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No, nothing wrong. Original steps on the wiki included adding to the package '' a line to create the /root/.VirtualBox symlink pointing to /boot/custom/vbox, however on my modified steps/scripts I did removed that as I don't like storing that folder on the flash (because some logs get created there with frequent writes...) and anyway, from what I did see, even your plugin you don't use that symlink at all, 1st thing your plugin does is just rm it and then re-create it to the path specified by the user. Then in sum I just think it's no sense that symlink being created at package install pointing to an hard-coded path to the flash disk, and your plugin doesn't need it at all, then don't see any need for it...


Anyway you may want to add on your plugin a "2> /dev/null" on that rm, so that it doesn't display a "not found" error, not a problem at all though :)


Anyone not using the plugin (guess not many...) just needs to create the symlink to the desired path (along with the other lines needed to be added on go file to run vbox...) before running vboxwebsrv, else it will auto-create that /root/.VirtualBox directory on the tmpfs itself.

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My apologies to all for falling behind on this. I posted the version 4.3.6 that was created and sent to me by theone and will post the latest version (he is currently compiling) once I receive it and am at home. Thanks for keeping it going while I am busy/unavailable to do so.

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Thanks lainie.... working well here.


BTW, I am able to directly use a VM created on a Widows system on unRAID now.  But one caveat-- after I register it with VBoxManage registervm on unRAID, the permissions get changed so I can't manage it with VBox on my Windows box anymore.  Changing all the permissions back to something sane will fix the problem until the next time you start the VM in unRAID.

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VirtualBox 4.3.12 has been released.


I have started compiling for unraid 5.0.5 and 6.0 Beta5a.


Will send to lainie when ready for posting on his hosting site.


Hi, This is my First post here, and today I got 4.3.12 running on my new built Server, and Vm's Running too with PhpVirtualbox from my laptop. (I use EasyPHP on my laptop.) The server is headless and the VM's are stored on an Appdrive which is set up as a windows share in the unRAID server. (A separate Disk.) Is there a way to link the Virtualbox plugin to the Appdrive so when the unRAID starts it does find the VM's.?? (Still working on it... :) Server Has IPMI View). The Vm's are not lost, I just have to reload them and all is well. There sitting on the Appdrive.

Great work you guys have done. I've been reading for a week. As a test I installed openSUSE13.1 in a VM. It Works... :)

Thanks Again,





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The new version, compilted by theone, is up.


I have compiled virtualbox for kernel version 3.15.0 for beta6


I sent it to lainie and waiting for it to appear on his hosting site


I just noticed that I created a "txz" package instead of "tgz" package.


My currently released unRAID Virtualbox plugin does not yet support "txz".

I have one in beta.


I will recompile and release a "tgz" package soon


Sorry...  :(:-[

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I noticed it was a different extension when I uploaded it. Thought it might still work. I'm still in unRAID 5 so I couldn't test. It probably works if not using the plugin so I'll leave it up until you send the tgz version (unless you think it will cause issues, if so let me know and I'll take it down).


Hoping to have time to upgrade to 6b6 this weekend and play with Docker... Just want to make sure I'll have enough time to port my plugins... also wanting to add in a new router and setup my VPN on the router instead of having it run on the server (though I've had no issues running the OpenVPN plugin in unRAID)... trying to keep all my functionality and tidy things up...


So I'm planning to be around and will upload the new compiled tgz once I see it.

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Not sure it is that simple. Think txz is binary where tgz is ASCII.

See scuzzman's post #13


I may be wrong. I'm open to corrections & learning.



It might also work to just rename the extension on the file - wouldn't it?

My thought was that when the decompression starts it would see it was a binary rather than ascii and switch.  But if the plugin invokes something that is specific to tgz format and the command isn't smart enough to switch to the correct decompression algorithm then no it wouldn't work.  The only reason I thought it might work is that installpkg works with either as far as I know so I thought the plugin could as well.
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Oops. I checked that it started downloading ok, but did not check the md5 sum (I reinstall windows every so often and don't reinstall many applications until I need them). I'm out getting my driver's license renewed... So not sure when I'll get back home, but will take care of it this afternoon.

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