Wrong Cpu Temp After Upgrade RC2

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Hi guys , i made the upgrade to the RC2 , due to my nvidia not working ,  its fine now , all good , but now i have another issue that i didnt had with 6.8.5 , my cpu temp is wrong says its on 96º and already saw a 110º , checked bios temp , and its fine on the 40 ish º ,  i have a threadripper , with and aorus board ,  and it shows the driver as  :  it87 k10temp , have unloaded it and rescan , and tried in ssh to check sensors , but cannot get the  temp  right , how can i fix this ??


Thank s

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Try cycling it and then applying.  While I'm not saying that it's impossible for the mis-reporting, it's curious that your 40C the BIOS reports is ~104F that Unraid says it is.

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Its not F , its always Celsius , but its the wrong number , since its low on the bios , and was low before the update , after it its always 80 up for more , even if idling  , so the problem must be drivers or wrong sensor data ,  but i dont see F , only see celsius 


should i try a reboot ??





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