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  1. Long time user of this docker, but I just started using it with VPN and now my RSS feeds from jackett don't work. Any idea if it is possible to have the VPN and RSS feeds from jackett docker??
  2. I have installed this, but can't get it working. Do I have to set a port or any other settings?
  3. I have made a script to delete all cached images in Plex's PhotoTranscoder folder that are older than 7 days. See below: in the output the number of files deleted is on one line and then the "files were deleted" text is on the line under. I have tried to make the text appear directly after the count but can't seem to make it work. any ideas?
  4. I can't get this to work, I copy the file into the folder and then restart the docker from unraid web UI, but it doesnt show up. Any ideas? EDIT: Fixed it. I installed python 3.9 from nerd pack and then just renamed the egg file to "...py3.9.egg" and it works.
  5. im guessing integrated intel GPU does not work with this?
  6. Any reason why this is 3.10.1 version of gpodder and not the latest (3.10.1)??
  7. I did copy a chunk of data from an external hard drive directly connected to the UNRAID server (had outgrown the NAS capacity sometime ago while saving for UNRAID). That is what made me notice the issue in the first place. I appreciate your solution but it seems like this is a big issue with krusader that prevents it working well with UNRAID user shares and should be solved.
  8. Is there any solution to this issue? I just copied a large amount of media from my old NAS to new UNRAID share across 2 drives with high water setting. Due to the folders being made before data is copied the sever just completely filled one drive before moving to the second.