I connect, I can't access my lan or any website on my phone. Unraid gui says that the tunnel is active and a few kbs are transferred but no handshake was made. Port forwarding in router is set up and obviously working
  2. I have no clue what has happened but probably the Plugin is loosing its configurations after a reboot. I had it working nicely and smooth, but after a reboot I couldnt login anymore. In advanced settings the user configuration was missing, when I disabled the plugin to edit these and restarted the Server all configuration was gone
  3. Hello Community, at my Home I have a rather unusual Networksetup. I have two Routers of two different ISPs. Both are working in the Same Subnet The first Router with IP (slow Internet) is my default Gateway and also setup as DHCP, so every New device gets this Gateway as default My second Router has the IP (Fast Internet) . Some devices on my Network I configure manually to use that as Gateway. So far so good, this is working fine and causing no Troubles until now. To access my Emby Server on my Unraid, I decided to make a port forward on my Router and setup a DynDNS for it. This works as well too.. Now my actual Problem appears. I'd like to access my Server through Both Routers, which doesnt work. I already figured out that it can't work, because the Traffic always gets Routed through the Gateway configured in the NIC of the Server ( in this Case).. So I thought, as I have two NICs in my Server, I thought it might be possible, to connect the second NIC to my Network, give it a seperate IP and a different Gateway. Well this doesnt work either, as far as I found out, no matter how you configure a second NIC in the same Subnet the Traffic always gets routed to the default Gateway. I could "split" my Network in two different Routers and use some Routs to connect the Subnets to each other, but that will cause some more inconvenience. I Found this Thread for Debian which seems pretty much the solution for what I want to do . But I am not Entirely sure about it. And if I can just do that accordingly on my Unraid server. Thanks for your Answers
  4. I am trying to set it up but although its running, i can't access the admin Interface at all. I always geg a 404 error, already changed the INTERFACE in the Docker Settings to bond0 and eth0 but neither is working
  5. I didnt install denyhosts. But i figured out that apparently the ssh plugin doesn't update the config at boot/config/ssh/ssh_d . I manually added "PermitRootLogin yes" and restartet the ssh service. Then it worked
  6. Whenever I try to SSH into my Unraid with the Root account, I get a permission denied error. I have permit root login on yes, but i just can't login. A different User works fine with it though. I tried removing the Password and allow empty password, I set up a password. Nothing changes, i just can't get it work